Thursday, 19 February 2009

Well It Was The Sale!

On Saturday the BF and I toddled off to Covent Garden for a little Valentines browse. As always I like to save the best shop (in my opinion) to last. After a wander through the market and around the little boutiques (and some manly shops for the BF) we entered Cath Kidston.

Now in my defense it was still sale time and there was some bargains to be had. I loved browsing all the new range bits and pieces but was very restricted with myself and only bought three things!

This red paisley book bag which was in the sale at £6! I couldn't leave it behind at that price, and I do so love that paisley print.

My other two purchases were only small, a new key fob and a tiny mirror.

I love going to Covent Garden but I think I'll have to stay away from the shops for a while I think. Too many pretties - too much temptation! The Ray Lamontagne gig was really really good, a special Valentines treat for me and the BF. X


  1. The book bag was a fab bargin!!

    Love the pattern!

    Sam x

  2. Oh I love Covent Garden! Haven't been there for years though. It feels so kind of villagey compared to the rest of London. Good for a country bumpkin such as myself ;)

    I like your buys and I totally agree you couldn't possibly have left that bag behind at only £6!

    Mel xxx

  3. I'm not a big CK fan but even I wouldn't have left that bag behind, I love the pattern.

    Love and blessings

  4. I am SO jealous that we don't have Cath Kidston stores here in the states!!

  5. Great minds think alike, I got the same bag on Saturday!! Isnt it gorge!
    x x

  6. Actually I'm an Emily! Jemm is an acronym for all the names in our family. J is for my hubby, E for me, M for oldest girl, M for youngest girl. I just liked the way Jemm sounded for my blog name.

  7. Glad you had such a wonderful time!
    what a fantastic bargain....that bag is fab!
    How cute the mirror is!


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