Monday, 21 September 2009


Last week when I dropped off the union jack hearts to Emporium the lady owner asked if I could make some cushion covers using some gorgeous vintage floral fabrics she had. So I took home a bag stuffed with lovely fabrics and today I made a start on the covers.

I think they are all vintage, especially the one with the green background, it looks almost painted onto the fabric..

Some beautiful pink lilly fabric, and lots of roses (my fave!) for me to get crafty with!

I thought I'd start with my favourite fabric of the lot, and cut out five cushion covers. The lady also gave me some great vintage buttons to use for the envelope backs, and buttons meant I had to use my button hole maker for the first time. I was a little aprehensive about messing it all up, but it was surprisingly easy to use and I actually ended up enjoying it!

This is the back of one of them, the buttons on this one are wooden, and the ones below are a metalic silvery grey. She also asked if I could add my Roses and Gingham labels to the cushions to give them a more proffessional look, which was lovely of her considering the fabric and buttons aren't even mine!

I put cushion pads in them just to check they looked ok, and thought I'd put them on the sofa! The fabric is so lovely I'd love to keep them for myself, but I'll have to bring them in to the shop soon.

Yep I took lots of photos...just because the fabric is so pretty!

I've still got all of the other different materials left to work with, so I need to make some more cushions, and also some little drawstring bags out of the pink rosey and lilly fabrics which should keep me busy!

Sorry about the silly amount of photos, I just took a load then couldn't chose between them!

Oh I just thought I'd show you the print on this fabric, it looks quite fifties to me, although the colours are still really lovely and bright. Its a linen cotton mix so I think it was an old pair of curtains, and its lovely to see it re-used.

Thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments about the kittens, they are lovely, and very playful and we are having lots of fun with them! :) X


  1. *sigh* i am in lust with the green fabric..can't you lose it?? I won't tell ;) :D
    Lovely cushions you are very talented and obviously mrs shop lady agrees xx
    ps don't worry theres a bag of cr- goodies being sorted!!!

  2. Lovely cushions - I am sure you will have plenty of orders for more!

    Pomona x

  3. Lovely buttonholes Gem, well done !!!

    Love and blessings

  4. Wow the cushions look lovely and so professional - no wonder you don't want to part with them :)

  5. Wow, gorgeous cushions, I am jealous of your talent! How can you bare to part with them?!!!!!!!

  6. Lovely cushions, the print is great , very 50's. I think they will be very popular in the shop.
    Ann x

  7. Gorgeous cushions - reminds me I need to drag my machine out and make new covers for all of mine.

  8. The cushions are lovely! I wish you well with your orders.
    Isabelle x

  9. Gorgeous cushions Gem - I'm sure they will sell well.

  10. Never appologise for too many pics.We love looking.well done I'm sure they will fly off the shelves :)

    Love the green fabric hun...perfect for autumn..but those cushions..SWOON!! Love em!! Great job hun xx
    Annie x

  12. What a beautiful job Gem, you are so clever.

  13. What stunning fabric. What a pleasure it must have been!

  14. I with everyone else on the green fabric! Just gorgeous.You must show us those when you are done.

  15. Well done, what lovely cushion covers!!
    xxx Steph

  16. Lindos cojines, bellĂ­sima tela.


  17. oo0hhh I can see you're having so much fun sewing cushions galore they've turned out lovely. M y new blog is called lemonade kitty do check it out love Lucey x

  18. Just gorgeous. Loving that green fabric!

  19. There's me posting proudly of my little cushion made from one of my shirts and then you go and show these fabulous ones! ;o)

    One day I'll be as talented as you!!

    Victoria xx

  20. Lovely little blog. Just found you over on Flickr while posting my last Lucy ripple blanket. Hope you don't mind if I sign up to follow.

  21. Lovely cushions made with beautiful fabric, I'd want to keep them for myself.
    Yvonne x

  22. You'll just go from strength to strength. The fabric is lovely, isn't it. It looks fab quality, and you've made them so beautifully.
    Little Gem Inc. How cool! xxx


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