Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A Little Bit Lost

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to do a quick post to say sorry I've been a little off the blogging radar these last couple of weeks, both with posting and also leaving and replying to comments.
I am just feeling a little bit lost with my blog, I have not done anything crafty for a couple of weeks and seem to have run out of blogging steam.
Anyway I hope to jump back in soon and get up to speed.
Lots of love
Gem x


  1. hi gemma
    i think sometimes life just gets in the way of crafting and blogging, i know it does in mine, perhaps you little break has done you good and you will be back to your old crafting and blogging self soon!!!
    take care

  2. Life definitely gets in the way of crafting and blogging. I'm so tied up with the kids at the moment that it's difficult to do anything more than housework and a couple of rows of knitting. Definitely not good for the blogging mojo!

  3. Gem that is really weird, I clicked onto your blog especially, as I have been thinking/worrying about you and wondered where you were. I was about to email you and now see you have done an ickle post. Gem I loose it with mine all the time, in fact between you and me, ohhoo yes and everyone else who reads, I feel another wobble coming up. I am really struggling where my blog fits in, in this blogosphere and sometimes think Pah, what AM I doing. Sometimes it is the best thing to have some time out from it, whether it be blogging, crafting the internet persay.

    Hopefully you have had your TO, have come back all refreshed and crafty and we shall all look forward to seeing your pretties and how things are with you.

    Hugs and love

    Me Xx

  4. Hi Gemma.
    Sorry you're feeling that way hunny. I often feel like that...wondering what AM I doing? But then I realise I have found sooo many lovely friends who give me support in the oddest ways at times and go back to the drawing board!

    Sometimes time out is what we all need from life let alone blogging....don't rush hunny. We'll still be here when you return from your little break.
    Big hugs hun
    Karen x x x

  5. Hi Gem, I have certainly missed you, but neither crafting nor blogging are fun if you feel forced to do so. I have posted today about the swap, but parcels do not have to posted until the end of next month so no hurry. Look forward to you feeling back on par, xxx

  6. Great to see you back! I'm still a bit lost too, having had my PC die on me a few weeks ago!
    Don't you worry about it, just take your time & enjoy the sun!!

    Sharon xx

    PS You are welcome to enter my Giveaway.

  7. Hi Gem, I think it must be the time of the year, a lot of people are a bit out of sorts at the moment as I've discovered by opening up a bit.

    Crafting should never feel like a chore, so only do it when you feel like it.

    {{hugs}} Lorraine

  8. Blog at your own speed. I've taken months and months away from it all before and come back refreshed.
    We are here waiting for you but only when you're ready.

    Take care lovely.

  9. I think blogging always takes the back burner at this time of year. We need to make the most of the lighter days and warmer (hopefully) weather!


  10. Hi hun , hope you are ok and i too really struggle with blogging sometimes ! I either have lots to say and no time or nothing to say and lots of time !
    i think sometimes it is good to step away and have a break , looking forward to catching up with you when you are ready to jump back in :)

    Sara x

  11. I take breaks. I think sometimes the internet can take over, and although it helps creativity, it can also hinder. Don't be run by your blog - come to it when you want, and only when you want. Otherwise it becomes a chore, and it should be fun. xxx

  12. Hello Gem, I know exactly how you feel. I have however today crafted for the first time in ages due to the rain and I have posted about your wonderful parcel you sent me as my giveaway win.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  13. Hi Gemma

    Thanks for your kind message on my blog - while I've been away I've still kept up with all your posts - loving the craft classes for the kids - well done you. XXX

  14. Hi Gem, I think we all get a bit like that at times…I think it’s good to have a break.

    I hope to see you soon love Lou xxx

  15. Hi Gem

    Thanks for entering my giveaway! Hope you're feeling a little bit more like yourself, I know I often "disappear" and don't feel like making a thing... but eventually I always start wanting to craft again :)

    Hugs, Mel xxx

  16. Cheers for your comment honey , will have to try the cookies !

    Hope you are ok !

    Sara x


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