Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sneak A Peek

I am a tidy person when I want to be, I like to make my bed as soon as I get up so it looks pretty for the rest of the day, I like to create pretty little areas in my room that make me smile. I can be tidy when I want to, but I have several "areas of shame" that I am absolutely rubbish at keeping orgainised. One of these is my craft cupboard which contains just about every single crafty thing I've ever bought in a big messy pile. Craft papers, cardmaking stuff, watercolours, paint, ribbons, stickers all just jumbled together in a heap!

I felt motivated today to do something about an area that had been bugging me, it had been bugging me because I could no longer close the draw that holds all my make up and products without squashing things down....

So I have orgainsed it all neat and tidy...would you like to have a look?

I use the top draw of the UGLY IKEA chest of drawers for my make up. Add a cutlery organiser and here we are ::

Amazing isn't it how much happier you feel when things that have been annoying you get sorted out.

I feel happier already...

Just need to get to work on the other side of the drawer now .... Oops! X

Friday, 27 February 2009

In The Red Part 2

Today I am making the seamless move from my red to mums red....see, seamless! It is maily the kitchen which is choc full of red things, including the kitchen cupboard doors as you can see. These lovely teatowels and oven glove are from BHS who are selling some fab stuff at the mo. I think the mix of polka dots and gingham are very cute and girly!

More red bits and bobs over here....

There is also some pretty bits and bobs hanging around like this little heart which hangs of a door handle.

This box frame display that I made using napkins and a special mothers day key. I really like making little framed things, like the framed initial boxes I made for my cousins children.

Then theres this, another heart, but this is a French heart, bought from the same place I bought my tin one, except this one is wooden, and handpainted too. It is a nice reminder of the holiday we had.

I will be back soon with some finished crafty makes if I can get them sent off in time! X

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Show and Tell

I thought I would do a bit of a colourful show and tell today as I don't have any new crafty makes to show you yet - I will have soon once they are completed! I have my February Hearts and Love swap to complete, and another little something I need to get working on.

Anyway, I know I personally love a bit of show and tell, it was one of my favourite things at school. I remember I once brought in a set of Russian Dolls for show and tell and lost the smallest dolly, I was devastated! So today the show and tell is from the safety of my room, and the theme is red.

I don't actually have alot of red things, I don't really wear red as I don't think it suits me that much. I do have some red shows that I have worn into the ground but I'm sure that you don't want to see that pretty sight!

These are the red things in my bedroom, some Cath Kidston bits that my lovely dad bought for me, and the bargain £6 bag! The spotty red scarf that I got given for Christmas, a mini Emma Bridgewater tin that held some sweeties, and a tin hanging heart that I got in France.

The Cath Kidston thing holds my camera, and the tin heart hangs with my bags on my peg hook. Now if I was to show you all the red stuff in my house there would be an awful lot as its my mums favourite colour. Maybe I will save that post for another day X

Friday, 20 February 2009

Some Little Bargains

Yesterday I popped out to my local shops for a coffee and a little browse. One of my favourite little shops is Tiger which is a Danish shop filled with all sorts of things which change regularly. A bit like IKEA, but a bit more random! Everything in there is priced in full pounds so it feels like you are getting a bargain.

I got these two decorative selotapes in there, I especially like the tape measure one as it is a bit different from the norm. I think they will look pretty cute used to wrap up any future swaps I do.

As well as the selotapes I also got 15 meters of red satin ribbon in there for £1! I couldn't leave it there at that price, especially as the haberdashery around the corner sells ribbon at about 75p per meter! I have some projects lined up for this.

I also got this little turquoise enamel painted dish, it reminds me of the sort of things you see on canal boats like painted buckets and plant pots. Its only small but I will use it to hold my everyday jewellery that I take off at night.

Oh and this is from the same set, I think its actually meant for tea lights but this is far more practical holding my make up brushes instead!

Oh and this morning I received something in the post that I don't even remember ordering :: more CK samples, and yet another CK catalogue. This brings my total to 3!! I have no idea why they have sent me so many - its not as if I've ever even ordered anything from the website or catalogue as I prefer to go into the shops themselves and have a look.

