Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Todays Flowers

Just a few new buys to show today, I am trying to be good at the moment and not make too many expensive or unecessary purchases, but I allowed myself two things from Tesco at the weekend.

Firstly these pretty rosey napkins which I think I will be using for some sort of decoupage project or other. I just chucked them on my bed to photograph them, but looking at them now the rose seems very similar to the rosali print one on my duvet. I think Tesco have woken up to the fact that we want pretty shabby chic goodies to browse when we are doing the shopping! There was also some lovely (and very CK) looking mugs in there in pale pink and blue, but I really don't need any more mugs, as much as I loved them!

I also got this, which was £1.50 I think, very pretty and very "of the moment" with the Union Jack print, well done Tesco, top marks for you! I am one of these strange people who really likes going to the supermarket, actually I love it. (I know, I know I have a problem!) I love hunting for foody bargains, looking at the magazines, the seasonal aisle, homeware. Getting the free Tesco/Asda magazine are also positives! Just as good as any mag you'd find on the shelves I think. Anyone else feel like this or is it just me?

Other flowery things at the moment include some more brooches I have made for my blogshop which I have added to today, including some made from CK and LA fabrics. I have loads of ideas whirling around in my head about what to make, what fabrics to chose, I find the hardest part is the pricing of things.

I have also finished a little tote bag commision I had from a very lovely blogging lady, but as she has not seen it yet I wont spoil the surprise, just give a little hint instead!

You know who you are! And it will be posted off to you A.S.A.P.
Hope you are all having a lovely day and can I just say a big thankyou to everyone for your lovely comments, and to those who have bought a little brooch from me. I like the idea that they are being spread about the UK to their new homes. X


  1. Blimey Gem, you're putting me to shame!!
    I love the broach with the multi button centre, cute!

    Love and blessings

  2. ooo look at you and your brooches !! mia loves them im going to have to pop over and buy one :-)
    i love supermarket shopping as well only i forget about the food sometimes :-S
    am now going to have to get that notebook its gorg :-)
    lesley x

  3. Love the Tesco purchases - think I know where to do the Easter food shop - thats the trouble with LIDL not much shabby chic !!

    Well done on your blog shop - I'm thinking of taking the plunge myself - but like you I'm a bit nervous.

    I'm worried that I will have put my heart and soul into something only for it to be sent back with a note saying its pants !!

    Love the brooches and well done


  4. I love the supermarket too. We rarely buy food from there though - just bulk things like flour etc. so when I do get a chance to go in I like a rummage. Mr Thrifty so doesn't get it and wants to be in and out very quickly and gets frustrated at me going up and down every single aisle in our huge local Tesco Extra!

    Very nice bag you have been busy. ;)

  5. The little note book from Tesco is cute, well done Tesco. You have been busy with those brooches they look fab. xxx

  6. OOO I like that book from Tesco's I will have to pop to my local to see if I can get one!!
    I bought Prima today on your recomendation so I am looking forward to the kiddies bedtime so I can have a browse.
    Take Care
    Louise x

  7. I love going to supermarkets (without kids though) i love looking at mags, gifts, clothes and food. I love the free mags too. x

  8. Lovely finds!!! That little notebook is scrummy!!!
    Those brooches are lovely!! I'm sure you'll sell out quickly!!!
    That bag looks absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see it!!


    Sharon xx

  9. I like your buys and the sneaky peek at the bag suggests it's lovely! I used to LOVE supermarket shopping but nowadays it is pure hell with two whingey children!

    Mel xxx

  10. i love going to the supermarket to and finding all the little goodies that they sell,,,they are getting better for shabby chic items aswell i think!
    loving all your little mkes to, clever girl!

  11. The little notebook is gorgeous isn't it, I got one last week and a storage box to match it for only £3, I couldn't believe it, fantastic value! Loving your new shop by the way.

    Sue xx

  12. I bought two of those mugs... one pink and one blue. I just couldn't resist, even though I don't need mugs. But I thought they were gorgeous. Love the napkins and the notebook as well, but resisted. x

  13. I love going to Tesco and other supermarkets too. Everyone tells it's because I don't have my own home yet and it's a novelty!

    I've got some great bargains from Tesco recently, they really seem to be upping their game.

    I have brought the notebook for a friend as an Easter gift.

    Victoria xx

  14. Well done on taking the plunge, the brooches look great. I like the card you,ve put them on too.

    Lisa x

  15. The broaches do look great, and I love the little note book from Tesco. Our Tesco is too small to sell anything extra like that. I shall have to go to another bigger one! Happy Easter, love Salx

  16. Great tesco finds! Mine is too small to offer such lovely goodies
    :( I'll hve a really good look next time I go..... just in case x


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