Friday, 22 May 2009

I Spy

Whilst flicking through my favourite book to flick through (Cath Kidston : In Print) the other day I noticed something that I had never spotted before, can you see it on these pages?

No idea what I'm talking about? How about now?

Yes its the fabric on the sofas, the exact same fabric that I made my very first tote bag from a few months ago. This is the fabric that the lovely Donna from the Shabby Chic Cafe sent me, which I wasn't sure if it was actually CK or not. To be honest looking at this photo above I am still not sure if its her own design, it seems too different from all her others! 

What do you think? Did CK design it? X

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Handmade Cards & A Thankyou

Firstly before I start waffling I'd like to say a huge thankyou to everyone who commented on my last post, can you believe that is my most commented post now? I really wasn't expecting such lovely feedback, but I am glad I showed you my illustrations after all...

I think the dogs were everyones favourites! 

After the very encouraging comments (and a small commission) I decided to design a little set of cards to sell - there are four designs and they are all suitable for birthdays - two are more boyish and two are more feminine. I was not sure whether to put these in my blogshop or not as I'm not sure if anyone would want to buy them. Anyway I am going to try selling them for £2.80 each (including postage) or a set of four for £8.50.

These are the designs - all are my own handpainted illustrations which I have then scanned in and added the 'Happy Birthday' text to.

Firstly is Stanley with a birthday cake and bunting :: 

Then we have the pretty cakestand with cakes and bunting ::

Another doggy this time with some balloons, this one is called Bertie :: 

And lastly a simple pink cupcake design ::

They each have this little bit of text on the back (in the same colours as the type on the front)

So there we have the set of four cards for £8.50 (includes postage) or individually they are £2.80 (includes postage)

Please note the cards are blank inside for your own message!

I think I will probably put these into my blogshop, but if anyone would like to order one (or a set) then you can either leave me a comment here or on my blogshop, or email me at (if you only want or two just state the name in bold above each card!) 

Hmm feel a bit silly now as I will have the same thing both here and on the blogshop!

I am nearly finished at Uni now, so I really hope I'll have more time for pretty crafty things and less time for things like designing my business cards - which by the way I have spent the whole afternoon cutting out by hand! I must be mad! I am also thinking about stickers, postcards and badges for this blimmin' degree show but I doubt I'll have time for all that!! 

Thanks again everyone for your comments they really cheered up my day! X

Saturday, 16 May 2009

My Illustrations

Firstly thanks so much for all the lovely comments yesterday regarding my Uni work and illustrations, with your encouragement I have decided to post a few of my favourites ::

This first one is part of my web design for an Afternoon Tea website, there are another two examples with text below but this was before I added text.
I mainly use watercolour and pen for my illustrations as I don't have the patience for coloured pencils!

This is the homepage layout, and you click on the teacups to go to the pages you want. This is one of my favourite illustrations, I so enjoyed painting the cake stand and all the delicate tea cups and little cakes!

This page is all about different types of tea, when you roll over the tea bags they tell you the name and history of different blends, then you drag it into the teacup and the steam starts to rise... obviously I have no idea how to actually show the website as its not a real one - meaning its not actually on the web!!

The two illustrations below were for my final project about London, a book of illustrations, photos and typography, this is Neal's Yard in Covent Garden - very bright and colourful buildings...

And a London Routemaster bus thrown in! 

Last is my designs for Battersea Dogs Homes 150th birthday - they are postcard designs - not that you would have a clue looking at these, but these are before I added text. I love the little CK Stanley dog!!

And party time!

I think that'll do for now, I would love some feedback on them, obviously I'm not professional or anything but I really enjoy adding  handmade touches to my graphic work :) X

Friday, 15 May 2009

Yet Another Post About Fabric!

Hello, remember me? Gosh it has been over a week since I have blogged, I have been extremely busy with Uni work, putting up my display at Uni, and trying to get organised for the degree show. It has involved many a late night on the Mac trying to get work edited and finished in time to print and mount and all that malarky that I haven't had time to do anything fun or crafty at all (unless you count trying to design your own business cards as crafty!!) 

Anyway today I had a bit of a break from it and took myself off to Dunelm Mill to see if I could find some more fabric (yes more!) I also wanted to get a cushion pad but more on that next week - if it actually gets made!

