Monday, 20 December 2010

Homemade Biscuit and Chocolate Truffles

This Christmas I decided I wanted to make something little to give out to everyone, and found a really fantastic, easy and quick recipe for some cheats truffles.

I can't tell you quite how much fun my sister and I had making these, yes they were messy, but it was completely enjoyable rolling little balls of chocolate into something rather yummy.

We chose three different toppings to give them a bit of variation and make them look oh so professional!

Chocolate strands, crushed Cadbury's flakes and cocoa powder.

These are what I will be giving out to the ladies in the family popped into the pretty teacups I showed earlier in the week. Speaking of pretty teacups - aren't these pretty?

I most definately cannot keep these for myself, they must be used as part of the gift. Well, maybe just one...

They are awfully pretty....but then....

so are these rosey ones....

oh and these sweetpea ones too....

Hmmm its hard work this Christmas lark!
How are you getting on with your Christmas makes? If you are managing to actually give them away then you are doing better than I am at the moment!

Happy Making and Baking!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas Fair Makes

Anyone want to see more crafty makes?
I hope so as I have some to show you :)
I recently took part in my very first craft fair at Emporium Tea Rooms.
They held a lovely Christmas Fair with lots of local makers and artists with mulled wine and yummy mince pies! 
So here are some of the bits and bobs I made...
Starting with my very favourite - this red Darla cushion, which I matched with gingham and some nice cream Patch ribbon.

Something for the boys, using that lovely retro car print fabric. 

Some of my fabric padded hangers, which sold rather well, and the rest will make handy Christmas pressies for some female family members.

Something new for me :: fabric covered notebooks, these are so pretty, I can't believe I've never attempted these before! So much nicer than plain old black books!

I knew there would be some crafters attending so I made up some bags of mixed buttons. These sold well and I have two packets left, (feel free leave a comment if you'd like to buy one, they are £3 a pack of 50)

A couple of little HOME/LOVE frames...

Some festive felt Christmas tree decorations!

Using some bright and beautiful buttons (I do love a button or two!)

Some red felt hearts with lovely pearly white buttons!

Polka dot heart applique cushion which I rather like myself!

Festive red and green brooches...

Hmm maybe these could stay here?

More cushions - I am really enjoying using two co-ordinating fabrics with a ribbon trim between them...

Some floral brooches with a hint of Cath Kidston ;)

Oops another cushion!

Bright and colourful pink brooch using a much loved daisy button

More hints of Cath, I think this one sold, I'd better check as I rather wanted to keep it for my winter coat!

A little stack of pretty notebooks :) and the first one that sold - the pink paisley print from Patch!

Red and blue flower..

Another brooch on some really simple white card stamped with the word brooch.

And a little bit of sparkle!

And here was my table, in a nice cosy corner I got to use the lovely loom chair to display some of my cushions too which was handy!

I LOVED setting it up, even though I was so nervous about doing my first fair, and putting my items out for show for people to look at.

Some cute felt gingerbread men and Christmas puddings were also added to the table (forgot to photograph them beforehand, and now they are all gone!)

So there we have my first ever craft fair :)

Oh and thanks to Sew Scrumptious for the little pink bunting I received from her in a swap, which I used to decorate and pretty up my table (and very definately was NOT for sale!!)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas Custom

You might have noticed that I have been a little bit absent from my blog of late, well now I finally have time to reveal why that was! I received an absolute shed load of orders for my handmade Christmas stockings! The orders started at the beginning of November and continued all the way up til now.

The reason for the influx of orders?
Well I was very kindly featured here on Cool Mum Hunting as one of their Ten Great Christmas Gifts!
This came completely out of the blue to me and was a lovely surprise although it has meant I have been so busy that I've barely had a minute to spare til now. Luckily all of my final orders were posted out on Thursday so fingers crossed their owners have them soon (weather permitting!)

I have worked on specific custom makes like this one...

Adding special details as desired.
His and Hers stockings below for a newlyweds first Christmas together.

Stockings for a customers four children, each with a different motif and style.

Including possibly one of my favourite additions, this lovely festive reindeer...

Cupcake heart for a little lady...

Named stockings for a little one...

Three initialed stockings for a family of three...

A pair of stockings for a brother and sister...

Personalised for two little girls...


And packaging it all up to post!

There are about 10 others which I stupidly forgot to photograph, but I would like to say a big thank you to all my lovely customers, and thanks to Cool Mum Hunting for featuring my stockings!
Ok acceptance speech over!

Friday, 17 December 2010

When Thrifting Gets Oh So Good!

Hi there, just casually strolling back in with no mention of Christmas and a rather lovely thrifty haul for you to feast your eyes on. Now I have long been a fan of Flickr, and especially this wonderful group 'Utility China'. Luckily for me I can now join in too! I finally found some lovely pastel china in the charity shops (all in the same day in two different shops) not bad eh?

I was actually out searching for something specific (more on that further down) but came across this set of three pastel green jugs in perfect condition and for a bargain £4 for all of them! Well I couldn't grab them fast enough and promptly took them off to the til (after a quick scan of the shelves to check there wasn't anything else I "needed"!)

They are greener than they look in the photo (pesky winter light!) and are oh so pretty!
Grindley Petal Wear.

I skipped out of the shop and up the hill to the next shop on my list and lo behold what did I find... a great big pink platter and serving dish. Well it would have been rude to leave them there wouldn't it? Especially as it was just a tiny £3.50 for both of them! 

I think these will look rather lovely on Christmas day pilled with turkey and veggies!
Oh, and this is what I was actually looking for, teacups and saucers you see I had grand plans to make teacup candles for Christmas pressies for all the ladies in the family, and this was the first one I came across that was the sort of style I wanted. They had to be pretty, delicate, floral and in good condition, and this one looked practically brand new. Its so lovely I want to keep it for myself!
Is that bad?

After telling my mum of my plans she hunted out these trios in her lunch break. These are really lovely and intricate and despite the fact they were intended to be given as candle presents - she's popped them on the shelf and is keeping them!! 

So that left me with the rather lovely task of having to hunt out more, and I most certainly have!

I'll share some more soon!
Oh and I might even talk about Christmas!
Well its not long now!