Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Notes To Self

I like pretty stationary, I like notebooks, colourful pens, cards and binders.
I like to make notes, draw pictures, come up with those important lists.
Pretty stationary is the key to organisation dontcha know?
So I was chuffed to find two lovely looking notebooks, and a set of note cards the other week for a very good price!

12 notecards with pretty cupcake photographs on them, and envelopes included too. 
Very useful for me as I love to send out nice cards with orders or swaps I take part in.
A nice card and a little note is lovely to keep, and I keep all the pretty cards and notes that I have recieved through blogging and selling online.

How much do you reckon for these?

Two large A4 notebooks with pastel coloured pages inside.
Fab for drawing out ideas for makes, doodling, writing down important measurements for the things I make, and things I want to make.
Any guesses?

How about one little pound each.
Not bad when you see these sorts of things in fancy shops for a whole lot more than that!
Now all I have to do is stop making lists and dooding, and start actually doing and making things!
Not so easy!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

And The Winner Is...

Hello to all my lovely readers and new followers!
Today I am announcing the winner of this pile of goodies below:

There were 39 comments on that post, some from lovely new people which led me to some wonderful new blogs! I do love this blogging lark!!
So two of the comments don't count - one from Claire and one of the two comments from Mary Poppins
I used the random number generator and it picked a number from 1 - 37
and it picked 

And that means the winner of my bag full giveaway is:
Sophie from Chez Sophie!
Congratulations Sophie - please could you email me your address and details. 
A big thank you to all that entered :)
and to those of you who wanted a hexgon brooch they are still for sale in my Folksy shop (£) or in my new Etsy shop ($) if you'd like one for yourself! 

Friday, 26 March 2010

Patch Fabrics and Haberdashery

Hi all, just a quick post today as I would like to point you all in the direction of a fantastic new online shop 'Patch Fabrics and Haberdashery'
This shop is owned and run by the lovely Claire from Dollydollop who is one of my very best online friends :) and it is officially open today selling these lovely goodies below:

colourful cords and tape

gorgeous ginghams, polka dots and floral ribbons (and more!)

lush velvet and cotton ricrac

and arriving in may is all this fabric loveliness too :)

So please do go have a little browse and you can let Claire know what you think via her new Patch Blog, so if you haven't already please do go say hello! (tell her I sent you! hehe!) 
Oh and this is the logo I designed for Claire, my most fabbest 'client'!

P.S my giveaway is still open, so please enter here if you haven't already! 

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bag Full Giveaway

Anybody fancy a giveaway?
How about a little bag-full of giveaway?
Sound good?

For no particular reason at all I have decided to do a little giveaway for all my lovely blog readers. I have put together a mixed bag giveaway and this is what you could win:

a handmade blue gingham mini tote bag
a pair of pink handmade hair clips
a red gingham tea towel
a length of pretty green and white lace
colourful buttons and mini pom poms
two handmade bunting cards with envelopes
a handmade purple hexagon brooch
a vintage fabric lavender scented pillow
some pretty rose print napkins
a handmade rose print heart with lavender

Here are some close ups:
mini pom poms and buttons - perfect for crafting!

Cute pink yo-yo hair clips 

Purple hexagon brooch with a pretty button center

Vintage fabric scented lavender pillow to keep your draw smelling sweet!

A length of lovely lace

And a little tote bag

So there we go, to be added to the draw all you need to do is leave a comment on this post
and make sure you are a follower  by clicking on the followers widget on the right hand side!

The winner will be announced next Tuesday!
Good Luck!

Edit: I forgot to say the giveaway is open to all, I will post anywhere, and please make sure I have a way of contacting you, so if you don't have a blog please leave an email address XX

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Finding Myself on Folksy

Last week I was chuffed to get my first sale on Folksy, I sold one of my button patch brooches, and realised after that I only had three brooches left for sale in my shops! So I thought I'd make some more hexagon brooches as I really enjoyed making them, although they are fiddly they are perfect for doing while watching tv!

So I made more, eight different colours = 56 little hand-stitched hexagons!

Theres blue...

Cute red floral....

Cute cupcake pink...

And a few more colours too....

Sorry for the blatant plugging, but I would love to boost my Folksy shop with some more sales, so if you'd like to own a cute little hexagon brooch they can be found here :) X


Friday, 19 March 2010

Buttons, Boxes and Birthdays

I forgot to show you these gorgeous heart and star shaped buttons I ordered from ebay recently, I thought I needed some brighter bolder buttons for my collection, and these were perfect! Although they took about 2 weeks to arrive from Hong Kong!

I put them in my Cath Kidston red paisley button tin, which will be used for 'best buttons' only ;)

Pretty aren't they?