So if anyone was worried about their CK catalogue not turning up, don't worry you probably have three on the way!! X

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Well It Was The Sale!

On Saturday the BF and I toddled off to Covent Garden for a little Valentines browse. As always I like to save the best shop (in my opinion) to last. After a wander through the market and around the little boutiques (and some manly shops for the BF) we entered Cath Kidston.

Now in my defense it was still sale time and there was some bargains to be had. I loved browsing all the new range bits and pieces but was very restricted with myself and only bought three things!

This red paisley book bag which was in the sale at £6! I couldn't leave it behind at that price, and I do so love that paisley print.

My other two purchases were only small, a new key fob and a tiny mirror.

I love going to Covent Garden but I think I'll have to stay away from the shops for a while I think. Too many pretties - too much temptation! The Ray Lamontagne gig was really really good, a special Valentines treat for me and the BF. X

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Joules Lovelies

I love getting catalogues through the post, and this one was particularly lovely - the Joules catalogue.

I thought I would share a few (ok a load) of lovely pages full of pretty summery country photos.

Lots of vintage styled photos with gorgeous fabrics, blankets and eiderdowns, like this one.

Photos on the farm dressed in pretty ladylike dresses and chunky beady necklaces. Look at that cute little red mini!

Inside and outside the caravan, complete with floral bunting.

There is something very pleasing about these images, the country lifestyle, vintage fabrics. A little bit of what we all like.

This page feels a bit Cath K to me, don't you think?

And its not just the women, this fella is lying on a gorgeous patchwork quilt.

I wish I was brave enough for a bold mac like this spotty one.

Lovely summery ballet pumps in vibrant colours.

Some little details from the photos ::

I think I do spy some CK in there actually!

Anyway, not much to say today, just wanted to show you some lovely pics, if you fancy a look at the whole catalogue you can order a free one here. Oh and if you wanted a nice wallpaper for your computer Joules have some very pretty ones here. X

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

25 Things

I have been tagged by Kirsty at Rubys Mamma Made It to reveal 25 things about me ::

1. My middle name is a name my parents created out of a boys name

2. I switch between blonde in the summer and brunnette in the winter.

3. I wear Sarah Jessica Parker : Lovely perfume ::

4. I love the smell of fresh Laundry.

5. I read all the housey and gossip magazines when I go to Starbucks in Borders for a coffee.

6. I always always get Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple on my pizza.

7. I dunk all kinds of biscuits and chocolate bars in my tea ::

8. I really hate mushrooms.

9. My favourite films are The Lord of the Rings trilogy!

10. My favourite flavour crisps are ready salted.

11. When I was little I was obsessed with ducks and birds ::

12. My lucky number is 12.
13. I keep inspiration books full of photos I love ::

14. My favourite flowers are freesias - I love the smell of them.

15. I love the Shabby Chic Cafe forum and am so glad I stumbled upon it.

16. I love baking cakes, my specialities are Chocolate Marble and Lemon Drizzle cake. These are where they are kept ::

17. I love to make, paint, create, draw and design.
18. I have a huuuuge scratch along the side of my car - not good.

19. I have had a CK IKEA rosali duvet cover but never actually liked it until quite recently ::

20. I have the poorest circulation in the world, I am always always cold.

21. I have an ever growing love of all things floral.

22. If I am at home I only drink tea but if I am out I only drink coffee.

23. I am in my 3rd year studying Graphic Design at Uni.
24. I was meant to be called Rebecca if I was a girl and Ryan if I was a boy.

25. I was given my name because my dad read an article about a Gemma on the way to see me for the first time!
OOPS! I completely forgot to pass this tag on! I shall pass it on to...

Monday, 16 February 2009

Mitmot Swap Sent

As you know last week I did a little swap with Sew Hot Mitmot. I was a bit late sending mine due to getting out of uni late and missing the Post Office, but this was what I sent ::

Handmade needlebook (I have never made one of these before so I used my own one from the lovely Second Wind as a template for this one) using some peach floral vintage fabric I found.

With a couple of bits and bobs inside...

And a little handmade heart. This is some of my favourite fabric bought from ebay which is almost all gone now!

I hope you enjoyed the little swap Mitmot. X