Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Show and Tell

I thought I would do a bit of a colourful show and tell today as I don't have any new crafty makes to show you yet - I will have soon once they are completed! I have my February Hearts and Love swap to complete, and another little something I need to get working on.

Anyway, I know I personally love a bit of show and tell, it was one of my favourite things at school. I remember I once brought in a set of Russian Dolls for show and tell and lost the smallest dolly, I was devastated! So today the show and tell is from the safety of my room, and the theme is red.

I don't actually have alot of red things, I don't really wear red as I don't think it suits me that much. I do have some red shows that I have worn into the ground but I'm sure that you don't want to see that pretty sight!

These are the red things in my bedroom, some Cath Kidston bits that my lovely dad bought for me, and the bargain £6 bag! The spotty red scarf that I got given for Christmas, a mini Emma Bridgewater tin that held some sweeties, and a tin hanging heart that I got in France.

The Cath Kidston thing holds my camera, and the tin heart hangs with my bags on my peg hook. Now if I was to show you all the red stuff in my house there would be an awful lot as its my mums favourite colour. Maybe I will save that post for another day X


  1. Lovely show and tell!
    Such pretty pretties!

    I love red too!

    Nice evening planned?xxx

  2. I like a splash of red! Your bag is so pretty (and the matching things obviously!).

    Mel xxx

  3. Hiya!
    Just scoffing them now....trad style..lemon n sugar!
    Oh yumtastic!

    Also eating potato cakes.....cos they are flat n pancake lookie likes!

    I'm spending my evening reading my new books, from amazon!
    Olly is watching Scrubs....

    Looking forward to having my half day tomorrow!


  4. oooh lovely, lovely, lovely. xx

  5. very nice indeedy :-)
    i love red its my accent colour in every room downstairs i really must get some variety going on !
    love the spotty scarf !
    Lesley x

  6. I have such a thing for red...and colours that contrast! Its so funny before I started blogging I had no idea how many people loved pretty things too

    and as for your bargin bag....


  7. Hey Gem...lovely things, you know i have that strange paisley addiction at the moment-i got a fix!!....will post in the morning xxxx

  8. I think that red is a great warm, cosy accent colour. Love the post!

    Sharon xx

  9. Oooh ickle gem, i love all your red bits, its all so scrummy.....
    You have gotta show us more .... please.

    Love and hugs X x X x X x X x X

  10. You should give crotchet a go, if I can do it, anyone can.
    Love your show and tell, red is my favourite colour.
    Beki xxx

  11. Oh I LOVE show and tell! I do love red and white spots!

    Victoria xx

  12. My favorite color is red! Very pretty things:)

  13. Hello, I love red it is my absolute all time favorite colour, but my problem is pink (two little girls)! I also keep my camera in the CK thingy, though it's the scottie dog design.

    Nina x

  14. Loving your red pretties xxx
    I nearly bought a tray in that EB design today (but it had a scratch and was the last one so I didn't!!)
    I have quite a bit of red and was eyeballing a red sofa in John Lewis today for when I can persuade OH we need to change ours.....don't hold your breath there :)!!!

  15. I love it all. I adore red and I love spotty things - so the scarf really does it for me. I have the little Bridgewater tin and use it every day - it's beautiful.


  16. I remember reading your blog and then searching for Tiger but still didnt make the connection when I saw the bowls.

    We live miles and miles away from the nearest Tiger - it makes you wonder how they found there way up here !!

    Love the show and tell - i love red.



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