Well thats the buttons out of the way, now onto the boxes and birthdays, which actually are the same thing...last week it was Emporium's first birthday and I was asked to make a big birthday cake out of cardboard boxes to display in the window. I headed off to get my supplies, three tiers = three fabrics so I picked a red polka dot, mini heart confetti print, and red and white heart print fabric with some thick creamy yellow ribbon to decorate.

I covered the boxes in white paper and then fabric and decorated with ribbon, and made some little dollops of cream/icing made from felt and a red button for the cherry. I used this brilliant tutorial to make them, and used them to decorate the top layer of the cake.

I added some strings of lace and ribbon around the edges, and made a candle out of cardboard and paper.

This is the finished 'cake' in the window, obviously its just meant to represent a cake and not actually look realistic, but it fits in with the fun and colourful shop window display.


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Good Homes Magazine

I had a little surprise the other day when I bought Good Homes April 2010 issue, I stood in WHSmiths and had a little flick through (as you do).....

And I spotted these handmade vintage fabric letters below in the contents page...

Now I happen to know the lovely lady who makes and sells these as they are sold in Emporium, and are used in the window display too. As I continued to read the contents page I spotted a familiar name too... the lovely woman Lucinda who runs the shop has her home featured in the magazine!

So yes, the magazine (obviously!) came home with me where I spent a lovely afternoon reading through and enjoying the fab photos. I thought I would ask Lucinda if it was ok to blog about it and luckily for you lot she said yes! So here are some of the photos from the article, hopefully you should be able to click them to enlarge and see even more!

Interesting art on the walls and fab spotty sofa...

Dresser full of cute and quirky bits and bobs...

and a gorgeous kitchen too...

There was more, but I know how much you ladies love magazines so I don't want to spoil it for those of you who buy it! But if you want to see another page from the magazine about Lucindas influences and style you can read more about it in PDF format here. :) X

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Hexagon Brooches

When I made my hexagon cushion a while back I really enjoyed the process of cutting and choosing the pieces of fabric for each little hexagon. However my fingers didn't thank me for all the tiny stitches involved in joining it all together. I thought that might be the end of my hexagon experiments until I saw this photo on Flickr. Seriously you NEED to click on that link to see the beauty!!
I realised hexagons don't have to be big, they don't have to be just for a quilt or cushion or something that makes your fingers bleed...they can be small, and cute and little and most importantly: easy on the fingers!
So I played around with some little hexagons and it seemed obvious that they should become little hexagon flower shape brooches. 

Flower shaped brooches that I could use my new buttons for...

That could use up even the smallest little scraps to brighten up a jacket or a bag.

Loving my new buttons.

The purple one above was the prototype made with left over scraps from the BFs quilt, and is slightly bigger than the other three.

These have gone off to live in Emporium but I shall hopefully be making some more for my blogshop/Folksy shop soon.

Hopefully I should be posting with more regularity now, the last couple of weeks have been busy full of Wedding things for my mum and dad - pics to follow soon X

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bold Bunting

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post with some brilliant ideas for me, its always really helpful to get someone elses opinion on it, especially those of you with children so thank you.
I promised to show you the bunting I was making last week for Emporium to sell. I thought I'd make them in different sets of colours to appeal hopefully to both boys and girls!

Firstly some blue/turquoise bunting with retro flowers, tiny ditzy floral and cute cupcake fabric suitable for a birthday party I thought! I loved putting together the different combinations of fabric and choosing the binding for it.

Then I went for reds with a mix of floral, damask and polka dot fabric with some matching red binding. 
I have really loved pulling out all my fabrics and mixing and matching materials to make these.

The lovely pink and red damask fabric was part of my giveaway win from Sal's Snippets
Sal sells a fantastic range of vintage fabric on her blogshop here so please do go visit!

Blue for the boys 
A mix of blue gingham, dark blue polka dot and blue stars and stripes fabric. 
I used some bright turqouise binding for this one which gives it a bit of a contrast.

It was at this point when I realised I had not added any of my Roses and Gingham labels to any of the bunting I had made. Oops! So I hastily added one to the binding by folding it in half which I think looks better than my original idea - to sew it to the flag itself!

I am really liking these blues, maybe because I usually work with so much pink!

Little label....

Lastly some very girly pink bunting made with polka dot, floral and a stripey sweetie print fabric by Globaltex. 

I really like this one, I think I should really make some for myself don't you?

These have all gone off to Emporium to find new homes.

But if any of my lovely readers would like some handmade bunting made to your own colour/fabric choice then feel free to leave me a comment and let me know! They are £7.50 plus £1.50 p+p.

Happy Crafting! X