Thursday, 17 September 2009

Union Jack Hearts

I popped into Emporium the other day to pick up some lovely vintage floral fabrics to make some cushion covers that I have been asked to make. The day before I thought I'd bring in something new to show, and came up with these lavender union jack hearts. 

The buttons (if you can see them) are from Paper and String and are lovely, although I have used the plain side, the other sides are polka dot and checkered. I highly recommend for beautiful packaging, fast delivery and such fab customer service! :)

I can be very hit and miss with hearts, sometimes they look very dodgy shapes or wonky sides, but these turned out ok, probably to do with me paying attention as I cut them out, and actually pinning before stitching!

I also stitch the whole thing by hand now as I cannot seem to get to grips with curves on my sewing machine, it just doesn't like them (or maybe its me, yeah its probably me come to think of it!)

They absolutely reek of lavender as I am paranoid about the smell running out by the time (if!) someone would like to buy one. A little tip I have found is to add a couple of drops of lavender essence into your jar/bag of lavender to strengthen the smell a bit, I wonder whether rose petals would be a decent alternative? 

It certainly worked as my bag, and all its contents is still smelling of lavender today!

I put a couple of them on these hooks to take some photos. Anyway, the lady in the shop loved them and there are now 4 little hearts hanging in the shop :) if you are in North London I'd highly recommend popping into Emporium as you will walk out feeling so happy, it is such a cheerful shop and tea room and serves yummy cakes too!

I do like taking photos of these cushions, the Union Jack is still very popular with me! :) X


  1. they are lovely and will sell quickly!... hugs Tx

  2. I have to admit, i'm still loving the UJ. Your hearts and cushions are fab!
    Is that a UJ bag I spy, can I ask where you got it from, just my type of bag.
    Beki xxx

  3. Hi Gem,

    You're U hearts are lovely :-)

    I completely agree with you, sewing curves on a machine is really hard! All the hearts I have made I have done the curved bits by hand :-) and I too get paranoid about the lack of lavender smell! Maybe I should get my hands on some lavender essence lol

    Rose XXX

  4. Hi Gem
    They look lovely. I find it easier to handstitch. I end up getting angry with the sewing machine otherwise!
    x Dom

  5. Fantastic photos of a lovely product - my entire living area is done in red, white and blue this autumn, so you can see how much I like what you're doing with the Union Flag motif! (Of course, I have a French flag in mine, too...)

  6. These look great, I have made some lavender hearts as well in the last few weeks. I hand sewed them because like you I find it easier, I think my hearts are a bit wonky though !
    Ann x

  7. I've only tackled straight lines on my sewing machine so far... I have a feeling I too may be doing the curves by hand!

    Victoria xx

  8. Hi Gem
    Thanks for stopping by. I know my blog thumbnail never seems to update I notice it on other peoples blogs and it always says 4 months ago!
    I ended up selling the ck bucket bag in the end!. I wish ck would do a messenger bag a small white one!. In the end I ended up with a brown leather messenger bag bought on ebay, I just like the comfort of an across the body bag.
    You must be so chuffed selling your bits through the shop. They always look so lovely
    x Dom

  9. Fantastic hunny! They are gorgeous!!
    Annie x

  10. i adore these photos especially the one on the hooks, can imagine seeing them in a homes mag, great cushions too x

  11. They are really cute. Kittens, babies and CK seem to be everywhere on blogs at the moment!


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