Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Pretty In Prima

Thanks so much to everyone who left such lovely comments yesterday wishing me luck with the blogshop! We shall see how it goes!

Today I thought I'd share some photos from a magazine that I've never read before (but I'm sure some of you have) :: Prima. The May issue is the "Best of British" issue and has some lovely page styling. Some very pretty vintage and shabby chic things too.

I especially like this spread above :: "True Brit Style" its got a lovely picnic hamper with retro flask, bunting in the trees, and this gorgeous daybed filled with beautiful floral quilts and cushions. Hopefully you should be able to click on these to see more detail.

Some cheerful and colourful tea towels hanging on the line. I like the Union Jack one, its from Catherine Colebrook who's website is just gorgeous (definitely worth a little browse if you have the time!)

Then another pretty bed with these funky LOVE pillowcases and floral quilt from An Angel At My Table which is just stunning.

The magazine also has a craft page with some small projects. These are this months projects :: "Pretty Hearts", "Easy Lampshade", "Trimmed pillowcases" and "Applique Towels" all styled with pretty rosey material (and even some Cath Kidston too)

I really like the towel idea, I think that would pretty up some cheap plain towels and add a bit of colour to them too. And I am thinking that I will be using the "Trimmed Pillowcases" tutorial to edge the plain white pillowcases that the lovely Bloomin' Myrtle sent me a few weeks ago. And I have just the fabric in mind too!

I really liked the style of this page too "Afternoon Tea" how traditionally British!

There is also a recipe for Strawberry Jam too - not that I am brave enough to attempt it!

A page on "Fashion Fixes", e.g Make Do and Mend with tips such as "if you lose an earing, don't throw away the remaining one - use it as a brooch to turn a simple dress into a striking one."

Oh, and a bit of British fashion too - anyone else taken a shine to that Union Jack umbrella? Is that going to far?!

Hope you enjoyed the browse. X


  1. I love the umbrella too! Prima must have changed a LOT since I last read it, my Grandma used to pass it on and it was all diets, puzzles and dire short stories back then but there are some lovely things here :)

    I love Catherine Colebrook, there's a picture of hers I think I might ask my husband for as a birthday pressie (it helps that it has LA Bibi for a background, one of my faves).

    Mel xxx

  2. I think I may have to nab that issue from the library at work. It looks fabby. Lots of gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I agree with Mel but I think I may have to pop out and get it.
    I've already bought 2 mags today so may have to hide it from Rich 'hehe'.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  4. Good luck with your shop, I’m sure you will do really well!
    What lovely bits in the magazine and some fab pictures!
    Love Lou xxx

  5. Lovely browse, Gem!
    Thanks!! ;-)

  6. Love the look of the magazine, have never bought Prima before, but guess what, will be picking up a copy tomorrow ;o) xx

  7. Love the edition, Best Of British caught my eye so had to have it look forwrd to reading the Jam recipe ;)

    Some lovely little projects I have in mind, one of them prettying up some pillowcases and towels, I love lace so think shall have to include that too


  8. Think I may just have to pop out and get that now. Love the spread with the daybed and bunting. xx

  9. Oh my goodness that takes me back with Prima magazine I remember buying it when it first came out, goodness knows what year that was! Think I might have to pop over good old tesco and get one tomorrow xx

  10. I have seen this issue - love the love pillowcases they are fab!!
    LOL I thought the crafty writer must be a blogger when I saw the hearts, lampshade etc........especially the fabric choice :)

  11. I've always liked Prima, haven't had it for a while though. That looks a great issue!! Saying that i love all magazines at Spring time! x

  12. I buy Prima quite a bit these days and like you loved this issue.

    Victoria xx

  13. A copy just dropped in my shopping basket last night , i really don't know how but it did ;0)

    Sara x

  14. Oh dear, mine has just arrived (begged someone in my office to bike it over with my work) and I am transfixed!

  15. i love the "love" pillow cases on one of the pages, gorgeous
    my mum used to buy prima every week ..i used to read the problem pages and wonder what they were talking about!..

  16. I um-ed and ah-ed over this today.. it looked good, but I hate not being able to open and look first. But I'll now go and get it tomorrow - thanks for the detailed pics. I do wish they wouldn't seal them. It doesn't look this good from the cover. xxx


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