Saturday, 13 August 2011

Home From Home

Last month I finally finished the bunting I made for my room, and I also finished this "manly" bunting for the kitchen at the BFs. Of course I didn't ask if he actually wanted any bunting hanging in his already very-full up-with-stuff-gemma-has-bought kitchen.

So I made it anyway, and he let me put it up - well he put it up for me, I couldn't hammer straight!
Its only in one tiny tiny tiny corner, and its "manly", so its totally fine...

All of this...all totally fine...

Its that nice "just do whatever you want to the kitchen" attitude that I love about him!

Mr. New Enamel Teapot pride of place...

Then I bought this teatowel.
"Yes, you can put that in the kitchen, its ok, kinda retro"

And this one:
"No, take it home, its purple and it has hearts and its just too girlie"

Hmm I guess he has a point ;)


  1. I would love this kitchen! He is a lucky guy!

  2. You certainly have an eye for detail Gemma. I love the old signs.

  3. I think it is easier just to let us get on with it!! That is how I have ended up with so much pink in the kitchen and study!! lol!
    Where did you get that lolly t-towel??? I love it!

  4. It is looking very retro, I like it, I had a little chuckle at the end about the tea towels, Brilliant xxx

  5. Your kitchen looks absolutely delightful! I love every single bit of it! Well done you! ;)

  6. Hahahaha, I love this post. "Manly" bunting is such a great idea! My brother and his wife just did up their kitchen with a cream/green colour scheme. She then put up pale pink blinds and cream baskets with pink lining. He's not very happy with the pink but she seems to have got away with it!

  7. Oh bless him, he sounds like a good sort. Love the 'manly bunting'! x

  8. Your kitchen IS my kitchen - - fabby snap!!!! - - and our OHs sound remarkably similar. Where did you get the lolly tea towel - - love it!



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