Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Keep Those Flowers Coming

I just wanted to show quickly, that I have been keeping up with my idea to buy myself flowers on a regular basis, and of course flowers make a blog a better place to visit don't they? 
Still no luck with the "getting ones other half to buy one flowers" but hey at least if I buy them myself I get the good ones eh?

I am keeping them in my room and they are definately cheering the place up a bit, adding some colour and prettiness too.

They are also inspiring my choice of nail varnish colour (pink) and accessories too (rosey rings)

Although freesias are my favourite flower - I just love the scent of them - these roses and carnations are doing just as good a job and smell lovely.

Go on, why not buy yourself some flowers today?
You deserve it!


  1. such beautiful flowers gem x sure look pretty in your dusky pink jug x
    i love buying flowers too- spending four years on my own i treat myself to flowers to cheer myself up!...always lovely to come back to a home with fresh flowers in x enjoy x

  2. Oh pretty. Pretty ring too ;0).

    Madison xxx

  3. Lovely flowers very pretty post.Love Jill xx

  4. Lovely flowers, I think I will buy some for myself tomorrow bee x

  5. flowers make me happy happy happy :')
    really cute blog!


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