Saturday, 15 May 2010

Tea Parties and Tea Pots

I think I am 'back'
I feel like I have lots to show and tell, so I hope I am back on track with regards to blogging. I suppose its good sometimes to take a step back from blogging, to assess it. I know that blogging motivates me, keeps me inspired and encourages me to open up and talk - all of which are good things I think.
So I decided that I do indeed want to continue blogging, I do love my blogspace, I love reading everyone else's blogs, seeing what you've all been up to, been making and been buying!

So I'm going to start my little come back by telling you about what I have been doing today and also last Saturday at Emporium. I usually do my Sewing Class on a Thursday, which is still going well and I am really enjoying seeing the girl's skills grow and develop. They now can pretty much guess how we are going to do things in order to make that weeks item.

Anyway, I was asked to do a Craft Party last Saturday morning, and after emailing with both birthday girl and mum they decided on making tote bags decorated to the theme of Alice in Wonderland.
So after cutting out 20 rectangles of fabric for the bags I started on some tea pots that would be appliqued onto the front of the bags. 

I really love how they turned out, and remembered I had some cupcake fabric left over from a weekly project at Emporium and thought they would be perfect to decorate and applique on too.

So 10 little totes were made and decorated with cupcakes and tea pots. Brilliantly the girls all came in fancy dress and the birthday girl was Alice. In their goodie bags amongst sweeties and other goodies were some little envelopes I had made up as Mini Sewing Projects for them to do at home. The kit contained everything needed to make a flower brooch. I decorated the envelopes with little Cath Kidston stickers as I had been told that the birthday girl loved CK.

Cute huh?

So that was last week, and today I had another party, 12 seven year olds who made pretty flower brooches. I really enjoy mass cutting out sessions - sometimes I enjoy the cutting more than the sewing of things - I know I am odd! But these felt flower shapes looked so pretty all lined up so I thought I'd snap them for my blog.

Along with the felt were large fabric flower shapes and small fabric flower shapes in a mix of funky fabrics and colours. I am also really pleased to see that my stash is being used and loved rather than just siting in my cupboard.

Todays take home sewing kits were a little more organised, in that I had time to type out labels and a little list of instructions for them. I used these airmail envelopes this time, much more cheerful than brown don't you think? I do need to get some plastic sleeves for the future so that the kids can see what is in their kit without opening it, and also stuffing doesn't fit so well into envelopes!

The take home project was little birdy hanging decorations made from felt, so the kit included two bird shapes, a button, thread, needle, ribbon and stuffing. 

And hopefully the instructions make some sense and some of them will have been made!

Now considering I haven't blogged for over 2 weeks I think I did pretty well waffling in this post. I am not usually a big typer, I am more a photo person, but I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings!


  1. hi gemma, nice to see you're back on form, what a lovely post, i'm really looking forward to our fabric swap at the end of the month just let me know when you are ready to post, take care tracy

  2. Hi Gem, Love the idea of the little sewing kits for the girls, what a great idea. Nice to have you back. xx Pixie xx

  3. Hey welcome back! Know what you mean about a break, I went nearly a month without posting! Always seems to be this time of year for me, all these daylight hours make me want to be outside :o) xx

  4. Lovely you're back! You were missed!

  5. Glad to see you back!
    Jille x

  6. Good to see you back :)

    Both parties sound lovely - what lucky little girls :)

  7. welcome back - missed you.
    I agree parties look in touch soon xxxx

  8. Yay - you're back! I gave my daughter a craft party a couple of years ago, didn't think of those fab kits for the party bags though...xx

  9. Great to have you back, Gem, I actually sneaked in here while you were having a break here a few times to see if any news ;)

    I love the idea of having a craft party for birthday! We definitely haven´t got that in here, what a brilliant idea! And your kits are just adorable.

    I am having a little giweaway at my blog so welcome!


  10. I'm really happy you're back, because I love reading your blog!
    I wish I had been to one of the craft parties, they sound like so much fun!

  11. Hi Gem, glad your back.
    Absolutly love your sewing parties & the mini sewing kits what a wonderful idea. I wish that sort of thing had been around when I was little.
    Luv Sophie xxx


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