Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Notes To Self

I like pretty stationary, I like notebooks, colourful pens, cards and binders.
I like to make notes, draw pictures, come up with those important lists.
Pretty stationary is the key to organisation dontcha know?
So I was chuffed to find two lovely looking notebooks, and a set of note cards the other week for a very good price!

12 notecards with pretty cupcake photographs on them, and envelopes included too. 
Very useful for me as I love to send out nice cards with orders or swaps I take part in.
A nice card and a little note is lovely to keep, and I keep all the pretty cards and notes that I have recieved through blogging and selling online.

How much do you reckon for these?

Two large A4 notebooks with pastel coloured pages inside.
Fab for drawing out ideas for makes, doodling, writing down important measurements for the things I make, and things I want to make.
Any guesses?

How about one little pound each.
Not bad when you see these sorts of things in fancy shops for a whole lot more than that!
Now all I have to do is stop making lists and dooding, and start actually doing and making things!
Not so easy!


  1. They are gorgeous Gem,
    Rachael xx

  2. What a bargain! Are they from the Pound Shop?
    I love that shop, such bargains to be had in there. xxxx

  3. A great bargain. Have found you through the colour swap, lovely items you sent. Everyone has really made an effort with their swaps.


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