Thursday, 8 September 2011

This Weeks Finds

Thank you for the lovely comments over the last few posts, and for the brownie reicpes too! I will be checking them all out and choosing the best one to trial out as soon as I can!
I must also say a huge thank you to everyone who follows and reads and comments on my blog, I have just noticed I have reached an amazing 400 followers and I am soooo chuffed :) thank you so much for following me and my little blog. I really feel these days that the blog is "me" and I am still really enjoying my blogging and reading all of your wonderful blogs too. I must organise a giveaway soon I think, its been far too long since I did one. I will be on the look out for things to add to my giveaway over the next week or so, so do pop back!

Now I'll be the first to admit that the last couple of weeks have been pretty slow on the old thrifting front. 
Slim pickings indeed. But rather pleasingly things seem to be on the up this week as I have found some nice little bits to take home with me.
Firstly these plastic measuring cups, I spotted them as soon as I walked into the charity shop, and picked them up, then theres that awkward thing where you don't want to put them down incase someone else grabs them, but you also haven't looked around the rest of the shop yet and you need two hands to do that. Its almost as if you should have a shopping basket when you go in to protect your "stuff" from being snatched!

I decided to look round one handedly to avoid the risk of them being picked up by someone else, tell me you do this too and its not just me?

I didn't find anything else that took my fancy (or more like I couldn't rummage properly) so I made my way to the till and paid my £2.50 and skipped out happily.

On closer inspection I realised they are from M&S and are probably unused too, bonus!
I looked in a few other shops but nothing to be found, until I reached the last shop (this one is usually the one which never has anything nice in) and I spotted these cups and saucers. Only there was a woman standing right in front of them eyeing them up. I knew they were Johnsons Brothers because of the shape of them, so I had to stand there patiently looking at the other tat trying not to look interested in the cups and saucers.

Then she moved. And I moved. I grabbed.
And I ran to the till!

Hoooray!! They were mine all mine!

Three pastel blue Johnsons Brothers Greydawn cups and saucers for £2.99.
I gave them a go through the dishwasher to clean them up as they were pretty grubby, but when they came out they sparkled like new...

I'd love to know how you behave in charity shops, if its just me that feels awkward holding things around the shop or waiting for people to move. I mean its not like a normal shop where there is more than one of each item. Its now or never!
What kind of charity shopper are you?


  1. Wow some fab pastel finds Gem. I would do the same as you and keep things in my hand incase they go.
    I must start thrift shopping, as you find some lovely things.

  2. I'm so like you. I have often thought they should have baskets in charity shops, it is so hard trying to juggle all your treasures and still be able to look for more.
    I have had to stay clear of charity shops of late as I am running out of space to store it all. I am going to be having a sort out soon and am going to start storing it all in my Grandad's old garage ready for when I have a house of my own to move it all in to :) xxx

  3. Very pretty colours! charity shops are the best!

  4. I once found a beautiful floral plate in an antique'y shop and, like you, I didn't want to walk around with it,so I gave it to the lady by the till to look after while I wandered round.When I came back to pay,the plate was broken! Someone had dropped something on it while it was sitting on the table.
    Now I always carry things round with me...lesson learnt. :0)

  5. Love your measuring cups! You are right to grab what you want as soon as you see it. I've left stuff before, then changed my mind and it was gone the next day - I'll learn from that mistake!

  6. Wow your shelves must be groaning with all the pretty china you've managed to find recently and such delicate colours too. I usually pick up what I want and give it straight to the assistant to "mind" while I have a good rummage and then it leaves your hands free to "grab" anything else that takes my eye!! Lucey x

  7. Yup, I shop exactly like you! I especially hate it when someone is standing right in front of the item you want and you're terrified they're going to pick it up. I love your teacups, another lovely find to add to the utility china collection :)

  8. I usually end up clutching everything to my chest, and then sort of spilling it all out onto the till, and I get a raised-eyebrow look from whoever's on the till! And I know EXACTLY what you mean about pretending not to be interested in something when there's someone else looking at it!
    Emma :)

  9. lol, love the description of you in hovering over your new finds in the charity shop. I am like that when shopping in them, hover ... hover and then dive in as soon as I can :-)

  10. Good finds! To avoid the one handed shopping situation I end up piling goods on the cash desk and the nice old dears start wrapping them up for me whilst I continue browsing.

    I am a charity shop binge type of girl, weeks without then I go in all 12! in town. x

  11. I approve of your stealthy charity shopping ways! Well done for snagging the Johnson Bros cups. I am still a hopeless novice at charity shopping. I'm the same at car boot sales. I don't like to pick stuff up in case I don't like it and have to put it back (I feel like I'm being rude because they belong to someone else). So I breeze in, do a quick scan and breeze out again. Am sure I'll get properly into the swing of it soon!

    Is that a tablecloth you've photographed the china on? It's so pretty.

    Nicki xx

  12. Hi Gemma, I love your measuring cups, they are very you. I think that I am the same as you in charity shops, if I really like something, I have to hold onto it as i've lost things I had my eye on when I have gone around the shop. The basket idea is a good one. bee x

  13. Lovely cups, just the right shade of blue.

    Years, nay decades, of charity shop browsing has helped me to train my 'hawk eye'. I'm a very predatory shopper - I run my eye over the clothing rail as I find that vintage clothes are fairly easy to pick out due to their fabric and print, and grasp my prey up immediately and then check it over. If someone has already picked it up, I'll hover in the background hopefully out of their view, then swoop down and take it once they've put it down.

  14. Oh what lovely finds. Yes I think baskets would be a great idea. I often pass the items to my Little Miss to hold while I still rummage.


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