Friday, 30 January 2009

The Kindness of Strangers :: And A Make

Something lovely came through the door today, something that someone had so kindly offered to send me. This is what I recieved ::

A plastic wallet full of gorgeous CK/IKEA rosali pieces of fabric. These were sent to me, free of charge from the wonderfully talented Sal. Sal said she had some small pieces she didn't need that I could use for my patchwork cushion.

Just look at the wonderful little pieces of fabric I recieved. I have been so spoilt by Sal. I will use these pieces to make a cushion, and it will be such a special cushion because of where it came from. I am such a lucky girl!

I think my favourite is the paisley, but I do love those roses too.

My sewing machine had been playing up and I had put it away because it was annoying me, but I thought I would take it all apart and put it back together again, and it worked! So to celebrate that I thought I would make a little something. I had been wanting to make a Union Jack cushion after seeing some gorgeous ones on blogs here, here and here to name a few.

So here is my first attempt. Not sure what I think of it yet, maybe it needs to grow on me. I used some small rectangles of rosey fabric for it, so it is pretty small, but it is really a practice one. Oh and the stitching is not quite perfect...don't go looking too closely!

I also used a length of ribbon for some of the stripes as I found the fabric way too fiddly! Must try harder! And must learn to love my sewing machine, and remember it is not working against me!

Just a little view of the back, I love the fabric, I got a FQ from ebay and have been saving it for something like this. Plus if I realise I don't like it I can turn it around the other way.


  1. Hun, i think its just adorable....i love it!
    Well done,
    How very kind Sal is....bloggers are the best ppl in the world!xxx

  2. You are welcome...hope the patchwork goes well.
    Have a good weekend ;-)

  3. What a lovely parcel, that was really sweet of Sal!!!
    Love the cushion, it's so pretty, and love all the other cushions too, they're beautiful!!
    Can't wait to see your Rosali cushion!!!

    Happy crafting : )

    Sharon xx

  4. I think a little cushion made out of those bits will look just lovely
    lisa x

  5. I think the cushion looks lovely!
    Beki xxx

  6. Thats lovely, I love the fact that its an ickle cushion too. Your bed with all its gorgeous fabrics and cushions looks great. How nice of Sal to send you those bits of fabric. I echo what Mel Mel said, bloogers are great ppl. xxxx

  7. Ohooo Gem it is beautiful, well done and not a wonk in sight :)

    Looks gorgeous on your pretty bed too

    How very kind of dear Sal to send you something special, I love those and I know you shall enjoy making something pretty

    Well done Sal :)


  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely :)

    God bless, Rasp x

  9. you are lucky!!

    i've tagged you! x

  10. How nice of Sal! Love that cushion.

  11. Gorgeous, your bed looks lovely! How sweet too have been sent the fabric by Sal, don’t you just love blogging!

    Have a fab weekend…love Lou xxx

  12. what a lovely gift and cute cushion - stick with the machine - mine often works against me..... :)

  13. Your place looks so cozy! I love it.

  14. What a lucky girl with all those new bits of CK from Sal. Look forward to seeing the finished cushion. x

  15. Ah bless her, Sal is lovely. The cushion looks great!

    Mel xxx

  16. You might not know what you think of your cushion but I think it's pretty amazing.

    So kind to receive the bundle of fabrics from a fellow blogger.

    Victoria xxx


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