Thursday, 20 May 2010

Rings and Things

Remember this gorgeous pin cushion made for me by the lovely Sew Scrumptious for our colour swap?
Well as I don't have a designated craft room or table, just a crafty cupboard, I thought it was far far too pretty to put in my cupboard, so I put it in my room.  Then I thought I might be able to find a way to make it even more pretty....

I got all my rings out of their various jewellery boxes and things, and arranged them, using the pins, on the top of the pin cushion. This way I can see exactly what I have, and its displayed with the gorgeous teacup too. I have a few handmade rings too, the three swarovski sparkly rings are made by a friend of a friend and I am lucky enough to have three. They are really intricate and are really pretty statement rings.

Clever huh? What do you think? I do love rings, but I tend to find that unless something is out for me to see I forget to put them on, unless its a special occasion, and these are far too nice to save for special!
I hope you don't mind it being used for something different Louise? :)

Looking at them here you can't really see them properly, so I decided to put them on and show you!

This is a double diamond shape in brown beads. They are all completely hand made, sewn together using invisible thread.

Blue square...I love this one, maybe the most of all :)

Purple square...

Oh and while I was sorting I put all my bead bracelets from my dad all together. He bought all of these, some on holiday abroad, from craft stalls and markets etc, but they are all really lovely and each one is unique, and very special to me.

I love the bead-y shiny details, I am such a magpie, but I am not a jewellery snob at all, infact I LOVE cheap jewellery and have far too much. I always go to the accessory department of shops, so much easier than having to try things on and see how they look. Jewellery can pretty up all sorts of outfits too. 

How do you store your rings and things? I'd love to know :)


  1. Fab idea and what a great Dad getting all those lovelies for you.

  2. you have got some lovely pieces there, the cup sets off the rings beautifully :)

  3. Hi Gem (see I can get it correct!)

    I love the way you have displayed the rings and cup/saucer pin cushion - very pretty and sparkly. My rings just currently sit in a tray - your idea is much better.

  4. What a fab idea! Love it. So glad you like the teacup pin cushion although I have to admit I did borrow the idea from someone else! x

  5. Lovely idea gem, really pretty. xx

  6. It looks great and what a fabulous ring collection you have.

    Victoria xx

  7. What beautiful rings, but I am like you - I always forget to put them on - lovely use for the teacup pincushion - Natalie x

  8. What a great idea Gem, love your new header too.

    Love and blessings

  9. Hi Gemma,

    I've never seen a pincushion storage/display for jewelry, and I love your idea. Will be recommending this blog in Twitter/Facebook for sure! Nice stuff :)

    at Rings & Things


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