Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Rosy Posy

This is just a quick, and rather pointless post today, as I took some photos of my earrings, for no other reason than they are pretty, so I thought I'd share!

For my cheap-but-pretty earrings I keep them in this sweet little Cath Kidston mint tin. The tin itself is lovely, although the size of it means that you can't really keep much in it! So I keep some of my favourites in here, so that they are in easy reach when I want to change them.

Now the earrings in here are mostly flowers (especially roses), bows and button style ones, including a few pairs I have bought from various Folksy sellers. So below are lots and lots of little metal rose studs in pinks, blues and peach colours. The rose with bows were bought to wear to my parents wedding.

Then I have two sets of hanging roses in a jade green and creamy colour. I have two holes in my ears so I like to wear one long dangly one and one stud in each ear. I also have some very special rose earrings bought when I went on holiday to Sardinia a few years ago, which is where I first saw that style of earring and have loved them ever since.

I am lucky that I can wear any kind of metal without an irritation, so I really love to buy cheap and cheerful earrings. I always worry with expensive jewellery that I am going to lose it, so at least I don't worry with the cheaper stuff!

Random photo at the end again, but I just wanted to blog a photo of my chocolate marble cake made by myself at the weekend. These are my favourite type of cakes to make - the ones that require no icing! And my cakes in loaf tins always seem to rise perfectly, unlike my cakes made in cake tins!

Mmm half of its gone already ;) X


  1. It looks like you have a lovely selection of earrings there. I was sorting out all my jewellery at the weekend,

    Victoria xx

  2. Such a pretty tin and I love those hanging roses earrings!

  3. such a pretty selection of jewellery,i cant wear anything but gold earrings!!big disappointment!
    that cake looks gorgeous.


  4. Loving the earrings gem. I want to get my mits on some lovely rosey ones. I can only wear silver and gold, but if I only have them in for a few hours for an afternoon out It's not too bad. I have the same CK tin, its so cute. Tea no sugar with my cake please. ps I have a giveaway on blog if you fancied entering. xxx

  5. Gorgeous earrings!!! Lots too!!! Love that cake!!!

  6. Very pretty earrings. As for the cake, yummy, it's been ages since I've had a chocolate marble cake...might have to remedy that!

  7. Your rose earrings are lovely, they would go very nicely with a couple of chunky rose rings I have. The marble cake looks scrummy, I think I might make some cakes this morning before it gets too hot.
    Ann x

  8. Dear Gem,

    You were a lucky winner at my blog´s giveaway! Please pop in to see your prize :)


  9. I love the rose dangly ones, they remind of Lola Rose designs which I love but can't afford. xx


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