Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A Little Bit Lost

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to do a quick post to say sorry I've been a little off the blogging radar these last couple of weeks, both with posting and also leaving and replying to comments.
I am just feeling a little bit lost with my blog, I have not done anything crafty for a couple of weeks and seem to have run out of blogging steam.
Anyway I hope to jump back in soon and get up to speed.
Lots of love
Gem x

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Emporium Name Hangers

I thought I'd show you what we've been up to at Emporium lately.
Well for starters I now have my own page on the website! 
So hello to anyone who has found me via Emporium!
Also, we have been getting to grips with applique in the sewing classes. I thought it would be nice to do something personalised so I made some templates and got cutting. It made sense to cut out all the names before the lesson, to minimize time wasted in the hour that we have.

Each letter was cut out in a different fabric and popped into an envelope for each child. I actually really enjoyed this part - it was quite therapeutic!

So in one lesson we pinned and sewed the names onto fabric rectangles to make name signs for their rooms. Most of the work was done on the machine, except for some tricky letters, Os, Rs and Bs!

By the end of the lesson all the names were sewn on, and some were even decorated further with little flowers and buttons too. I bring a box of buttons, beads, ribbons and pre-cut fabric flowers and shapes to the class with me for the children to customize their makes with.

You can see some of the brilliant stitching and flower-button combinations here. They are really progressing with their machining skills and I am a happy teacher!

Layered flowers and zig zag circles for decoration. This one in particular was very pretty indeed.

In the second class we used interfacing and backed the name plates and attached some pretty ribbon so that they could take them home and hang them on their doors! Once the front, back and interfacing had been joined we cut the edges with pinking shears too.

And had a little photoshoot!

I think this was a good project for boys and girls, and they really enjoyed making something unique for themselves too. 

A very nice creative use of some fabric hearts below....all their own work!

After Easter I will be continuing the classes so I'll try to keep the blog updated on what were making!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fabric Roses

The other day while catching up on all the wonderful blogs on my blog list, I was inspired by Sadie at  Cotton Rose and her gorgeous white rose bib necklace.
I had a little go using the tutorial here and started off with one little pink rose. I added some pearly beads from an old bracelet and a couple of felt leaves to the edge and added a brooch back.

I think it works quite well as a brooch, but might look even better if it was bigger!

Next I tried a slightly larger and more pastel coloured one and added some pearl beads, I thought buttons looked wrong when I tried them, so I stuck to the pearls as they give it a really pretty natural look.

Its very pretty and girly, and would probably look fab on a hair slide too.

But I turned it into a brooch and I think I like it!

Then I went a little ragged rose crazy and made a whole load of them, which I turned into a bib necklace, using felt to back it onto. I decorated them all with little beads and crystals - all from old or broken jewellery and added a couple of deep pink ribbon rosettes from Patch Fabrics and Haberdashery to fill in the gaps.

I love the way the roses are ragged around the edges because you rip the fabric rather than cutting it so you get lots of lovely threads and texture.

I added some gorgeous pale pink polka dot ribbon (also from Patch) to use to tie the necklace.

Trimmed around the edges a little....

And tried it on for size.

I'm not sure if its too big for me, or if it just need to be put with a really simple outfit. 
I'd love some feedback!
Am I brave enough to wear it?
Well not just yet, but come summer I think so!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Ribbony Brooches

Have I mentioned before how much I like making brooches?
They are my 'thing' when I don't know what to do - I make brooches.
When I can't find my crafting mojo - I make brooches.
When I'm bored I doodle new brooch ideas.
Take a look in my shop, its full of them!
I am a BROOCH - A - HOLIC.
And proud of it too!

I made this ribbon brooch last week when I was trying to use up all those pesky little tiny pieces of ribbon that I can't seem to throw away. I used some little pink and lilac pieces and added some matching buttons too. I think it shows off the ribbons nicely, and I am loving the buttons too.

I didn't stop there though, I grabbed some teal coloured felt and my box of fabric scraps and made this mix n match heart brooch, which is a bit of a step forward from the button patch brooches I have previously made.

As this one is a prototype I may keep it for myself!

In my favourite pinks and blues too.

Well after my huuuuge Patch order I thought I'd better start using those ribbons!

