Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ribbony Goodness

I just wanted to show you today these gorgeous ribbons and ric rac sent to me by my lovely friend Claire at Patch Fabric and Haberdashery. Claire sent me these as a thank you for a little favour I did and I meant to do a post showing you these goodies a while ago, but as you know I lost my blogging mojo and now that its back I owe Claire a thank you post :). I always like to say a blog thank you whenever anyone sends me anything, be it swaps, gifts or RAKS.  

So as you all should know by now Claire sells some FAB ribbons and fabrics on her site and I got a lovely selection of wide polka dot ones, they are really great colours and very good quality ribbons too!

I am a huuuuge fan of these floral ribbons, they are so pretty and feminine, and will be used for special projects only! So there is a mix of pinky and bluey themed ribbons.

And lastly some lovely ricrac. I do really like ricrac, but would LOVE some ideas from you for what I could use it for, I seem to always reach for ribbon when I need a trimming, so any ideas would be fab thank you!

So a big thank you to Claire for her very kind parcel.

Yesterday I came home and couldn't find Jack anywhere, he is usually on the sofa or hiding under my parents bed, but I found him hidden under my quilt which I had folded back when I got up.

Here he is peeking out and wondering why I am disturbing him!
P.S: More regular kitty pictures - yay or nay?


  1. He looks as though he's thinking clear off and leave me alone Gemma ;-)

    Claire's fabric and accessories are lovely aren't they. x

  2. *sigh* I love claires ribbons, nad tis all I use these days, I love the pretty colours. As for ric rac, I use alittle for edging cushions, prettying up wrist cuffs, edges of fabrics in tote bags etc


  3. More kitty pictures would be lovely! He looks all snuggled up there! :)
    Lovely Ribbons too!

    Jade Xx

  4. With 3 of my own am slightly addicted and can't resist piccies of kitty cats, so yey post away :o) xx

  5. Oooh, yummy ribbon!! Love it! The cat is rather cute too!

  6. Cor they are lovely!

    MORE kitty pic's, so sweet!xxxx

  7. Hi Gemma

    The buttons arrived but the envelope was ripped in the post and sadly only 9 buttons arrived. Amanda x


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