Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Its Christmas Eve and there is still wrapping to do.....

So I have just enough time to wish all my lovely blog readers and followers a very Merry Christmas. I cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful comments and messages over the last year, I have missed my 1 year blogiversary, so I will hopefully be doing a very giveaway in the new year!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow :) Happy Christmas! X

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Presents For Brothers

Do you have brothers?
I do.
They are pretty hard to buy for - did I say hard, I meant boring!

I thought though, that they might appreciate a little yumminess for Christmas, so I bought some cheapy jars from IKEA, and faaaar too many sweeties and filled them up in layers..."midget gems" (yes thats me!) jelly beans, jelly babies and flying saucers. MMmmmm

I added some vintage inspired tags with some lovely Father Christmas images on them...

And tied them around the rim...

Now I just need to wrap them up in tissue paper, and voila!

Mmmmmm must not eat! X

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Something Blue

If you have been reading my blog for a while, or happen to be a member of SCC, you might know that I was sent this gorgeous brooch from the lovely Mary Mitmot all the way back in February here. Well I loved this brooch so much and wore it all the time, on my bags, coats, cardigans... I wore it so much and then I lost it one day, just out shopping and came home to realise it was gone. I was gutted :( especially as it was so beautifully made.

Anyway I had a little sob on SCC, and tried to move on lol!
Mary had very kindly offered to do a little button swap with me, and send me some fabric (more on that another time) and my parcel arrived on Thursday, and inside was this.........

A beautiful replacement brooch, which is just as gorgeous as the first, and I might go as far as to say this one is just a tiny bit nicer...

I was so surprised, and so pleased and have told Mary that this one will only be going out on special occasions. Thank you so much for sending me a replacement :) I will treasure it X

Friday, 18 December 2009

Custom Stockings

Now I promise this will be the very last of my christmas stocking posts, I am sure you are all sick of seeing them by now, but as I have said before, I like to have a record of all the things I make, and I shall record them here!

I was lucky enough to have a couple of custom orders for some pretty stockings and have had so much fun making these...a set of two stockings for a little girl.

A set of three pretty floral stockings, including my favourite fabric, the Darla rose red spot (center heart) for another lovely customer :)

And one more batch for Emporium, I think I am all stocking-ed out now!

I shall leave you with a photo of my favourite stocking below...and my new favourite hooks for taking photos of crafty things!

Red gingham stocking with Darla Rose Heart and red felt button heart X

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Hello my lovely blog readers!
Sorry its been a little while since my last post, I am having computer troubles, added to the camera cable finding troubles I've been having too! But today I am going to show you some of the lovely decorations at home, because the tree is up and everything is looking pretty and twinkly, and may I say...rather co-ordinated too.
We have the same 'theme' every year, I know some people change themes each year, but ours is predominantly red and white, with lots of gingham!! Shaker style.

This little fake tree is one of my favourite decorations, its covered in little wooden shapes, like stars, hearts, reindeer, some glass baubles, and pretty gingham ribbons. I think it was from B&Q about 5 years ago...still going strong!!

Close up of the little faves are the candy canes :)

Now some goodies on the big tree - we don't have a real one, actually I don't think we've ever had one, doesn't appeal to me...all those dropping needles!
This cute little polka dot heart is a new addition this year, its a Gisela Graham one, and hangs next to our red vintage apples.

This fab mini christmas bunting was sent to me as part of last years SCC Christmas swap from a lovely lady called Annie :) It hangs over a big black and white canvas of London that we have in the lounge.

This is our (slightly blurry!) fairy on top of the tree, gingham and red as you can see!

Some of my own handmade decorations are also in the tree, my mum likes these scented hearts.

Hmm looking at my photos now they are all a little wishy washy, probably because the sun was shining in the room while I put the lights on the tree to take photos!!
This little felt and fabric pudding was my giveaway prize from Sarah @ Dotty Daisies. Sarah has a gorgeous blog and makes lots of pretty polka dot things, so please do check it out!

Another new addition, and another Gisela Graham :) mini gingerbread house which is just gorgeous!

Oops and another :) Well we went to our local garden center and they are the first place I've seen that stocks a good range of Gisela Graham stuff...and her stuff is lovely!!

And of course my lovely christmas pudding from Lala @ Aunty Wainwrights Treasures.

Wishing you all a very enjoyable, and not too stressful week ahead!! :) X

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Patchy Buttony Heart

Its not that often that I get the urge to make a little something for myself, in fact I rarely keep the things I make as I love to give things away as gifts, and I am also lucky enough to be selling my things now, so that means I have to get used to giving things away.

But I wanted to make something for myself, using some of my favourite things, favourite scraps of fabric, favourite colours, and favourite buttons.

So I made this Patchy Buttony Heart, and I used all those favourite things, and this is just for me. I have used a patch of rosali paisley print, and a blue rosey polka dot print, and some oh so gorgeous buttons, especially my favourite polka dot one very kindly sent to me by Sara @ Sara Eden. A totally enjoyable time was spent cutting out little scraps, stitching them into place, decorating with buttons and stuffing with a little wadding.

I enjoyed making it so much so that there is now a little batch of these in all different colours available for sale in my blogshop 'Roses and Gingham'. Including this pretty little white one below.....

Why not get yourself some Patchy Buttony goodness?? :) X

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Hanging Those Stockings

These are the second batch of stockings that have made their way into the Emporium tea room shop, five more which I hope will go down well! I am fast running out of fabric, but am loving the craftiness at the moment, it is certainly keeping me busy!

This one would be lovely for a little man, not too Christmassy though, and made from a fab star print fabric I was very kindly sent! I love the gingham with it too, so I appliqued some extra stars on the front and embroidered around the edges.

A simple little one, hopefully it would suit a little boy, I am never sure with boys things, what they like and what can turn things too girly!

This is one of my favourite fabrics, a pretty blue paisley print with a red polka dot heart. This is really not christmassy at all, but not too girly either.

Everyone's favourite, the red polka dot. I have tried not to make them all too girly - do you think I've done ok with them??

Well there had to be a bit of pink didn't there, a pretty retro rose print fabric and polka dot heart appliqued on the front.

Happy Crafting! X

Monday, 7 December 2009

Something for Mum

Hope you are all enjoying the festivities, we have not yet put up the decorations, but I have loved seeing everyone's beautiful trees and decorations. I am certainly in the festive mood, I do love wrapping presents, putting up fairy lights and pretty little decorations. I also love the shopping, although I know some people hate it!

I have done a little online shopping too, and ordered this gorgeous handmade glasses case from the wonderful The Sew Happy Shop for my mum to pop in her Christmas stocking.

She is forever losing her glasses and case, and she loves red, so this is perfect for her, its so pretty she wont be losing it in a hurry! I'd love one for myself, but I don't wear glasses, and I have to keep my sunnies in the car for when I'm driving and I wouldn't want to keep it stuck in the car!!

A lovely big red button fastening and some stunning Cath Kidston fabrics, some of my favourites, and I know my mum will love it too.

Its also lined in this gorgeous red floral fabric, and is a lovely gift.

Thank you Caroline for the special order :) X