Monday, 22 August 2011

Weekly Treats

After my blogging the other week about how I never think to buy any flowers for indoors, and after some of you very cleverly suggested I add them to the weekly shop, I treated myself to a little bunch of pink carnations. I do love the look and smell of fresh flowers at home, but flowers can be pretty expensive, and there is zero chance of getting flowers from the BF. I received a bunch from him once, very early on when we got together, and not a single stem since!

Whats the best way to hint ladies? Any tips for getting flowers without asking!?
Anyway, for £1.50 I went with the carnations and I must say it is lovely walking home clutching a little bunch of flowers, something to pretty up my room.

I popped them in my little blue jug and onto my bedside table. They have made me ridiculously happy this week, and I would say a worthwhile investment, and they have lasted well too. I once read a tip about something you put in the water that helps the flowers last....can't for the life of me think of what it was though, something odd like lemonade or vinegar. Does anyone know?

So that was my weekly treat to myself. I was also given the treat of reviewing some teatowels from who stock a huge range of them, in a massive aray of styles. Personally I was drawn to the retro style ones rather than the modern ones, but there is something for everyone!

Because of my love of tea I chose this 'Tea Revives You' red and white one, which I just love. Its really bold and the saying is so nostalgic. The other one I chose was a Tunnock's Teacake wrapper print, which I chose, surprisingly enough because I also love these! I must just say thank you to Al, who runs the business for letting me chose these lovely teatowels.

Tea and a Teacake!
So the review, well I gave them a wash after taking these photos as I think they dry better once washed, and they have come out absolutely fine, no colour running or fading, and I have used them in the kitchen for drying up and they are doing a great job!

What treats have you had this week?


  1. Great teatowels, they look really good. i sometimes get flowers from Aldi, they are cheap but also sometimes they sell them off half price. I think its lemonade you add? Either way it is nice to have flowers just because.

  2. It is lemonade you add to flowers. On the subject of adding things to the water, if you add an ice cube a day to roses it has been known to make them last longer too.
    The tea towels look great, it almost makes drying up a pleasure :) (I hate that job) xxx

  3. yes, i wish for flowers too- tho guess it helps having the 'man' first hehe...i love your flowers!-carnations were always my nannys fav and when i get them i always think of teh lovely memories being with her. yes lemonade helps keep flowers blooming!!. Love the tea towels!!! x

  4. Lush tea towels!!!! Re the flowers, I guess you just keep buying them for yourself, at least you get the ones you want and subtly hint to him "Well, if no one else buys them for me, what's a girl to do?"
    Surely then he will get the hint!!!!!
    Glad all well at your end
    x x

  5. I grow chives and lavender and cut them. If you don't or forget to add water they don't die they just dry! Chive flowers are very pretty too! xx

  6. I love the teatowels - how does it happen that people get asked to review such lovely products!? I am very jealous! x

  7. Love your carnations. They are so pretty!
    Oh, and the tea-towels are really cool! ;)

  8. I love fresh flowers too, i treat myself when they are reduced, asda is the best for reducing them and they last so well and yes its lemonade that does the trick. Fabulous TT's too :o) Scarlett x

  9. Love the Tunnocks Tea Cake tea towel. Being a Glasgow lass a Tunnocks tea cake always conjure up happy memories for me.

    Madison xxx

  10. Hi Gemma, I am not sure how you get one's other half to give them flowers. I haven't managed it yet, even with hinting! lol. Flowers do make me smile too, I have some lovely ones on my table at the mo. bee x

  11. I'll second Aldi for cheap flowers! They do some gorgeous bunches that look much more expensive. No help on the flower hints I'm afraid...I usually have to dump a guy before I get flowers from him (sad but true! Also not the recommended method...before Mr Gem tells me off!!).

    I've also had a lovely e-mail from Al this week, I love your choices but have gone for something more vintagey...will reveal all when they arrive! x


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