Friday, 31 July 2009

Emporium Tea Rooms

More exciting news for me this week as I approached another local Tea Shop/Gift Shop about selling some of my things, although I brought more than just my brooches this time as I had been busy making all of this lot!

So I can now officially say that my very own little 'Roses and Gingham' goodies are stocked in two shops! I am so very excited about this! I have absolutely loved making all these things knowing that people will actually be able to buy them!

This Tea Shop is called 'Emporium' and is absolutely gorgeous, you can find the details for it here. I really must go in and ask to take some photos when I go in next time, I know you are all going to love it!

All of these little hearts are in there now...

As are some of these padded hangers...

Some of these brooches too...

A couple of mini totes too, as they sell childrens clothes in there and I thought they might go down well with little girlies!

And two of my bigger tote bags as well.

And they all have new little Roses and Gingham tags too which I was busy designing and printing and cutting out all morning!

Hopefully they all sell well and I get more orders - I am certainly enjoying the crafting at the moment and I have loads more motivation to get stuff done! X

Thursday, 30 July 2009

CK Treats

I was a little bit naughty at the weekend when I went to Covent Garden I popped into Cath Kidston (as you do) to see all the lovely new stock and new fabric prints. Whilst I was there a few of the sale items just fell into my basket and came home with me...

This set of two fabric covered notebooks which I will actually write in, theyre not just for show, so thats allowed right? Plus I do love that red paisley...

Oh and this little needlecase which I kept telling myself I could easily make myself, but the lure of the CK was too strong so home with me it came!

And thats it, see how restrained I was...the main reason is that I won't ever need another bag for the rest of my life as I have way too many - especially CK ones, although I love her bookbags I just don't use them enough, and cushions, well I have too many cushions for such a small bed, I have enough pencil cases/make up bags and I can't really buy any kitchen ware so I went for things I could (and would!) use! X

Friday, 24 July 2009

Blue Boy Bunting

Yesterday I was in the mood to make so I decided to make some boy bunting to go with the pink bunting I posted about here for my cousins children. Although I found this one a little harder as I don't have any cowboy fabric or anything very boyish (an excuse to add to the stash? Perhaps!) so I picked two browny beige colours in large check gingham and Cath Kidston star print, and one blue polka dot fabric to go with them.

It didn't take me too long to make, especially as I have now (almost) got the hang of the zigzag stitch! I chose a blue gingham for the letters and really enjoyed that part of it..

The least enjoyable of course is having to get the iron out to press the flags once they have been sewn, and to iron the bias binding.

I'd love to make more bunting but need to think of who else would like it (and actually appreciate the work thats gone into it!)

I guess its only lovely bloggers and Shabby Chic forum ladies ...

I guess I'd better join in with some more swaps then! X

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Some Union Jack Lovin'

Who's in the mood for some pretty photos today?
Oh you are? Well good thing I got this new Union Jack cushion to show you then!

It is my new favourite!! And the price? Nothing!

Yes it was a present, from my BF's mum who saw my Accessorize Union Jack bag (posted about here) and bought me one as a surprise! How lovely is that!

I love that it looks quite vintagey compared to some of the ones I have seen in the shops, its definately nicer than the one I made myself which is sitting next to it... but they look sweet together.

Its also got some lovely little details like this cluster of matching buttons....

This little star shaped medal charm with rosette ribbon...

And this sweet bow with a vintage looking button....

Just gorgeous! X

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

High Tea

When I posted a little while ago here about the fact that my brooches are now being sold (and hopefully selling!) in a local tea shop I didn't actually have any photos of the shop to show you so I went back at the weekend to snap some photos.

This is the current display in the window, it has a very retro and 50's feel to it.

With everyones favourite - Union Jack bunting! This bunting is actually from the shop Pedlars and is for sale here if you fancy some! There are also tonnes of other lovely things on the site too.

I love the vintage print swimsuits, and the blue apron.

You may also be able to spot a couple of my brooches hanging in the window?

Theres one! Next to a fab aeroplane print pair of shorts!

