Friday, 9 September 2011

Doing Up The Bathroom

I've been doing a spot of decorating with the BF at his flat and thought you might like to see what we've been doing. If I'm honest, the BFs bathroom was pretty ugly when he moved in. Sadly, when we first decorated we chose to accentuate the ugliness with a bad choice of paint colours and it never really worked or looked nice and it always felt dull.
As I had some time off we decided to paint the whole room cream which made such a difference, now it feels bright and clean and also a lot warmer than the blue we had initially.

After two coats of paint it was finished and that meant that we could put up shelves and I could play with pretty things. We took down these IKEA shelves from the living room and moved them in here as they never really looked that great in the living room and we didn't know what to put on them

The fun part was choosing what things to put on the shelves to make it look interesting and more homey.
We decided to prop a couple of signs up that had previously been on the wall, and I added the cream jug and vintage milk bottles which we bought in Norfolk. I bought a £1 bunch of fake flowers from Poundland and cut them into individual stems which I then popped in the milk bottles.

The lanterns were just hovering about in the living room too, and were never used, but now they will get used while I have my relaxing bubble bath! The soap bowl contains soaps and bath fizzers and I added the vintage style 'Fleurs' bottle that I bought in BHS for next to nothing.

The shelf above has another milk bottle and Home Sweet Home sign, which looks much better in here than it did in the hallway. The small glass jar was found in a charity shop, and the large IKEA one has cotton ear buds in it.

All in all it feels so much lighter and dare I say prettier too. The only thing I would like to add is a few more jars, maybe with things like cotton wools and soaps in. I spotted these gorgeous jars on the Love From Poppy blog and am in love! Sadly I have no B&Ms near me :(

Hope you enjoyed a look at the bathroom, I think it might just be my favourite new room.
What do you think?


  1. It looks gorgeous, somewhere you would want to spend time. It's amazing what a difference a few jars can make. It looks very relaxing xxxx

  2. Gem I LOVE it! Just my style. I adore little bottles with print on them. If you go on Pinterest there are some print off labels that you can add to glass jars etc that look really good. Thought you might like them.

  3. wow! your lucky bf! having an interior stylist! woo! looks so pretty with all the vintage bottles ;0)x

  4. p.s he most defo needs to get you some lovely bunches of flowers after that hehe x

  5. gorgeous Gem!! you are so lucky that the Bf lets you do this to his flat. If i didn't live with my hubbie it would be modern and minimal for him xx

  6. Its absolutely gorgeous I bet you cant stop looking at it
    xx fee

  7. Looks lovely Gem, you have done a beautiful job.

  8. Fabulous transformation! love the bottles. xx

  9. ooo i love it.. its so pretty.. i love how you've added the jars and pics and lamps all together it looks homely without looking cluttered!
    your bf is very lucky to have you on hand missus!!..
    lovely job well done!!


  10. I love it all but I adore the vintage milk bottles and the blue 'Home Sweet Home' sign!!! You have great taste!!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my post today :) I do love a good pair of wellies ;)

    Have a fab week end :)
    Louise xx

  11. Gorgeous! I actually have both of those signs too - good choices for the bathroom :) they look lovely with all the bottles mixed in like that. Perfect for a nice relaxing bathtime! xxx

  12. It's fanastic! I really love it! You have an eye for it! x

  13. Love what you've put on the shelves! Thye look great.

    Victoria xx


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