Saturday, 10 September 2011

My Week

This week I have:

Painted my nails both of these Barry M colours
(peach and brown for autumn)

Organised my wardrobe and pulled out a few of my favourite things to photograph
(L-R: cardigan Tesco, blouse Primark, lace skirt H&M via charity shop and peach skirt H&M)

Moved some of my utility china to this shelf because it matched this frame
(and because some things are too pretty to hide away)

Worn a scarf :: because its cold you know!
(and for the fact that its pretty too)

Hung vintage plates with my mum in the living room
(a mix of yellow, pink and green - patterned and plain)

Made and eaten a gorgeous raspberry pavlova
(I had seconds!)

Can't tell you how good this was...

What have you done this week?


  1. Mmm raspberry pavalova - looks delish :)
    I love the vintage plates on your wall! And the pretty clothes :) x

  2. Fab nail colours and perfect for Autumn. I love the clothes you have picked out too, the colours are so pretty.
    My Mam wants to have a plate wall in her conservatory and yours looks really good so I`ll show her the pic.
    This week I have painted my nails in No7 Salsa, made a savoury bread and butter pudding, spiced pear crumble and added some CK Rosali trim to hand towels.

  3. Lovely post, Gem. Nice photos and pretty things again. Yours is such an uplifting blog to read. This week I've been a lazy old bag and barely even got dressed - ha! Sneaked in a bit of crochet and a bit of embroidery but I think I've watched more TV this week than I have in my whole life (I don't have a TV life)!
    Have a nice weekend, treasure.

  4. love the creamy pinks and lacy clothes- how dreamy! you have a such a lovely style ;0)
    that pavlova looks pretty scrummy! bet it tasted good ;0)x

  5. What a stylish Mummy you must have. The plates rock!
    Your china is so toopretty to hide away.
    I love your clothes. Totally my colours and love lace. Perfect scarf too. xxx

  6. Very pretty nail varnish colours, and the clothes are lovely too!

  7. I agree with HomeBird, your blog is gorgeous and I love dipping into it.
    Nail varnish is gorgeous, I never paint my nails, because I don't have any!!!!
    I think the plates on the wall are so cute, really lovely. I have loads of vintage plates - I love ones with pink roses on.
    And your clothes are fab. It's like looking at a vintage wardrobe! Very House of Elliot (did you ever watch that, from years ago. I think they are re running it on ITV1 or 2.
    Ooooooh and as for the Pavlovam delish. I've just troughed a loads of fresh raspberries. Divine aren't they.
    Have good rest of weekend,
    From one Gem to another,
    Gem xx x

  8. Sounds like a lovely week! The pavlova looks gorgeous and I can't even describe how excited I am by your plate wall! It's on my future house to-do list. I've been working this week but have the weekend off and I'm currently making a custard tart :)

  9. another lovely post i love all your clothes and china,very eye candy and how delicious does that pavlova look...busy week at our house,school,football clubs, athletics clubs, chores,lot of sewing,blogging,working ..not a bad life really thoughx

  10. Well I can tell you I haven't eaten a pavlova but now I wish I had, it looks so scrummy!

  11. Gem , i am so glad you are posting more regularly again - love your posts!! xx

  12. Oh it's just sweet here!
    I had to come and see you as I saw you are following me, and I'm very glad I did.
    Love your photos. And I love your thrifty finds (you can't beat a bargain in a Charity shop!) I totally agree with you on a previous post about trying to hold onto things you like so someone else doesn't nick them! My new tactic is to take what I like to the till and ask the (usually) kind lady to look after it for my whilst I continue my browsing! Works every time- and leaves 2 hands free for further rummage-action!
    Sorry for rambling on. Am new follower so I can keep in touch!
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  13. Hi Lady,
    The plates look amazing. So pretty x

  14. I love all your pastel colours, the plates especially look amazing. x

  15. Oh how I love those plates!! I never have the guts to do anything like that, but I have so many gorgeous china plates collected for exactly that purpose! Maybe you have inspired me..!


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