So I tried a purple version of the first brooch using the gorgeous polka dot ribbons in pink and purples, mixed with a couple of plain pink and lilac pieces too.

I really love the way this one has turned out, and think the patch ribbons look fab. The colours are gorgeous, and they are really lovely quality too.

So I'd like to know please, which design you prefer 

Round Rosette
Mix n Match Heart

They may be the start of my new Spring/Summer Roses and Gingham 'collection'

Monday, 5 April 2010

Patch Ribbons

Following the opening of Patch Fabrics and Haberdashery I swiftly placed a little order for some very pretty ribbons with Claire
Impressively my order arrived the very next morning, beautifully wrapped and presented too.

I love how the logo looks on this little sticker, a very nice touch!

So this was my order: some polka dot ribbons, blue ricrac and some pink ribbon rosettes.

I LOVE these rosettes, I think they are so different to anything else I've seen online before and are so pretty too.

I am a fan of polka dots :)

But then I realised, obviously I hadn't ordered enough, and that I clearly needed more colours and styles to add to my stash. So I erm....placed another order!

Red and blue polka dots and some gingham this time too....
And rather lovely it all looks together don't you think? (yes I think it needs some green too actually!)

So I have been happily arranging my ribbons and trying them out on some new ideas which I will be showing you very soon!

Thank you Claire for fab customer service, and even fabber ribbons!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Colour Swap Sent!

Today is part two of the colour swap, the blue goodies I sent to Louise @ Sew Scrumptious!
First up a little gingham needle book appliqued with a cute boat.

With some little buttons for portholes!

And of course some needles and matching pins too inside.

A pretty set of coasters which I was very proud to find thrifting - I never find anything good!!

Louise and I both sent each other a notebook, although I bought this blue polka dot one, and Louise very cleverly covered mine with pretty fabric!

A little pack of blue coloured buttons - you can never have too many buttons!

And we both sent bunting! Great minds eh?! 
I made this with blue gingham and a cute retro floral print.

And lastly a handmade bag made from a pale blue gingham lined with pretty floral material.

Blue goodies

All wrapped up in blue tissue paper and then in pretty polka dot wrapping paper!

Thank you to Dollydollop for organising the swap!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Colour Swap Received

Yesterday my fabulous colour swap (organised by Claire at Dollydollop) arrived, and I was lucky enough to be paired with Louise at Sew Scrumptious!
I had chosen to receive the colour pink, and I sent blue to Louise.
These are my goodies all wrapped up in pretty paper:

The first thing I opened was this gorgeous pink fabric covered notebook, in my favourite Darla fabric too. Its so well made and will be perfect for storing my crafty ideas!

Next was a little packet of cute flower pegs, I had spotted these in John Lewis and thought they were lovely...they are already pegged onto our Easter tree as extra decorations!

A fab pink polka dot luggage label, perfect for when I go away :)

Some pretty and pink Gisela Graham ribbon. This will be saved for special crafty projects only!

A sweet little wooden garland in lovely springy colours, perfect for Easter!

Another Gisela Graham pretty, a lovely pink and green floral wash bag. I am always admiring Gisela Graham goodies on blogs but I don't actually have anywhere near me that stocks it so I am sooo lucky to have received these!

A cute little handmade purse in this birdy print fabric and lined with pink polka dots..

With all these fab sewing goodies inside, needles, threads, pins. Perfect for when I take my little sewing projects to the BFs or just for keeping things handy when sewing on the sofa!

I think this next one may possibly be my favourite. A vintage tea cup and saucer pin cushion. The cup is glued to the saucer which means I can keep threads and buttons etc on the saucer while using the pin cushion at the top. Louise is so clever to have made this, I wouldn't have a clue how she did it, but its gorgeous and will get plenty of use!

Matching pins too - lots of attention to detail!

And lastly, some very pretty and very special pink mini bunting.  The fabric on the flags are lovely, and in between each flag is a little button for decoration.

Some of my favourite patterns... paisley and polka dot!

I have hung it up by my bed for now, but I can see this looking pretty just about anywhere!

So I think I did pretty well with my swap, Louise has picked and made things that are exactly the sort of things I would pick for myself, so thank you Louise for a lovely swap!

Tomorrow I'll show you the goodies I made for Louise