Sunday, 30 May 2010

Floral Cushions For Emporium

Although my craft mojo is a little hit and miss at the moment, I managed to find the time to make some new cushions in vintage fabrics for Emporium. I was given two different floral fabrics to play with, one with traditional pinky flowers and green leaves.

Which turned into three cushions. Each using some vintage buttons to do up the back envelope.

I love working with these gorgeous florals, they are perfect for cushions as they show off the print to its best. I added one of my Roses and Gingham labels to the back, and am really pleased with them.

These are the vintage buttons I picked up the other week especially with this project in mind.

With this one I actually didn't have quite enough floral fabric for the front of the cushion, so I added a strip of deep red gingham to one side and decorated it with some lovely cream ric-rac from Patch. I am pleased to have used some of the ric-rac, as I was stuck for ideas for what to use it for.

Anyway, I am pleased that I managed to get an extra cushion out of the fabric, and I hope they go down well at the shop too.

Vintage floral and gingham cushion cover with cream ric-rac detailing.

The other fabric I was given to use was this lovely muted creamy floral print, with beige roses on a cream linen background. I think its an old Laura Ashley print and is gorgeous to work with.

I added some vintage cream buttons to the back to close the cushion cover.

Hopefully this craftiness should give my craft mojo a bit of a boost, and I have infact been making some fabric hexagons with the aim of making a quilt, but we shall see how far I get with that!! I still want to give the crochet another go, but have become a little disheartened with it as I can't clearly understand the confusing crochet lingo!!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

What a Hoot!

The week before last at Emporium I actually managed to remember to bring my camera to snap some photos of what the girls were making that week, and as you can probably guess by the title, they were making cute and quirky owl softies. I got the girls to take some photos themselves of their newest makes, and I have a feeling that they particularly enjoyed this project as they were ever so proud with their little handmade and hand-stitched baby owls.

The above photo is so sweet and shows of the incredibly neat stitching that these girls have, the nose and eyes are so well stitched on, and buttons have become a doddle! I like the way this particular owl has miss-matched button eyes, but still matches the stripey fabric perfectly!

Then some of the owls got lined up on the shelf in the craft area, these floral ones are really nicely done, my fave is the purple retro print owl at the end, and the blue one in the center was my own owl made to show the girls how it would look when it was finished.

Of course the next week when we made little bunnies I completely forgot to bring back my camera, I am rather useless at this, I really need to start getting used to taking my camera with me when I am out, and when I do my class as I love having a record of what has been made, and I think these owls are a fab project for little people as they are not overly fussy or complicated. I have previously blogged about where I found the owl pattern, and a couple of others which can be found here.
Happy Crafting! X

Friday, 28 May 2010

I'm A Baker - I Bake Things!

Hello there, thanks for stopping by! 
Have I ever mentioned that I am a chocoholic? That I love love love chocolate? That I admit I only eat my dinner so that I can have desert, and that desert will almost always be some sort of chocolate goodness. Mmmm chocolate cakes, cookies, brownies yum yum yum.
Yes thats me, one hell of a chocoholic!

And at home I have put myself forward as the food shopper and meal planner person. I am quite sad in that I really enjoy going to the supermarket (maybe I suspect that might change when I have kids!) but I love checking through the cupboard, thinking of ideas and meals, writing a list then wandering around the supermarket ticking things off as I go. Some of my favourite blogs are ones where meals and menus are involved, and at the moment I am especially enjoying Sara's journey/challenge on her brilliant blog. Another blog I always read is Attic24, not much of a surprise, but I particularly LOVE the recipes, the baking, the cookies and cakes. Mmm I have them all listed in my pink recipe book. 

And as I am in charge of the shopping at the moment I have not bought a single pack of biscuits after trying this brilliant Attic24 recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have made several batches of these and they are so quick and easy to make, and taste delicious.
Simple ingredients and simple method.........

