Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Pretty Shabby Shop

When I went to St Albans the other week I came across this cute shabby chic shop and took some photos but forgot to post them, so I thought I'd show them now, it was called Home Chic Home and was only tiny but was full of lovely (but overpriced) pretties, like the Union Jack stuff that is everywhere at the moment (including in my room and at the BFs) I have one cushion on my bed and he has two (he likes them honestly!) and we also found the matching doorstop in TKMaxx for £5.99 so I was rather shocked to see it sold here for £17 and the cushions (I paid £8) selling for £22!!

Anyway I'll stop blabbering, and just let you enjoy the photos!

Til next time! X

Monday, 24 August 2009

Bags Bags Bags

Last week I was busy working like a mad woman making things for the teashop, I decided I would make some bags to see whether she'd like to sell them, she said she would, but not yet as she needed to put up some hooks to display them on, so they came home with me til they are ready to go to their new home and I thought I'd share them :) this is a rather picture heavy post - sometimes I'm not sure whether thats a good thing or bad thing!?

Anyway to start with I made two 'adult sized' tote shoppers out of gorgeous Globaltex fabrics in blue and pale brown, the blue one is lined with matching blue and white polka dots and is my fave :)

The browny one is lined with a small floral print fabric that I thought went well with it - you can see my new labels inside too!

Next some 'mini' child sized totes, these are so much fun to make as they don't need loads of fabric, and I love chosing matching lining for them all. I definately prefer to work small scale, I work much faster and find it a lot more enjoyable! There are 5 mini totes and I have tried not to make them too floral and girly - although they are aimed at girls not all girls like pink!

So there is a lilac and green paisley print with matching lilac ribbon for decoration...

Pink polka dot with a velvet pink ribbon (ok so I had to include some pink! I do love pink polka dots!)

A blue CK star print (love this material) with a sweet matching blue ribbon :)

And matching blue floral lining...I like the mix of stars and floral here...

A lilacy blue gingham - this also has a blue floral print lining but smaller flowers...and a navy ribbon too.

And some lovely Laura Ashley rose print floral (old curtains!) fabric with a deep red ribbon...

This is lined with this colourful flower print which I am loving as its so cheerful!

Then I decided to chuck everything on the table to photograph it as I like to have a record of all the things I've made, so I know what colours work and which ones are most popular - plus the fabrics are so pretty all together don't you think?

Although its lovely to make things for myself I really enjoy making things for others and the thought that someone might have one of my lavender pillows tucked in their drawer, or a brooch on their cardigan makes me smile :)

It is also hugely satisfying seeing it all finished and together after spending hours cutting, pinning, sewing and finishing off all the tiny details.

Ahhh lovely lovely colours and fabrics (some of which I have been lucky enough to recieve through RAKS, swaps and family gifts)

Hope they like their new homes!

I'd just like to say, to everyone who reads my blogs and emails me lovely emails and PMs me on the Shabby Chic Cafe how much I appreciate your words of encouragement about my little business venture, and I would really encourage anyone crafty who enjoys making things to approach their local shops because you never know! XX

Friday, 21 August 2009

Brooches and Lavender Sachets

I mentioned yesterday that I was dropping off some more brooches at the Tea Shop today, and I also brought along these to see whether they'd be interesteed in selling them. They are lavender pillows made from a mix of polka dot, paisley and a teeny tiny bit of Cath Kidston.

The paisley fabrics are absolutely gorgeous and are from Sarah Hardaker - these are just samples but I had to use them in something pretty.

The polka dot fabrics are the ones sent to me in my polka dot swap from the lovely Mitmot, I think they are globaltex.

So I have made 10 of these and have really enjoyed mixing and matching the fabrics, I do like to work small scale, I like to use up little pieces and scraps of fabric, I always hate cutting into a big piece of fabric incase it all goes wrong but with smaller things its less of a risk!

Making these also meant that I could try out my new labels - how exciting my own real fabric labels!

I thought I'd share some of my favourite sachets, I love the paisley prints so much, they look really authentically vintage! My fave is the blue one...

Next is pink, gorgeous colours in this paisley too...

I think paisley is a rather close rival to my fave - the rose print!

They are all filled with some stuffing and some very posh Organic Lavender from St Albans market! I hope they keep their scent as they smell wonderful!

All packed up and ready to go...I shall let you know how I get on with these...

These are the brooches they ordered, 10 more which meant I got to play with more little pieces of fabric, and more pretty things like buttons!

These are some of the new ones, I've not used these fabrics before for brooches, like this Amy Butler one, I think works well on a small scale, it has a pink and a mother of pearl button.

