Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Happy Days

Things that are making me happy today::

Eating yummy fruity snacks and enjoying a very "cool" book...
(nectarines and kiwis - a perfect match)

Organising my recipe folder...and faffing with pretty things...
(who doesn't love playing with china?)

Reading The Hummingbird Bakery book and spotting this colour match...
(I really must make some of these brownies too)

Admiring them as they grow...
(and trying to keep them strong)

Taking some time to do some pampering in the bathroom...
(Soap and Glory products are my absolute favourite)

Summer fruits in a bowl...
(having them in a Utility China bowl makes it even better)

Finding this beautiful vintage style bottle for £1.00...
(reduced in the BHS sale with lots of other lovelies)

Being in the sunshine and enjoying every minute of it...
(and figuring out how to actually wear this crochet waistcoat thing)

Snuggling with this little cheeky!
(this is what he does all day long, when he's not playing outside)

What is making you happy today?
(I'd love to know)


  1. Thanks for your comment, Gem. Your homewares are very pretty too. I love the quilt your kitty is in here.
    I love your blog and you have some rather adorable outfits too! The waistcoat is very cute. x

  2. hi Gem thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment love those bottles may have to see if they have any in York later today if I get the chance .
    And to answer your question I have had eiderdowns that leak out tiny feathers more than others I ended up selling it on as my hubby hates feathers everywhere its living in Australia now. You can wash them in a machine but better to take it to a laundrette and let them do it just to be safe I have heard of them tearing and clogging up machines .
    Now I have a question for you ,have you baked anything out of the hummingbird cookbook? I have one and every thing I have made so far has been a failure and we now have to adapt recipes to make them work
    xx fee

  3. Lovely post. I spotted your paperchase recipe book in one of those photos :) I have that book too heehee xxx

  4. Hi, Yes got your emails thanks! but only after seeing the message on my post!! Will have to get used to checking the email as well - I only check it every few weeks, to check that nobody has commented on one of my older posts (I constantly look at my most recent couple of posts for new comments).
    I will have to have a look to see the opening times of Fleetville and do you know if it is cash only?
    I remember that they had quite a nice little market at St Albans too but will have to see how time goes (want to go to Ikea at Thurrock first too!) An early start me thinks!

  5. soap and glory products are lovely and look nice to xx

  6. Hi Gem! Love your nail colour, it is fab. I've just got into painting my nails again as my daughter likes hers done. Though mine didn't last as I got into a mess taking her nail polish off and ended up removing mine too. And blue really stains your skin!

    In answer to your comment on my blog, if you want to learn to crochet start with a granny square. It's much easier to work into gaps rather than stitches. I taught a friend the other week and she didn't think she would get it, but she did in the end!

    Love your kitty too.

  7. Loving those chocolate brownies! and everything else!
    You asked what makes me happy? Weekends! Yippie!
    have a good one!
    Becca x

  8. What's making me happy? Why, dipping into your blog now I'm home from hols of course!!


  9. Eeek- your Fleur Bottle is making me happy!!!



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