Well unluckily for me my local Dunelms doesn't sell fabric, only a few habadashery items (yes I probably should have checked this out first!) so all I bought were some buttons - further down the post - and my cushion pad.

I decided to try my local curtain fabric outlet store and was in for a huge shock!

It was huge, an Aladdins cave of beautiful (and some not so beautiful) fabrics, including the WHOLE Globaltex range of Modern Classics. Hooray! And all at discount prices too!!

This one above is my absolute favourite fabric ever ever! I love it! I was a bit boring and bought 4 colourways of the same design, there was polka dots, stripes and different florals, but I just love these roses so much - I will definately be back to purchase more. This store could be disastrous for my bank balance!!

So I got the white, the blue, the beige, and the pink. As usual I don't have any grand plans for them yet, but am open to lots of ideas. What would you like to see in my blogshop? And what should I make with these beautiful fabrics? (All suggestions welcome and much appreciated!)

Mmmm aren't they just gorgeous!?!

Hmm and last but not least - my buttons, these pretty pink plastic buttons from Dunelm Mill. They are probably some of the prettiest buttons I now own - sadly only three in a pack so I will have to use them wisely!

I was thinking about showing some of my illustrations I have been doing for my uni work, but not sure if anyone would be interested in those? Hopefully be back soon with more pretty things to look at :) X

Thursday, 7 May 2009

New Things and New Makes

Today I managed to have a little break from the constant uni work I have been doing, I am aware that my posts this month have not been particularly exciting (especially as I have not had time to make anything to show you) I hope my new fabric purchases filled a slight void!!

Anyway I have a few new things to show you, but first is this little sparkly frame which I have had for a while, but today I put this pretty vintage rose picture in it, I think it looks really sweet
next to my gorgeous scented pillow from MaryPoppins.

Onto new things :: I bought this enamel pitcher for my mum yesterday, it was an absolute bargain, and is in her favourite colour red too. I found it in Asda and it was £3! They had them in red or yellow if anyone is interested get down to your local Asda!

Another bargain (but a necessary one) was this shift dress which I bought for a Communion I have to go to at the weekend, it is a gorgeous purpley colour - not sure how well it is showing in the photo - but it is really nicely cut and well made and was from Tesco! Yes £12 from Tesco which is good as I didn't want to spend a lot on something I don't particularly want to go to - but have to anyway! I also bought it in navy blue as I couldn't decide but I think the navy may be going back to the shop...

This week I have also added to my fabric stash with just one more piece of fabric, I got this gorgeous rose print from ebay, I don't have any plans for it as yet, but I'd like to make something to keep for myself as well as possibly something to sell.
What would you make with this fabric?
Or should I just stroke it?!

Here is the stash nicely building up :: I have cleared out a shelf in my wardrobe to hold all my fabrics, although I doubt it will stay this neat once I start pulling things out and cutting them up :)

Finally some makes :: I have added two handmade tote bags to my blogshop today so please do go take a little look...

I especially like that this one below is made of Roses and Gingham fabrics! It wasn't intentional but I do love the combination of floral and checks. Hopefully I will have lots more free time soon to catch up with all your blogs and make more things! X

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Car Boot Maths

The BF and I ventured to our first ever car boot together at the weekend - yes a first for us - especially as car boots are quite hard to find in London. I am always reading on blogs, on the Shabby Chic Cafe about people's amazing treasures found at car boot sales.
So here is some of the maths from ours ::

Number of cornishware pots spotted :: 1
Number of bevelled vintage mirrors seen :: 1
Number of Emma Bridgewater moneyboxes passed by :: 1
Number of floral curtains for sale :: 1
Number of pretty plates spotted :: 5
Number of items bought :: 0

Yes a big fat zero, there was sadly nothing shouting out at either me or the BF enough for us to buy it. Maybe it was because it was a bank holiday, maybe it was because it was in London, or maybe I am just not cut out for bootsales!! X

P.S Sorry I have not been around much this last week, everything at uni has been manic, hopefully soon (perhaps even this week? heres hoping) I might have some new pretty things for sale in my blogshop, but for now there are still a couple of floral brooches for sale if anyone would like to give one a good home! X