Saturday, 1 October 2011

Fashion For Fall

As you will know if you are a regular reader of my blog, I love cute clothes, and I really LOVE Primark.
These days, I pretty much only buy my clothes from Primark. 
Need a pretty dress? A tracksuit? Some tights? Go to Primark. I mean, the prices are amazing, the quality has increased dramatically since I first started shopping there, and more importantly the items are totally gorgeous and on trend. By the way, this isn't a sponsored post, I just LOVE Primark and I tell anyone who will listen about it! I think its perfect for someone like me who doesn't have a huge budget for clothes, yet wants to keep up with the latest looks.

Anyway, I was in Primark at the weekend in Watford and I made two little purchases for my Autumn/Fall wardrobe. I loved the scalloped peter pan collar on this blouse and it also has scalloped edged sleeve cuffs too. Its sweet enough to wear dressed up or down, smart or casual and it goes really nicely with the rust coloured lace skirt I picked up. The skirt also came with the snakeskin style belt that you can see in the photos.

The skirt is a little bit long for me so I need to take it up just a bit for it to sit in the right place, but the colour and fabric was so lovely I couldn't resist! I'd genuinely love to hear what you think about Primark, do you shop there? Hate it? Love it?

With the above items I shall be wearing...

Black tights with these smart brown loafers, and swinging my floral satchel bag (both *ahem* Primark)

Small peach rose earrings - still in love with my rose earrings (nine months since this post!) and wear a pair of them daily. Need more colours though, as some of them have broken :(

I shall be painting my nails using one of these gorgeous colours, I currently have the one on the left on my fingernails and the middle one on my toenails. They were 99p each - yes just 99p from Tesco and are fab quality - four days in and only minor chipping!!

So what do you think of my outfit, and more importantly of Primark?
Do tell!
x gem x


  1. I love your clothes. You seem to find the cream of the crop at Primarni. There is nothing so cheap here which is gutting. These items look quite expensive and are rather stylish. xx

  2. I love the way you put outfits together! The colours are very understated but lovely.... I do like Primark too, but mainly only buy underwear and basics there - t-shirts and shorts that kind of thing. I have tried some of the normal clothes on but I find they are quite often too big (I am very petite and the 8's quite often drown me)... also the mess of the shop does put me off from doing a serious rummage... still pop in every time I pass though! x

  3. I love the outfit! and I totally get why you like Primark it is fab, we buy lots for my two girls in there and you just cannot go wrong with the price. Have a wonderful weekend.xx

  4. I do like Primark (well I love any bargain buys!!) but I have to go when it first opens in the morning, otherwise it is like a jumble sale with only the really small or big sizes left! Also, I do find that they are not true sizes, so it is a bit of hit and miss as to whether they will fit.
    Am due a visit there soon actually!

  5. I am rubbish at fashion, but these things are just so lovely, I REALLY love that fact I feel a spot of shopping coming on in the morning!

  6. I'm rarely ever in Primark, mostly because I've never lived near one, even when I was at uni! (there isn't a Primark in Edinburgh!) and whenever I'm in Glasgow it's usually so busy in Primark I can't be bothered wrestling through the crowd. I do have a couple of Primark leggings though which are still going strong after four years!!

  7. So glad to have happened by your blog today, Gemma! This is a lovely place to be and I look forward to visiting again soon! I have never heard of Primark, but can tell you I adore the outfit you posted! Vintage cuteness is always appealing to me. If you like Primark, I bet you would like Shabby Apple, too.

  8. I love Primark, however I do have to limit my visits as I spend on average around £120 per visit no matter how frequent the visits, I just can't help myself, there always seems to be something I have forgotten or that hasn't caught my eye before. The only other problem with this is having to have constant clear outs to make room for all my new things hehee xxx

  9. Oh my, as soon as I caught a glimpse of the word 'Primark' I knew I'd love this post. I love the place.
    To do it properly, I have to have no kids in tow, just me and one of those mahussssive basket-thingies. And I have to go early (or else everything's on the floor and the queues are mental).
    I agree with you, the prices are more than affordable and the quality is much better than it used to be.
    I buy most of my kids clothes there too.
    LOVE your outfit- that skirt is lush.
    Enjoy your week.

  10. I have to be honest, I was always a Primark snob. Went in a few times, only saw crap. After seeing your post yesterday I felt a renewed faith in the P and drove to my nearest one ten miles away.

    I have to confess - I loved it!! I must never had gone to 'that' section before. And I bought that blouse!! And actually a beautiful dress (wore it today and by 10.30am already had one lady ask me where it was from), a skirt, a very lovely LBD and a pair of shoes for the very measly sum of £58.



  11. Hi Gemma,
    I've only just discovered your website - and it IS a little gem!!! :-)
    What a gorgeous outfit - I love all the bits together!
    I don't really shop at Primark, but I think I might have to start after seeing that CUTE CUTE CUTE blouse!!!

  12. You got some lovely things, I love the skirt. I'm a bit Primark fan but not keen on how they keep putting their prices up! I did get some lovely winter boots and jumpers yesterday though, so can't complain too much :) xxx

  13. That skirt is gorgeous, and you've put together such a pretty outfit. It's a treasure trove - there's always something. I try not to go, as I get carried away and spend too much! xx

  14. I love Primark (Primarni) and I LOVE your new outfit!! Cute earrings too :) I'm a HUGE fan of earrings! My favourite pair are some little red button ones my Mum bought me last Christmas.

    Enjoy your weekend xx

  15. I love primark :D
    I'm a student, so its brilliant to be able to go to primark and buy a whole new outfit for the price of a dress in Topshop :D

    I love your blog too!!!


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