Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Date With The Beach

If you've been reading my blog for a while you might have read about my trip to Norfolk in April, which was lovely, and I have since had a longing to go back. Luckily for me, I managed to hop on a train with a friend last week to go and stay in the same lovely house as before, but this time we were with the owner, which meant we were off to the beach!

This is her gorgeous beach hut, which I posted about before, and which makes life soooo much easier if you are by the sea. Chairs, tables, blankets (if it gets a little chilly), kettle and just about everything you need can be stored in here!

Although it doesn't look particularly hot in these photos, believe me it was boiling the day we spent at the beach - I got sunburnt - silly Gem!

Inside the beach hut....

Enjoying the sun and reading some magazines...

This is Sheringham beach, which is really lovely when the tide is out, I wasn't quite up for swimming though, but I should have paddled at least.

We enjoyed a lovely al fresco lunch - ahem and some chilled rose.

I picked up a little souvenir to take home with me ::

A print of an old train poster. I really love the old fashioned imagery and am so pleased I got it.
Next time I really must stay longer, its sooo lovely in Norfolk.


  1. oh lucky you, if I had a beach hut it would look just like that!

  2. Oh, I do love that beach hut. Looks like you had a lovely day on the beach. Hope you had yourself a bug Mr. Whippy with a flake.

    Madison xxx

  3. Hi Gem, I'm fairly new to your blog and wanted to say hello! We too love Norfolk and have been quite a few times to North Norfolk and surrounding areas. Our kids love visiting and often ask when we are going again. Sheringham beach is lovely and we've stayed at Weybourne which is just up the road!

    I enjoyed your post about Fleetville Vintage Emporium, I found details about that not long after we'd been to Vintage at Southbank and am very much looking forward to a visit! It's not far from where my folks live (and where I'm orginally from) so next time we visit it's on my to do list! I'd also like to visit your lovely tearoom you work in, my hubby used to work in Musewell Hill which I think it's not far from is it? Another thing on my list.............

    Take care

  4. im really enjoying your blog gem ;0)
    love teh images by the sea and such a sweet decorative beach hit- fabaroony! blissful days in my mind are always by the sea x

  5. I have never visited this part of England,
    your photos are beautiful,
    perhaps in my next trip .....

  6. Must admit I'm not 100% sure about the painted on hearts...........but absolutely love everything else about the beach hut! I want to start collecting those train posters - I would like the ones which have people in them too - to go with the postcards I got in Suffolk.


  7. Ooooh! just found out I am going to Fleetville Vintage Emporium on Saturday!! Also, going to visit the B&M store in Hemel Hempstead, as some other bloggers have bought a few nice bits from there in the past. Just wondered if there was anywhere else in the area that you would recommend - as it is not often I have time for shopping whilst up there.........usually just visiting relatives!!

  8. Love the pics <3, looks lovely.

    Sadie xx


  9. Hello gemma, I have just found your lovely blog. I love Norfolk too, but haven't managed to get there for a while now, so envious. It is such a great place. bee x

  10. Hi Ali, thanks for commenting! I hope you see this, I can't find a way to reply to your comment, but yes the cafe is in Muswell Hill, just around the corner from the main parade of shops. x

  11. I am ashamed to say that my little brother lives in Norwich and has done for some Years and we have never been down to visit him seeing these lovely pictures of the gorgeous beach in Sheringham is making me think maybe its time to pay him a visit
    That beach hut is amazing
    xx fee

  12. Loving the wood framed wind break. xxx


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