Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Little Things...

Sometimes its the little things in life that can change your mood, lift you up and make you happy. 
These are the little things keeping me happy this week:

Thing 1: This gorgeous Candied Violette lip balm which was a lovely little gift from a friend.

Thing 2: Making and taking notes, planning things for the future, and forming new ideas for decorating.

Thing 3: Doing this using pretty notebooks and pens :)

Thing 4: Seeing my matching Johnsons Brothers jugs matching the wall!

Thing 5: Choosing which pretty little earrings to wear today, I went for pink roses (again!)

Thing 6: Wearing my all time favourite perfume, the bottles are beautiful and the scent makes me happy.

Thing 7: Being inspired to bake at home, well, if these vintage scales don't inspire me what will!?

Thing 8: Enjoying said baking, on a sweet little plate with a cup of tea :)

What has been making you happy this week?


  1. such a LOVELY post!
    definitely little things make our days sometimes! :)

  2. Oh i love the smell of lovely its so gorgeous and the packaging of the lip balm is just divine,i love seeing the little things in life they tend to give us the most pleasure x

  3. Seeing glimpses of your utility china makes me happy! I also took a leaf out of your book this week and bought myself some flowers. They certainly brightened up the room and my mood :)

  4. Do u collect the empty sjp bottles??? If u want more let me know!!! Xxxx

  5. ooh cake always makes me happy .lovely photos
    xx fee

  6. Lovely pictures. Love the notebooks and your china. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Mmm baking, have loads to do for this weekend. And am hopeful of a birthday cake too, the Mr has been skulking around my cookery books looking shifty!

    I've said before how much I like your jug collection, love those scales too.


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