This navy blue floral print looks sweet with some matching buttons...

And a nice colourful floral one too, I try to make a range of colours although I have my faves and the pinks always sell well I think they look better in a mix of colours.

Fingers crossed for more sales! X

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bargains, Laundry, Fabric, Labels

Hello! Sorry about the week and a half absence, no idea where the time went as I haven't even been that busy, anyway I will give you a quick catch up of my week, starting with my bargain!
At the weekend I stayed with family and thought I had packed enough clothes to last me the weekend, but I spilt something down myself and looked a right mess, and had run out of tops so I went into town and had a look for something cheap that would do.
I headed for New Look as they had a sale on and found this loooovely rose print top (what is it with me and rose prints?!) on sale for a fiver!

I am really pleased I found it on sale as I had been admiring it from afar but it was originally too pricey at £18 - I know not hugely expensive but I'm on a budget!!

Next topic is Laundry! Very exciting topic in blogland here and here lately! Anyway as you know the BF has a very little kitchen, so little infact that there is no space for a washing mashine, so his laundry piles up before he either takes it round to a friend/laundrette/mum and it was starting to annoy me so I made him this HUGE laundry bag - its big!

He picked the fabric himself (bless) and although I did offer to do a bit of cowboy applique on the front or perhaps his initial he politely turned me down with the request that I just make it "really really strong" so its lined with calico and double stitched all the way round but I have told him if he over fills it and it rips he will be in BIG trouble LOL!

Hmm something more pretty now? Who wants to see my new fabric?! These are some lovely ones I got from the market man in Watford, his fabrics are really reasonable so I am always in there checking for new stuff! I got the blue rose print (roses again) and the deep pink little rose print (and again) and have made a brooch with the pink which is going off to its new home in High Tea of Highgate tomorrow (along with another 9 and hopefully some other goodies - I'll try to show them tomorrow)

Think I might do a padded hanger or two with this one...

And this one is great for brooches...

Lastly I wanted to show you these gorgeous labels I got printed for my handmade goodies, they are from here and were about £10 for 36 which I thought was quite a good price, although if anyone knows anywhere cheaper please do let me know! They look really cute on and I'm pleased with how they look, I chose the ribbon instead of a rose and think it looks really sweet.

Sorry about the mixed bag post today, I have lots of things to show (WIPs) but am not ready to show them yet! Will be back soon with pretty stuff!!
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Monday, 10 August 2009

Welcome To Emporium...

After this post last week about the Emporium tea room / gift shop that I am selling my handmade things in I thought I'd go back and take some photos to show you because honestly this is the nicest little tea shop / gift shop I have ever been in...

Lets head in together shall we?
First thing you'll spot is their fab cake sign!

Yes ...Tea Room and Fancy Goods!

The lovely green shop front, they are actually two seperate shops knocked into one, one side is the tea shop (which I havent taken any photos of as there was too many people sitting having their lunch!) The tea shop is gorgeous, tables covered in Cath Kidston oilcloth, proper little china tea cups for your tea and a posy of flowers on each table...

This is the entrance to the shop...

Outside are these sweet wicker chairs and vintage cushions...

Lets go in shall we?

This lovely dresser top is full of homemade jam and pretty cups...

And hanging below it are my fabric hearts...
I think they'll sit very happily here with the vintage china!
Below them on some hooks are my tote bags, hangers and mini tote bags that I showed you last week, I am so pleased that they have been displayed so nicely and all together too...

You can also see hanging from the hearts are the new labels that I spent ages cutting out!!

Another part of the shop now and more homemade jam and handmade jewellery...

The shelves are all beautifully laid out with a mixture of handmade and vintage things...

Lots of knitted toys, cupcakes and cookies hanging of these branches...

They also stock brightly coloured plastic homeware goodies from Rice.

This is where my brooches are...they are perched next to some felt corsages and some cute knitted baby booties!
More pretty mugs on a pretty shelf...

As you can see there is multicoloured bunting absolutely everywhere in the shop!!

Handmade framed images and ladybird journals...

Ooh more bunting - I just loved looking at all the different flags...

They also stock childrens wear and vintage little girls dresses...

I hope you can click the photos to see more detail in these images... there are so many little hidden treasures!

I hope you enjoyed the tour - there was a bit more I missed out, including the big farmhouse table covered in oilcloth in the center - but there was too many people about!! I love being in there it cannot fail to make you happy and I always walk out with a smile on my face!

On my way home I stopped in Highgate and spotted this sign which I had never noticed before - I think it is a genuine old one thats been left there, rather than a newer imitation! I thought it was sweet and I'd share it with you! X