Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Things I Want To Do ::

I sadly have no craftiness or prettiness to show you today (sorry ladies - feel free to bloghop elsewhere!) but I thought I'd make a list, a list of things I want to do ::

1. Complete my degree with a decent grade
2. Feel that I have done everything I can do get as good a grade as possible
3. Get back into painting canvases.
4. Go to life drawing class with the BF (we used to do this at school together so it would be nice to do it again)
5. Develop my crafting/sewing skills
6. Drive to further away places - be brave!
7. Sell things that I don't need or want anymore
8. Read more - and I mean books not just magazines and blogs!
9. Be less of a procrastinator and more of a do-er
10. Make another patchwork quilt
11. Send some surprise parcels to lovely SCCafe ladies and bloggers
12. Handmake more birthday/Christmas presents for family
13. Increase my fabric stash (this is one of the best ones don't you think?)
14. Swim more, I usually swim every Wednesday but could go more often
15. Figure out what sort of job I want (a hard one)

Hmm think thats it for now, I am sure there is tonnes more I could think of. 
P.S this was just for my own record, sorry to bore you! X


  1. Sometimes just getting the thoughts down helps us to achieve the things we really want to do. All on your list seem do-able (is that a word?). Just take a deep breathe and go for it!!

    Maybe set yourself a challenge to do one a week or month, and then look back on the list in six months, you might just be surprised!!

    Good luck.

    Sue xx

  2. Good thinking Gem, I am with you on the procrastinating ;)

    Some lovely things to do there :)


  3. Yes, i like the fabric one ;)

  4. i love the fabric one too ;-)
    its a good idea to get it all down though as it gives you a focus to do things - i procrastinate rather a lot so have started this week trying to do stuff instead of feeling fed up that it needs doing - i dare not start a list though it would be far too long :-D
    lesley x

  5. Not to worry - I think I need to get me a list too!

  6. It's good to get it down on paper/computer screen it'll hopefully help you achieve your goals.
    Yvonne x

  7. I think writing these things down really helps. I did the same when I came to the end of my BA and it helped me focus each time I crossed one off.

    Good luck with them all and I wish you the best.


  8. Lists are good, I should know always writing them 2 or 3 times a day (inherited trait from my dear dad). The warmth and loveliness of your blog tells me you will do well at whatever you try ;o)

  9. I hope writing down what you want helps. I found a list a while back of things I wanted for my old house and realised that by the time we moved out I had actually got/done most of them. I think writing it down keeps the thoughts in your subconscious so you're working towards your goals even when you don't realise it :) Lots of luck.

    Mel xxx

  10. just found your sweet blog...love your adorable flowers you sell over at your blog shop...your colors are amazing...but then again i love all those gingham and florals prints...will check back often.

  11. You're not a Virgo by any chance? Supposedly lists are popular with those born in late August and September.
    If you figure out what you want from life at 21, you're well ahead of most folk. Personally, I think the secret is to trust your heart - do what makes you happy if you can!

  12. I absolutely love making lists - I don't do it often, but when I do it really helps me to focus. I'm gonna make one soon, inspired by your fantastic list. x

  13. I make lists all the time Gem, Things I want to learn, things I want to achieve and things I want to buy.
    Good luck completing everything.
    Louise xx

  14. What a great list -- and what a fantastic way to make sure life's REAL priorities (i.e., LIVING!) are set firmly straight. :)

  15. It really is the nicest heart I have ever seen, thanks for your lovely comment and have a lovely weekend :)



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