So I made another batch the other evening, I don't know why but I like to bake around 6pm, sometimes later. My first few batches of these were made to the exact recipe, then with this batch I thought "why not make them even more chocolatey?" so I added about a teaspoon of cocoa powder to the mixture, and set them out on the baking tray ready to cook.

10 minutes later and I think it was a smart move by myself! This is my favourite part of baking, lining things up on the wire rack to cool, waiting with anticipation to see if they worked or if they were a disaster (by the way :: adding more golden syrup than the recipe suggests is in fact a recipe for disaster, trust me!)

I line them up neatly in a red tin, everything is red in this kitchen - to see more you can read this (old) post. I am never the first to try one, I think I enjoy seeing them lined up too much to spoil it!

But later on I do give in and test one (or two) and am very pleased indeed.
I decide that there will be no more packs of biscuits on the shopping list and that these cookies are what we will be having with our cuppa instead. Much tastier and infact cheaper in the long run than shop bought cookies in my opinion. Even if you are not a big biscuit person I guarantee you will love these.

Oh, and later on I decided that I must bake some chocolate fairy cakes, just for good measure. I make 24 little cakes, from my own fail safe recipe, and top them with melted chocolate. Baking is certainly my new thing and I am itching to try out more recipes, more cookies and more cakes.

Anyone for a cuppa and a cake?

Thursday, 27 May 2010

One of Those Perfect Weekends

I loved last weekend, the weather was absolutely beautiful, as you know, in London it was pretty hot!
The BF and I took a trip to Marlow on Saturday for a relaxing day by the Thames. I'd never been to Marlow before, but a quick google map search and off we went. The sun was out and there was not a single cloud in the sky. 

We walked through the high street and stopped to grab some lunch to take down to the river to eat in the sunshine. We sat by the river on the grass, we ate, we enjoyed the gorgeous view, watching the boats go past and getting ourselves a much needed bit of colour to the cheeks!

We watched the swans, the waves, the sunlight bouncing off them.

We admired the gorgeous houses along the river side, picking our favourites...

Then we took a walk along the river, it was an easy walk, not too busy, perfect mix of sunlit and shady spots along the way, we walked over bridges, past fields...

We found secret gates to secret gardens, we watched dogs bounding off, jumping in the river...

I admired the blossom along the way, stopping to switch to macro mode to snap these flowers.

Not a single cloud, throughout the whole day

We stopped, sat for a while along a little bank and paddled - well I did!
We walked back, got our second ice cream of the day and headed back :)
That was my Saturday, best day of the year, so simple yet so wonderful.

Sunday we continued our waterside walk, but in Islington, we took a walk along the canal path..

Another park by the waterside, we sit and have another ice cream, we know we should make the most of this ice cream weather before it changes, as it always does. Just him and me, sitting, watching the water.

The boats are gorgeous blues, matching the clear blue sky again.

I love being by the water, its rare in London to find such nice spots that aren't too crowded, too spoilt. But we sit here and enjoy the sun and watch the boats go by.

We decide we should do things like this more often, simple, but completely what we needed.
Just him and me X

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Little Things

They say its the little things that count, the little details. Things that catch your eye, brighten up your day, put a smile on your face :: these are some of those things 

My new - well not new new, but newest OPI nail varnish coincidentally matching almost the exact perfectly peachy colour of my handmade ring, and sitting happily on the side ready for me to use and wear them both.

My absolute bargain (fake) gold ribbon bow necklace from George @ Asda, it was 50% off in the sale so it cost me £1.75 :) not bad for something so cute. I am loving wearing this at the moment with a pretty summer top and leggings/jeans. I think Asda's jewellery is fab, far better than the stuff at Tesco or Sainsburys in my opinion. But yes I am one of those people who loooooove browsing the non food aisle of the supermarket! Those huge hypermarkets are dangerously time consuming!

Seeing my current favourite jewellery hanging in my room, I tend to hang something here if I wear it often, I like having things like this on display, so I can grab it in a hurry. I do this with some of my longer necklaces that tend to get tangled up if they are in a box.

