Sunday, 14 August 2011

Seven Facts About Me

A very big thank you to Tales From Cuckoo Land for passing on the 'Versatile Blogger' award to me, the rules of the award are that you must list seven facts about yourself, so here goes....

1. I don't drink coffee at home, only English Breakfast, or sometimes Jasmine Green tea. But if I go out somewhere and order a hot drink I always order a coffee, or more specifically I go for a latte. I make coffee all day at work, so I think thats why I don't like drinking my own coffee, I like someone else to make it for me! Tastes better that way!

2. These days I only buy two magazines a month, I have completely curbed my house magazine addiction thanks to all the lovely blogs I read. I don't buy crafting magazines as they are far too expensive in my opinion, especially the Mollie Makes magazine. Beautiful it may be, but £5 for a magazine is pretty steep considering most of it can be found online for free. (Yikes, mini rant there!) I now only buy Prima and Essentials as they are full of things I actually sit down and read cover to cover, and I love the recipes, tips and the styling too.

3. I am guilty of buying shoes and never wearing them. When I buy them they seem to fit fine but a day actually walking in them they seem too tight!? I don't spend a lot of money on my shoes though - they are all mostly from Primark, so I pass them onto my sister who has slightly smaller feet.

4. I don't eat doughnuts, I just don't like the taste or the texture and they have always left a horrible taste in my mouth after eating them. Does anyone else dislike doughnuts or am I a freak?

5. I once accidentally threw my 16th birthday present over a brick wall. It was a beautiful silver charm bracelet that I was wearing while clearing up the garden. At the end of the garden is a high brick wall with bushes and nettles behind it. I was gutted, it was lost for a good year or two and my lovely mum bought a replacement for me. A few years later my neighbour went over the wall to find a lost football and found my bracelet! Its practically a jungle over there so I never expected to see it again, but I am so chuffed that I got it back, although now I have two!

6. I lived in Ireland for a year when I was 10-11. We lived in Cork and rented a little bungalow. I went after finishing Year 6 at Primary School in England, and then entered school in Ireland in Year 6 again as the ages are different, so technically I did Year 6 twice and never did Year 7.

7. I lost a day of my life once. Yes, I crossed the international date line on a flight to Fiji and lost a whole day. I think it was April 16th or something. I actually felt quite cheated! I mean imagine if that was your birthday!

So those are my seven random facts, and they really are quite random. Would love to know if anyone agrees on the magazine, coffee and doughnut thing? Or if I'm just a freak.

I wont pass the award on to anyone specifically, but if you'd like to list 7 facts of your own please do go ahead, I love reading things like this, I think it reveals a bit more of the bloggers personality too.


  1. Completely agree with the magazine thing, the prices are ridiculous, and like you say you can find most things online. I tend to subscribe to magazines using my Tesco clubcard vouchers, that way I feel like I am getting them for free :). Great facts, the braclet one made me gasp haha how sad am I? xxx

  2. Well I don't drink coffee at all, and like yourself make it all day at work! I'm definitely a tea girl, Twinings English Breakfast being a favourite. I'm also not a massive doughnut fan, generally find them too stodgy, so you're not alone! Interesting mix of facts :)

  3. i'm a big tea drinker too, and i love prima magazine i've been buying it for years i do have to try and not buy too many magazines as your are right they are expensive and i love searching for ideas and tutorials on the internet. i did gat mollie makes for the 3 for £10 but won't be getting a subscription as it what i call a coffee table mag!
    i think i must be eating the donuts you don't like as i love them!!!
    what a lovely story about your bracelet - i found my mums diamond from her engagment ring when it fell out off its setting, amzing really as it was lost on a patterns carpet!!!
    great facts - which reminds me must do mine later!

  4. Hi
    Re your comment on mine. I dont really know what you and Jewel are talking - with the email bit! Not really up on all this!!! lol! I looked at my profile etc but cant see anywhere where it asks for my email address?! I always do this, and go onto the persons last post and add a comment - I dont even know how to do it any other way?? Please direct me! -x-

  5. Yep you can get some lovely craft books for the price of some magazines!
    I dont drink coffee!

    And I have also lost a day flying to fiji!


  6. You don't eat doughnuts?! You mad?! No worries, I'll eat your share of the doughnuts in the world. Wouldn't want them going to waste.

    Madison xxx

  7. I don't really eat doughnuts either, except krispy kreme donuts, but they don't really taste like normal english style doughnuts!

    With you on the magazine front. I curbed my ridiculous habit at the beginning of the year. I have been getting Mollie Makes though and one other which I change every month.

    I have a coffee mid morning but alternate daily with espresso, latte, caramel etc. I have to do tea first thing, coffee first thing is a definite NO NO!


  8. Totally with you on the Mollie Makes thing. I gauge all spends on how much yarn I could buy with the money and that's a ball of Rowan or Debbie Bliss right there! After looking through it there is nothing you can't see on Pinterest for free.

    Also agree on the doughnuts. Apart from Krispy Kreme, they are awesome!

  9. i don't like donuts either. I hate coffee. I can't drink tea when i'm out, i only occasionally have a cup of tea when i can make it at home as i'm so fussy on how i like it!!

    I agree that mollie makes is pricy, but they are more like books than mags - i'm planning on keeping all of mine, where i wouldn't keep any others. I'm going to subscribe too, to save a bit of money on them.

    I am so addicted to mags, i spend far too much on them, but i don't spend much on other things, and they are my one big pleasure. Essentials is my fave too- i was even in it a few months ago!!


  10. I agree with the magazine comment, in fact I tweeted as much a while ago (quite politely) and got some negative tweeting back so I'm mostly keeping my mouth shut now. I think it's all about the individual budget and also what interests you. For instance, I do love MM and it has some great articles and is beautifully presented but personally, I'm not very interested in tutorials or free 'to-make' gifts so the read doesn't last very long for me. Bethx

  11. With you on the magazine front. I get so excited when me Prima and Essentials subscription plop through the box. I also have Mollie Makes which I really enjoy as I love the paper! How daft. Don't like the free gift though. Very cheap and nasty. I used some tesco club card vouchers and get homes and gardens each month too but I think the internet is far more inspiring these days so I'll not be renewing that.

    That was fab about your bracelet being found. Really lovely. If only a few of the things I have lost would turn up. I now live in hope.

    About point 7. You'd have got your day back once you crossed it again? Or did you just keep going on round and not track back?



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