Friday, 18 September 2009


I'd like to introduce some adorable little things who have come to live at the BF's:

This is little Ruby (my choice) :

This is little Rambo (the BF's choice) :

Hope they like their new home!



  1. What sweeties! How old are they?

  2. Oh Gem they are so cute!!
    I tell you, as soon as I move out of this horrible rented flat into my own lovely house (only another £15k needed lol) I can't wait to get some kittens! Chris wants a puppy, but I have told him it better not eat my cute little fluffy bundles!

    You will have so much fun with them :-)

    Rose XXX

  3. Aww what beauties! The look so playful.My sons are desperate for a cat, but I told them I have 3 monkies at home and a cat wouldn't mix well! Maybe one day! Laughing!

  4. aw so cute :)
    when I first moved in with my ex we got 2 black kittens called zig and zag (from the big breakfast but I was younger than you are now so you probably don't have a clue what I'm talking about!!!)
    anyway my point is I WANT A KITTEN!!! But I want a ginger one ;) And lovely husband is a miserable old cat hater so I have no hope :(

  5. I'm not a cat person, but I do like black cats and those two are beautiful.

  6. YAY..I'll bring Pickle round, then they will look like triplets!!

    Have fun!xxx

  7. oh how cute are they!......they are gorgeous. Tx

  8. awwww how cute I bet they'll get into loads of mischief in no time hehehe.

  9. awwww how cute I bet they'll get into loads of mischief in no time hehehe.

  10. Very gorgeous! We have a 3 year old rescue cat, & I am pining for another one!


  11. They are so very sweet! I am a cat lover, always have been. They remind me of Lilly. You will have hours of fun watching them play!
    Have a great weekend
    Isabelle x

  12. Oh how adorable are these two! Reminds me of when my 3 were kittens, makes me want more again! Just too cute ;o) xx

  13. How adorable, I had a gorgeous little black cat just like your two bundles of fluff, she was 14 when she went to heaven, do watch your 2 don't become 3 though!!!lol love Lucey x

  14. aww how cute - love the names!!

  15. They are soooo cute , i love the names too !!

    I finally got my own way and we are getting another kittie cat this week , not sure if Fistral will be so chuffed !

    Sara x

  16. Rambo and Ruby, so cute! Love the hearts on your last post too!
    Rachel x

  17. Simply adorable, they are so like my little Toby and Tess when they were kittens.

    Unfortunately Toby started to bully Tess and she left home.... she took up residence with a lovely lonely lady so the story had a happy ending.

    Sue xx

  18. Hello1
    how are the kittens getting on?

    I love the last picture!
    So cute!x

  19. I think she is 13 or 14 wks now.....getting bigger everyday....she has put a good amount of weight on, when we first got her she was all she is nice n plump....she is playing tag with Olly....and keeps jumping over my toes...they are such fun!
    Enjoying yours???

    They are both so cute!xxx


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