Monday, 5 January 2009

Swaps Past and Present!

I thought I would take you on a little tour of my swaps recieved from the Shabby Chic Cafe, each month there is a different theme and you can interpret it anyway you like - although the emphasis is on handmade or thrifted goodies. Beware this is a very very very long post which took an awful long time to write and organise as I still don't have the hang of uploading my photos in the right order!!
My first swap theme was 'Green' and I recieved this gorgeous bundle of goodies from Debbie at Second Wind.

This sweet handmade needlecase using recycled fabrics...

With green fabric on the inside - I use it all the time and it always makes me smile to think that it was made especially for me by Deb who is a very talented lady!

With the needlecase was this beautiful and again handmade drawstring bag with a pretty floral heart on the front. I also got a tiny little green tin and a lovely handmade card.

The next swap I took part in was an 'Autumn' theme, and recieved these Autumnal things from Raspberry Grace.

A string of lovely handknitted bunting with sweet little flowers at either end, and a handmade bag with very autumnal stitching...

An awful lot of work must have gone into this bag and it is so lovely and very 'country'.

I have been a lucky girl so far haven't I? Well the first swap was in August and I have taken part in a few more since...

The next theme was 'Pink' - my fave! And I was so spoilt by Cartier (who unfortunately doesn't have a blog) with these goodies::

You can see how spoilt I handmade bag, funky rubber gloves and brush, handmade hanging bird garland, napkins, candle and handmade fabric bucket (mentioned in the last post) plus some great american magazines!

Handmade card and some very pretty napkins too!

Here is the bag (which is reversable pink polka dots on one side and pink and blue paisley on the other) hanging in my room with a brooch from Dorothy Perkins and my bag from Debbie - plus a little CK giftbag. Looking at all the wonderful things I have recieved in my swaps makes me so happy - each item is made with a lot of care and an even bigger amount of talent.

Novembers theme was 'Sparkly' and I recieved some very sparkly goodies from Yvonne at Country Bliss :: who makes beautiful crochet flower brooches like the one I recieved below. Mine had extra sparkle added!

Lovely sparkly candles and a handmade heart, some vanilla beads and furry pen!

The last swap before Christmas (which I posted about last week) was a mini swap between Mary Poppins and I, who both love floral girly things and decided to do a little swap between ourselves.

Look how beautifully Mary had wrapped it, plus a lovely card for me and 'the BF'!

Beautifully wrapped inside and out but just waiting to be opened up!

These are my gorgeous bits, including one of Mary's lovely lavender sachets with a dainty vintage brooch. And a CK eco fabric bag which I use all the time!

Some CK writing paper and stickers and envelopes and a yummy soap!

And hanging on my hooks, the CK eco bag and floral print heart.
Now I don't want this post too appear too 'showy offy' but I wanted to show you all the wonderful things I have recieved from such lovely people on the Shabby Chic Cafe who inspired me to start a blog in the first place. So thankyou to everyone who has sent me something over these last few months, from CK Tesco bags which never arrived in my 3 local Tescos ( all of which have been kindly sent to me by Shabby Chic Ladies - I did pay! ) to beautiful swaps. Thankyou very much to you all.
January's theme is Cath Kidston inspired so hopefully I will be able to show you what I have made and what I have recieved pretty soon! I am very excited about this swap! :) x


  1. wow you lucky lady what lovely lovely swap things!! oh i do love a swap parcel although only ever done one........... might suggest a spring swap!!! enjoy your goodies !

  2. Ohooo Gem they all look so lovely, I love Cartiers bucket, it is so pretty :)

    Yes am looking forward to the CK inspired one, I think it is a perfect theme after Christmas to cheer us all up, I cant wait to see what lovelies you make, who are you sending to, they shall hve a lovely day unwrapping whatever you send as they are always beautifully handmade and pretty :)

    Have a nice day




  3. Not showy off at all...we love to see the pretties, makes my day.....such lovely things...i have tried to get on to the shabby chic luck...won't allow me!:>((

    Oh well....

    I love all your bags together.....super!

    Oh my bag is the blue background...x

  4. What great swaps - love the goodies from your swap with Mary Poppins!

  5. What great swaps!
    You have got lot’s more things too make you smile now!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love Lou xxx

  6. What a lovely post.
    If you just upload the pics, can you then grab them with the cursor and move them down - I shift mine around that way, so I don't have to think of the order before I do a post.
    You've received some fabulous things. And you've sent out some fabulous things. Looking forward to January's swap! xxx

  7. I@ve been back here a few times looking at your pretties.....:>)
    Such wonderful things, i still can't get over it!

    I hope your willpower returns, when your ready....:>)
    Tho i'm sure you look lovely...:>))

  8. What lovely pretty things you have received it's so exciting getting a parcel of lovelies in the post going to check out the shabby chic cafe now!

  9. Swaps are so much fun and you have received some wonderful goodies.

    Victoria xx

  10. I will indeed, got quite few bits in the sale. As soon as they arrive I'll update you! :-)

    Btw, that kitchen, is that your student digs or your own home? Very nice it is too! Love the blue. Love all your bed clothes too!

  11. What gorgeous things you've had in your swaps, lucky thing! I hope to do one or two this year. I think I especially love your fabric tub and the heart with roses on.

    Mel xxx

  12. Well spotted! Yes, it's the CK paisley. I love that fabric so much, but it does fray badly. I'm gonna try doing one once I get some fraycheck, but I'm thrilled with the way they're turning out. xxx

  13. Thanks for the tips on the painting, I really don't know what I'm doing... must make sure we get some sandpaper in too! Fingers crossed I can persuade my other half now!

    Mel xxx

  14. I am now not so gloomy, thanks for the lovely hug and uplifting words :)


  15. You are such a lucky girl, lovely swoppies.
    We all love you soooo much on SC and think you deserve all the lovelies you can get.

    Our little Gem. mwah X x X x X x X


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