Friday, 28 October 2011

Cosy Things

Its been so lovely and Autumnal today, the sun is out but there is a chill in the air. Its perfect weather for a nice long walk. Sadly, I've been at work, so no time for walking! I have though been wearing warming colours of reds and oranges this week, I think it suits the weather. This combination below is one of my new favourites : sheer coral blouse with a nice thick vest underneath and a cosy scarf.

Its not quite got to the point where I need a huge jumper as I'm not outside much, so this blouse is really nice to wear, and I have been wearing it with this thrifted rose print skirt. The pattern is gorgeous and it feels really autumnal with the colours. I have been wearing it with nice thick tights and cosy boots though to keep my feet warm (always the first place to feel the cold!)

This afternoon I finished work early and had to pop to the Supermarket to get some bits for dinner. I decided to skip into the charity shops on my way, and was pleasantly surprised to spot this red enamel coffee pot up on the top shelf marked "damaged, £3". The only "damage" that I can see it that the hinge is broken, but the lid still fits and its in quite good condition too. 

So I came home, gave it a little clean and scrub before popping it in the kitchen next to this pastel blue one, which I bought in Fleetville Vintage Emporium. I really love enamel things, especially for the kitchen, I'd love to start a collection, old enamel bowls, and utensils, jugs and tea pots. I also really love those little enamel candlestick holders you get in lovely colours. I think they make a room feel so cosy!

We have been doing a little bit of re-jigging at the BFs, introducing some pretty glass bits and bobs that I myself have been purchasing. I found this gorgeous vintage glass cake stand in Camden Market and decided it had to come back with me. Luckily the BF says its ok to keep it at his, and all my other junk too! The glass jars are waiting to be filled with sweeties, I am thinking sherbert lemons and strawberry bonbons would look nice.

This lamp is one of those clever touch sensitive ones (honestly, I've never been so impressed with a lamp  before!) its nice, but I am thinking it needs jazzing up with some pretty fabric. But then again I am thinking I wont be allowed, it does give off a really lovely cosy light though!

I think cosy is my word of the moment, I have been lighting tea-lights every night, keeping the lamps on to give a lovely glow. This tiffany style lamp is my mums and gives off a really warming light. The clock  is Laura Ashley but found in a charity shop! I like that it has a retro kind of look. Thats always what I'm looking for when I buy things for home, or the BFs. Retro/vintage style items that create the look I love, but on a budget!

Also keeping me cosy is a nice big mug of tea (in a Union Jack mug of course), a naughty little treat (I love Tunnocks products, so nostalgic and sooo yummy!)

The little tea plate is "on loan" I took something home on it from a tea party, and am slightly dragging my heels about actually giving it back! Its so cute and yellow!

I hope you have been keeping yourself cosy this week :)


  1. Love the coffee pot you found, and what a bargain! Scarlett x

  2. I can see why you don't want to give back the plate, it has such a pretty frilly edge! I love the glass cakestand and jars. I think I need some pretty glass jars in my life too.

  3. I saw those 'H O M E' blocks in a shop today,and thought they would look lovely on my dresser,but they had a sticker on saying not for sale. :0(
    I love all your finds,just the things I would go for too. :0)

  4. Don't give the yellow plate back, it's far too sweet ;)

    I bought some cute Home blocks from Dunelm Mill and I have a v similar glass jar to that from Next that I've filled with conkers at the moment.

    I never find any enamelware - the red coffee pot is gorgeous!

    Sam x

  5. Hi.I remember my mother had a coffee pot just the same as yours wonder where it is now.Love your blouse.Love Jill xx

  6. lovely things you the colours and combinations all goes rather well together, makes a house a home as i always say- your personal touch adds style and beauty the lacy blouse x

  7. Lovely lovely coffee pot - I really like enamel too, I have a couple of the candlesticks you mention. The sweetie jars are gorgeous too - I just got given one for my birthday, it's still got a few chocolates in it at the moment, but liking the sherbet lemons idea.

  8. I love your photos, the coffee pot is cute and your clothes are so pretty especially the skirt :) I am on the look out for some glass jars like yours to store soaps in for my cloaks.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. oh i love to check out your gorgeous and full of pretty uplifting things!

    i too think you should "forget" to give that back,far too sunshiney and bright not to keep it.



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