Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Flying My Flags

It seems like absolutely ages ago I started making some bunting for myself, I cut out the flags and then left them sitting unloved in my sewing bag for weeks, then I managed to find the time to sew the flags together. Then the double sided flags made their way back into the bag awaiting some binding.

So a few weeks ago, I decided I should just go and buy some binding and get it finished. I went for pink binding - of course - and found a spare hour to sew my flags onto the binding. Once it was done I couldn't believe how long I had dragged it our for, I mean just a simple string of bunting for myself, but for some reason I hadn't found the motivation to finish it. Don't you just hate that? When you've started a project and then it falls by the wayside. And it feels so good to actually complete something, to hold it in your hands, use it and display it as it was intended.

I knew I wanted to hang this along by my bed, so I chose colours that would go with my bedding (were talking floral here people!) the other day I had a little fiddle around with it, and I think it looks really pretty. I've used some of my favourite (and most precious) Tanya Whelan fabrics as I know I'll get to look at them and appreciate them everyday. I think it looks quite cute - what do you think?

I'm just glad I managed to finish it and get it on the wall. This is also one of the few sewing projects I've done lately, I just don't have that crazy sewing mojo I used to have, but I am enjoying making things on a smaller scale for myself and I am sure I will also be making for Christmas. I have seen something online which has really inspired me to sew again, so I am looking forward to starting a new project soon.

Do you have a project that you just can't seem to finish?
Maybe I should start a club for people with unfinished projects! I bet there is a lot of us.


  1. i always have projects i never finish!!!!

    Love the cushion and the bunting x

  2. Oh - - I have at least 1 or 2..........HUNDRED projects that need finishing - attention span of a flea - - - - I LOVE YOUR BLOG - - thank you for popping over to Marble Rose - and your lovely comments xxxxx


  3. ...I would love to be a member of your club, Gemma. I have a few unfinished projects..... I love your blog!

  4. Love the bunting, I have loads of un-finsished crafts too, my biggest is my patchwork quilt which I satarted almost 3 years ago. There is already a little club running over on Hooking With LaaLaa's blog, there is a button to it on my side bar, we meet on the last Sunday of each month haha xxxx

  5. I'll join your club! Your bunting is so pretty against the blue wall.Lovely to wake up to. :0)

  6. I'll definitely be in your club! Looks really good though.

  7. put me down for a place, your post reminded me about some bunting I started months ago :)

  8. Love all the pretty fabrics you've used in the bunting. I try to be very good and finish one thing before starting another but usually find myself drifting off!! Lucey x

  9. I love the bunting, it is really pretty. I have a box of stuff that is called my 'Work in Progress' box (stuff that is to be finished!) bee x

  10. I do this all the time. I think I have about 3 at the mo and I know what you mean, when you get around to them you wonder what you were so afraid of!
    Where is your quilt from? I am officially IN LOVE with your bedding.x


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