And theres a couple more! I have no idea yet how many are left inside the shop but look forward to hearing how they've gone down.

You can also see the vintage cake stans, tea pots and other bits and bobs for sale.

And heres the Tea Shop from across the road, looking very pretty in pink!

P.S you should be able to click to enlarge the photos if you fancy a closer look! X

Monday, 20 July 2009

Red and Blue

Another post about clothes today - but I thought I would show you my new purchase ... this lovely summery (for when summer actually starts!) dress. I got this last week and really want the sun to shine so I can wear it - unfortunately it looks grey here :(

Obviously I picked it because of the lovely rose fabric, although it is rather flattering too so that helped!
Oh yes I forgot to mention I also got it in blue, yes I'm not very good at making decisions where I am required to chose between two identical things in different colours. So I got both, not that they were expensive or anything, but I just hope I blummin get to wear them this year!!
Yes it was quite hard to resist that print.
I thought it would look nice worn with this cream high waisted belt I got from Primark a while ago...
Bit of a bargain considering the detail on it...

Speaking of red and blue I picked up these polka dot fabrics from Dunelms and I do have a little something in mind for this so we'll see whether that works out!

MMMMmm polka dots! X

Friday, 17 July 2009

Spots and Stripes Swap : Sent

I finally got around to finishing and sending out my Spots and Stripes swap to the lovely Debbie at Country Heart and Home, and now that I know Debbie has received it I can show you what I sent.

I got really stuck with this swap when I realised after signing up that I had vertually no spotty or stripey I bought a pretty cerise pink polka dot Fat Quarter to inspire me! The pink polka dot was used to make this tote bag, although I have used some plain cotton fabric and also a very pretty polka dot and floral print for the handles!

Close up of the yo-yo details :: these are really fun to make and add a nice little decorative touch to the bag I think.

Yes I shall be making more of these I think, I also love the spotty panel on the bag and think it goes nicely with the blue flowery fabric too.

Using the same polka dot and floral fabric I made this fabric covered hanger - I really love making these I think they are so pretty.

I used a matching pink polka dot ribbon and a little bit of pretty blue lace which came in my parcel from Mitmot...

I also sent some Lavendar handcream and pink polka dot nail file wrapped up in stripey ribbon...

Using all my little pieces of polka dot fabric I made this patchwork heart, which is spotty on one side and stripey on the other side, but I forgot to photograph the other side!

A red and white stripey handmade brooch...

This little cupcake that I painted which I thought could look sweet in a kitchen so I added some text to it to personalise it, and a little velvet ribbon too.

(its on a pale pink polka dot background which you can't really see very well from these photos!)

Close up of the cupcake little sparkly details!

Some labels/tags which have spotty and stripey ribbons on them (plus flowers and ricrac and lace and other stuff!!)

Close up of label details ::

And finally a little orange stripey pin cushion.

I did wrap it all up in polka dot paper but forgot to photograph that too! X

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Belated Birthday Presents

As it was my birthday last month and I don't often get to see my brothers I am usually the receiver of some late birthday this case it was better than that - vouchers! Now don't get me wrong I love to receive presents but I do sometimes prefer to chose what I actually want, especially when there are males and clothes involved! Anyway I got a voucher for Next and had been saving it for today when I went to a big one. This is what I bought, I thought you might like to see my new red polka dot bikini - only because its so pretty and retro looking! I am loving all the polka dots that have made their way into my room lately.

I also drooled over these gorgeous earings - the blue colour is just fantastic - although this photo isn't that great! So these came home with me :)

I also got this red ruffled top, which I shall hopefully be wearing when it brightens up a bit!!

OOh yes and this, this wasn't from Next, and it wasn't a birthday present, it was just a little present from the BF. It is made from lovely painted pieces of driftwood and is such a sweet mix of candy colours. I am not sure what sort of photo to put in it, perhaps it needs to be a nice black and white one.

A little close up of the wood...isn't it pretty? Very me, and I hardly made any hints at all! :D

I have sent off my Spots and Stripes swap to Debbie at Country Heart and Home so hopefully can show you that as soon as I know Debbie has received it X