Friday, 12 November 2010

Its Been A While!

Hi, remember me?
I used to blog here, then I had some severe camera problems and that put an end to my blogging for a while. But happily I have tip-toed back into my blog, hopefully getting things back up to speed!
So, I'll be starting a little slowly, trying to remember how to blog! 

So the 52MMMC, blogging about that fell by the wayside, but I did actually keep it up in one way or another, so here we have 
Week 7 - Plum Butter Tarts and Homemade Blackberry and Apple Jam Tarts

I would say about half of my 'makes' have been food based, and the other half craft based, although I'm not quite sure what other options I had - thats all I'm good at!!

Week 8 - Homemade Apple Tart.
a la Nigella Lawson, this is from her Nigella Express cookbook, only it should be a rectangle shape!
It was lovely, despite its messy appearance!


So theres my comeback - hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things and I have lots to show, lots of crafty orders, Christmas ideas, thrifty finds and more.
See you soon


  1. Welcome back!

    I'm having camera problems too so it's making blogging difficult as I'm relying on my blackberry camera which isn't great!

    Victoria xx

  2. Welcome back! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your Christmas ideas - I need some inspiration! x x

  3. Welcome back! Had wondered where you had got to

  4. Ooh - that's spooky! I was looking through my blog list and only just thought we hadn't heard from you for a while and... here you are. Great to have you back.xx

  5. Hey! Nice to see you back too xxx


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