Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Quilt

I promised yesterday I'd show the quilt today but be warned there is a tonne of photos in this post as I am ridiculously proud of the quilt so got a bit snap-happy with it all!

Firstly, the incredibly kind Mitmot sent me this piece of fabric (after I begged her for it) to back my quilt with. It is absolutely gorgeous and came from the magic market man!

So this backing .....

Plus this patchwork piece ....

Plus this bias binding ......

And this huge bag of wadding .....

Became this :: The Quilt

I am so incredibly pleased with how its turned out, sometimes I don't usually like the things that I make, I prefer to make things for others, but this one is a keeper! It took a whole evening to quilt and bind it, but thanks to my trial run with the needlecase the other day I knew how to use the bias binding, and luckily it is surprisingly neat for me. Usually my straight stitches are never straight, I can never just let the machine do its thing, and I end up messing it up.

But with this quilt there really was no room for error as I was using all of my best fabric plus the gorgeous backing fabric that I just could.not.mess.up. It was scary gettting started (actually it was scary the whole way through) but I got the hang of the quilting, and can actually honestly say that I'd like to make another one - though not for a little while!

I am so pleased with how it all works together, I know there is a lot of different prints and patterns going on, and quite a few colours too, blues, reds, pinks, a bit of yellow and green in there too... The print on the back just makes me so happy when I walk past it. Also making me happy are the squares made from a Cath Kidston duster which Mary Poppins sent me last year. You can just see them below...

Its looking a little creased in these photos, and thats because it has already been put to good use, my sister was using it yesterday, but I wont be getting the iron out just yet! And its a bit wonky but its 100% handmade and the things that I make are always wonky!

Looking very creased but you get the idea. It just about covers my bed and I am happy with the size, any bigger and I think my little sewing machine would have died on me! It was already struggling to get through the middle of the quilt as I was quilting it.

Looking OTT with the Rosali bedding! Will change it to white bedding for a little while I think...
And I think I might keep it this side up for a while too, just so I can enjoy that gorgeous fabric! X


  1. Well done you! It looks great! x

  2. I love it! fantastic job you clever thing. Lisaxx

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. You should be very proud of what you've done. Perhaps we have someone to rival CK in the future!


  4. Looks grear Gem, weel done you!
    Jess said 'lush' lol!
    Have a great weekend
    Beki xxx

  5. Thats B.E.A.Utiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just adore it!

    Might have to have a go myself!xxxx

  6. That looks fantastic...well done!

    Sue xx

  7. wow that's one georgeous quilt. I can't believe it's your first one. You should be very very proud of it.

  8. It looks so charming and cozy! Very well done.

  9. That is lovely, well done!

  10. I am very impressed with your lovely lovely quilt!
    I was wondering if you have any basic guides to making one (Sorry to be cheeky!)

    you should be very pleased!!
    Happy crafting!

    love Samxx

  11. Beautiful Gem, well done bet you are really proud and chuffed with yourself, you should be it looks gorgeous :)

    I don't know about you but I was really sweating doing the quilting and the machine did go off ocassionally but like you would love to do one more but also like you not for a wee while yet, enjoy that backing, it is delightful I have used so much already


  12. Blimey Gem that's amazing! I would pay good money for that!

    Fancy a commision?!

    Clairey xxx

  13. YOUR QUILT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! the colours, and fabrics are gorgeous, the backing is lovely too, and you have made a fantastic job of your first quilt!!!!
    They're not as difficult to make, as you think are they!!! I know what you mean about not wanting to make another one straight away though. It is nice to do smaller projects in the meantime. I bet it wont be your last, and I certainly hope it isn't!!!


    Sharon xx

  14. That is stunningly beautiful and I love the backing fabric. You've done a marvellous job on it!!

  15. That looks absolutely gorgeous and you made it so quickly! It took me 6 months to make a quilt (put me right off to be honest!)

    Mel xxx

  16. Oh you really should be proud of your quilt, it looks fantastic!!

    Victoria xxx

  17. What a beautiful quilt !! Just wanted to let you know as well that you have won a little surprise in my giveaway !!

    Sara x

  18. wow you must be very pleased with yourself
    its very pretty

  19. well done you , it looks lovely
    Lisa x

  20. Your quilt is lovely Gem, well done you, enjoy it.
    Bertie x

  21. clever thing.. i love it.. gives Ms CK a run for her money for defo!!!
    well done hun

  22. Well done little gem its gorgeous. xxx

  23. Absolutely gorgeous, love it, you clever girl! I want to be able to make one of these for myself one day.

    Nicki xx


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