Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Fancy Going Vintage Shopping?

I though you might! ;)
As I mentioned yesterday I was going somewhere exciting, and that place was the Fleetville Vintage Emporium in St. Albans, but this time I remembered my camera and I happily snapped away the whole time - thinking of my lovely readers!

The shop is split into two parts, the front entrance and the back warehouse. These first lot are from the warehouse at the back as thats where the parking area is, if you were thinking of going.

They are divided up into small booths which are all owned by different vintage sellers, so the type and age of stock varies from booth to booth, and keeps the prices competitive and also keeps it looking interesting and eclectic. 

You can literally pick up anything from vintage mirrors to cutlery...

There is a mix of old and newer items as well as some handmade items, which is a nice mix.

If you enter through the front, you can also enjoy something yummy at the Tea For Two cafe, which is what we did. This little seating area is outside and is lovely and cosy.

As it was hot we chose to sit outside which was very pretty.

We ordered tea and sandwiches which came in this gorgeous china. Miss-matched, but very pretty indeed, especially that pink tea cup!

Back inside we continued browsing, which to be honest takes an awfully long time as there is just so much to look at and to rummage for!

So its not a beautifully organised store, its messy, but its full of treasure and if you have the patience to shop like this you can find some real bargains, although honestly nothing is ridiculously priced and is all rather reasonable. It helps that the sellers are all competing under the one roof too.

I loved this hamper full of pretty.

Oh and this rose jug and glasses set, perfect for summer evening drinks - Pimms anyone?

Trust me, if you are anywhere near the area - go here! You will love it.

Having been here a few times now I like to work my way around, looking at everything carefully without making any decisions about what I would like to buy. Once I have gone round once I go round for a second time (there is always something you will miss first time anyway!) and then start to pick up the items that I'm going to purchase. This gives me time to make sure I am not just rushing round picking things up without thinking.

So these photos are just a fraction of whats actually there, but I hope it gives you a good idea of the Emporium, and I hope that you'll take a little visit there too! If you do go, please let me know, I'd love to hear about it.

I did spend a few pennies and I will show you my purchases tomorrow.
Pop back wont you?


  1. It looks great, there is a place like this not too far away from me either. Maybe we should meet up here one day as I would love to visit and we keep threatening to meet up, it sounds like a great excuse to me, (not that I ever need an excuse to shop tee hee)xxxx

  2. I went once when they were just about to close but have never made it back there. Looks like you had fun, looking forward to seeing what you bought!

  3. Wow! What a really treasure trove of goodies! I could spend the day there, ohhhh!

  4. Whereabouts in St Albans is it? My mother-in-law lives in Welham Green, so next time I visit..............

    Cant wait to see your latest purchases.

  5. Looks like an amazing, wish I lived closer to a place like that. Can't wait to see your new purchases!

  6. I wish I lived closer, that shop looks like an Aladin's cave of vintage loveliness!

  7. I'm near St Alban's. I shall have to go one day. Love the hamper with the crockery :) x

  8. Oh I love this place! I must visit again soon, but I never find time! Did you see any nice glass jars?! x

  9. I really must make the drive over to St Albans and visit this gorgeous shop!

    Victoria xx


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