Saturday, 16 January 2010

Aims for 2010

Before I start my list I must point out that this is only a crafty/organisational list!
I have really enjoyed reading peoples aims and inspirations for the new year. I myself am a huge fan of those lists and any kind of list infact, and although I do hate to do a blog post without new photos I thought I'd do my very own crafty aims for 2010 list in the hope that some of them might actually come to fruition!

Crafty Aims For 2010

1. Purchase a rotary cutter and cutting mat so I can be as FAB as this lady.
2. Make a large squared quilt for my room using all my favourite fabrics :)
(like last years one below but bigger and better!)

3. Make red patchwork cushions for my mum - possibly for birthday?
4. Make a Union Jack cushion for the BFs flat.
5. Experiment with different things that are in my new craft books.

6. Customise more of my clothes/accessories with handmade things
(like my gorgeous brooch from Lesley).

7. Take part in more swaps - I haven't joined in lately and am missing it.
8. Do another bloggy giveaway (hopefully soon!)
9. Keep going with 'Roses and Gingham' - "This time next year Rodney..."

10. Hand make more gifts and presents :)
11. Try hexagon patch working and start small!
12. Make do and mend

13. Craft more and be more experimental.
14. See what else handmade the BF will let me smuggle into his flat :)
15. Keep blogging!


  1. Sound like good aims to me Gem!

    Forgot to say yesterday - I can't get on with the 'improved' blogger. My photos end up all wonky and all over the place if I try using it, so stick to dragging up and down as needed.

  2. I love lists too - it's just doing the things on them that I struggle with! I hope to try a Union Jack cushion too, if it looks anything like yours i will be thrilled.xx

  3. I'm definately a list girl!...maybe that's something to do with being a virgo??
    Anyway, lovely aims for 2010 hun!
    Be positive you'll get there...
    I'm going to be giving up work soon to concentrate on Tilly Rose but also I'm hoping to set up some craft classes to add a little extra income.
    Maybe at the end of the year Gemma we'll be raising our glasses to each other to say well done!
    Let's hope so hun!
    Good luck with your projects...
    Hugs Karen x x x

  4. heehee No 9 made me laugh - remember us bloggy friends when your rich and famous Gem !
    ooo the brooch looks lovely on your cardigan! if you need anymore in different colours let me know they dont take long :-)

  5. Lovely list there Gem :)

    I am enjoying my seW DARN CUTe book, very cute it is indeed. Good luck withe quilt, I have found doing a preoper sized one a right you know what to get under my chine, thinking now I should have used a lighter wadding ;)

    Can't wait to see yours, maybe I should crack on with my New Me 2010list, hopefully shall inspire me to get my mojo back :)

  6. Gem I am sure you will achieve all of the things on your list.......

  7. Fabulous goals you've set yourself Gem! I can't wait to see how you get on with them

    Victoria xx

  8. I'm sure you will achieve all these Gem! xx

  9. What a wonderful list to get through!
    Hurry up and get that rotary cutter, you won't know yourself.
    I'm going to treat myself to some measuring thingymagiggy squares on Monday, will be a lot easier than using cardboard templates.

    Beki xxx

  10. love the look of those books - I;m going to have a look out for them at Smiths. I like lists too if only I could stick to them x

  11. Great list, I love lists....maybe 'cos I'm a Virgo!! Hope you achieve everything :)

  12. Hi – Just to let you know I’ve given you a “sunshine award”. Pop by my blog to collect x

  13. Lovely goals! And you are going to love all those projects in 'Sew Darn Cute'. Love your last year's quilt so I am really looking forward to seeing your this year's quilt!!!!!

  14. Happy New Year Gemma! Just to let you know that I have given you a 'Sunshine award' as you are one of my favourite blogs. Just pop along to my blog to collect. Gemma!x

  15. I am loving loving loving that quilt.

  16. Good Luck with your aims for 2010. I have a few of my own perhaps if I made a list like yours I may get some of them done!

    Jo xx

  17. Sounds like a great crafty 2010 plan to me!! Look forward to seeing that quilt, and just think, a rotary cutter makes it all quicker and easier!!
    Look forward to seeing all your projects!

    Happy crafting!

    Sharon xx

  18. Well don't need to add, 'Win more giveaways' to the list, that's for you have won one of mine.
    'Good luck' certainly shines on you in my house,doesn't it ? I believe you won one of my giveaways, once before!!
    P.S. Pls email me your name/address ;-)

  19. Love the list Gemma! I haven't got a rotary cutter either, but I bet it would save loads of time!
    Rachel x

  20. What a great list, all the best to make them come true.

    Louise x


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