Sorting my make up. I am big on make up, I like to experiment, although I don't tend to buy a lot of new things regularly I did buy a nice pink blush and summer bronzer from Tesco the other day (see what I mean about the other aisles!?) which I really do need as I am rather pale even though I have quite dark hair and eyes. I really hate looking pale so I like to use bronzer to help!! You can see my new bits here with some of my other staples :: mascara and lip balm.

P.S the gorgeous rosey make up bag was a bargainous £1 from Primark, I got two actually, I bought one myself, and another one was bought for me for Christmas.

Cute pastel nail varnishes lined up in a row, I treated myself to these 17 ones from Boots after finally achieving my nail growing goal, these are really pretty, especially for summer.

In the kitchen brightening up the cupboards are some colourful mugs, two of which were lovely gifts. The prettier the mug the better the tea tastes :)

Mmmm and a yummy lunch of boiled eggs and soldiers. I must admit I am not much of a lunch person, I am weird - I don't like sandwiches, I am fussy about my bread. I tend to munch on crackers or shock horror - rice cakes instead as I don't care much for a sandwich. But we had some eggs and I fancied some soldiers :)


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Rings and Things

Remember this gorgeous pin cushion made for me by the lovely Sew Scrumptious for our colour swap?
Well as I don't have a designated craft room or table, just a crafty cupboard, I thought it was far far too pretty to put in my cupboard, so I put it in my room.  Then I thought I might be able to find a way to make it even more pretty....

I got all my rings out of their various jewellery boxes and things, and arranged them, using the pins, on the top of the pin cushion. This way I can see exactly what I have, and its displayed with the gorgeous teacup too. I have a few handmade rings too, the three swarovski sparkly rings are made by a friend of a friend and I am lucky enough to have three. They are really intricate and are really pretty statement rings.

Clever huh? What do you think? I do love rings, but I tend to find that unless something is out for me to see I forget to put them on, unless its a special occasion, and these are far too nice to save for special!
I hope you don't mind it being used for something different Louise? :)

Looking at them here you can't really see them properly, so I decided to put them on and show you!

This is a double diamond shape in brown beads. They are all completely hand made, sewn together using invisible thread.

Blue square...I love this one, maybe the most of all :)

Purple square...

Oh and while I was sorting I put all my bead bracelets from my dad all together. He bought all of these, some on holiday abroad, from craft stalls and markets etc, but they are all really lovely and each one is unique, and very special to me.

I love the bead-y shiny details, I am such a magpie, but I am not a jewellery snob at all, infact I LOVE cheap jewellery and have far too much. I always go to the accessory department of shops, so much easier than having to try things on and see how they look. Jewellery can pretty up all sorts of outfits too. 

How do you store your rings and things? I'd love to know :)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ribbony Goodness

I just wanted to show you today these gorgeous ribbons and ric rac sent to me by my lovely friend Claire at Patch Fabric and Haberdashery. Claire sent me these as a thank you for a little favour I did and I meant to do a post showing you these goodies a while ago, but as you know I lost my blogging mojo and now that its back I owe Claire a thank you post :). I always like to say a blog thank you whenever anyone sends me anything, be it swaps, gifts or RAKS.  

So as you all should know by now Claire sells some FAB ribbons and fabrics on her site and I got a lovely selection of wide polka dot ones, they are really great colours and very good quality ribbons too!

I am a huuuuge fan of these floral ribbons, they are so pretty and feminine, and will be used for special projects only! So there is a mix of pinky and bluey themed ribbons.

And lastly some lovely ricrac. I do really like ricrac, but would LOVE some ideas from you for what I could use it for, I seem to always reach for ribbon when I need a trimming, so any ideas would be fab thank you!

So a big thank you to Claire for her very kind parcel.

Yesterday I came home and couldn't find Jack anywhere, he is usually on the sofa or hiding under my parents bed, but I found him hidden under my quilt which I had folded back when I got up.

Here he is peeking out and wondering why I am disturbing him!
P.S: More regular kitty pictures - yay or nay?