Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Bunting Flag Cards

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, I stayed at the BFs at completely forgot to arrange an Easter post for while I was gone. I don't really do anything to celebrate Easter at my house, we don't buy eggs or put up decorations, so to me it was just a long weekend. So sorry about the lack of Eastery photos from me!

I went to see Dancing on Ice : The Tour on Sunday (surprise tickets from the BF) at Wembley Arena which was brilliant, I absolutely loved the show, and the live version was even better! Yesterday was spent finishing off some "odd jobs" and painting at the BFs, but while I was there I also did a bit of crafting, although I can't bring much when I go there, I just brought a few scraps of fabric, some glue and some card, and made these ::

Flag bunting cards.
I got the idea from the lovely Mitmot on the Shabby Chic Cafe and they were great fun and easy to make. I like the fact that they are suitable for male or female birthdays, get well cards, or 'just to say' cards.

I'll add a message on the front depending on what the card is for. While I was there I also made a couple more brooches which are now for sale in my blogshop.
Sadly this week I have got to knuckle down and get some work done for uni so that will probably be the last bit of crafting for a bit, although I'd much rather be making things than doing uni work of course. Then I shall have to start thinking about jobs, what do I want to do with my life....god knows! X


  1. Hi Gem, I hope you get all your work done.
    The cards are lovely, might have a go for a few letters I need to write.
    Hope you had a good weekend.
    Louise xx

  2. I saw dancing on ice last year, it's fab isn't it. You don't realise how fast they are going when you watch on the telly! love the cards. x

  3. Absolutely love the cards! You should add them into your shop :)

    I like your new brooches too, some lovely new ideas.

    Mel xxx

  4. Love those cards, such a simple design, but so pretty & effective!! I agree with what Mel said, that they would be great to sell in your shop!!
    As you were one of the first three to post on my blog, would you like to participate in the 'Pay it Forward' scheme? If you would, please let me know. If not, don't worry, as I can see from your post you have lots of uni work that needs doing.
    Have a lovely week : )

    Sharon XX

  5. Lovely cards!
    So cute!

    Hope you get your Uni work done....:>))


  6. ooh those cards are gorgeous - is it ok if i pinch the idea and make some of my own? :)


  7. You make some lovely lovely things!

    Love Sam xx

  8. Lovely cards, what a great idea! I knew there was a reason not to throw any fabric scraps away! Kate x

  9. Lovely lovely cards Gem. I agree you should put some in the shop. The amount of comments I have had re your brooch i wear it all the time. I will be passing on your website address.

  10. Those cards are lovely, what a great idea! x

  11. How lucky to see Dancing on Ice live, I love the show too.

    Great idea for the cards and so handy to have on hand.

    Good luck with the uni work,

    Victoria xx

  12. Gorgeous cards Gem, now get back to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Xx xx

  13. love the cards..what a lovely idea.. really pretty,

  14. Hi, I've given your blog an award, pop on over to mine to pick it up! xx

  15. Great cards. Hope to see them in your shop.


  16. What lovely pictures you have, all things I really like too! The cards are great and I think I agree with the general concensus here that they should go in your shop too!
    Good luck with the uni work, and look forward to visiting you again.
    Sarah x

  17. Your Brooches and Cards are Gorgeous!! Well Done you! Thank you for your lovely comment on my Blog too!! Andrea x

  18. Thanks for your lovely comment on my quilt!! Yes that is the one I made myself. It is made of loads of LA, CK, Rosali, and other pink & blue themed cotton fabrics that I like, spaced out with plain white cotton. The border is in Blue Rosali paisley, which was perfect, as it has pinks & blues in it. I love the quilt you made too, just my kind of thing!!
    I will have to start my son's one soon. No flowers there, of course, just blues, yellows, and white!
    Love the new brooches you have made, and love my pink Rosali one from you!

    Take care : )

    Sharon xx

  19. Oh they are lovely cards, suitable as you say for any occasion...good idea from Mel to add them to your shop and the new brooches are gorgus..you are so clever xx

  20. I recently made cards like this, but using patterned felt and embroidery floss and as you say they are sooooo useful and effective. I like the way you have outlined yours. Well done xx


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