Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Weekend Delights

I am a little bit late in blogging about what I've been up to, and I do like to do this as I like the fact that I have a record of the things I do and its nice to read back on. Well, this particular weekend was a lovely one, and one that I was particularly excited about as I had booked tickets to go to the Country Living Christmas Fair in Islington.

I'd never been before, despite the fact that the BF lives literally across the road from it I had never got organised enough to buy the tickets! Anyway, I dragged him along, as he does like christmassy things!
It was really lovely, full of gorgeous (yet slightly pricey) things. I was truly inspired and now have loads of ideas for Christmas styling at home.

I especially loved this christmas cabin, styled using stock from the stall holders, including Jan Constantine. It was so sweet and cosy!

It was full of gorgeously expensive things, so I just snapped some photos for inspiration (as you do!) I didn't manage to take many photos at all though as it was rammed full of people and its quite awkward trying to take photos when the stall holder is staring at you!!

So...what did we buy? Well nothing Christmassy at all, I found a lot of it more expensive than I was expecting, especially for generic felt Christmas decorations! But we bought this enamel 'egg' bowl from a lovely stall called the Old Potting Shed. I also bought two floral teatowels from her to gift to my mum and aunt for Christmas (it was two for £5 and they were lovely!)

From another stall I bought *ahem* another glass cake stand. This actually brings my total to four. There is another one I haven't blogged about yet! And no - I don't need another one, nor was I that bothered about them til I bought one, then obviously I realised how much I needed them in my life!

We also bought a 'Mistletoe and Wine' candle in a tin, which you can just see above which smelt gorgeous on the stand. One of those scents that really fills the room yet isn't sickeningly spicy or sweet. 
Here is another close up of my cake stand. I am thinking for Christmas I am going to pile some baubles onto them and make a little display of them.

I was admiring these Jelly Moulds on the dotcomgiftshop stand and kept picking them up and putting them back down. I think I was annoying the BF with my dithering as he just grabbed them from the shelf and paid for them. I think they were about £2.50 and I cannot wait to use them, although they are not really a wintery thing are they? More of a summertime product!

Okay okay, I'll admit that I bought these glass bottles purely because of Pinterest. I don't know how many damned images of glass bottles with stripey straws I have pinned (click here to see what I'm on about) but it is bordering on an obsession. I don't have kids, there is no-one to use these tiny bottles, yet they were soo cute, and well I'll just save them for my wedding (not that I'm engaged!) or something!! Just look at that metal crate!! Sooo sweet!

The day after the Christmas fair I went to Fleetville Emporium in St. Albans (which I have blogged about lots before) and found some little vintage treasures to bring home too. 

The blue melmex jug was purchased in Norfolk earlier in the year. I found it in a little antiques/junk shop. At the weekend I found a matching one in a green colour, which I love, and they are so handy for small quantities of things, custard, cream, gravy. Perfect for two!

I also spotted this blue enamel candlestick holder. It was a bit grubby but I've given it a good clean up and popped a matching candle in it. Perfect for getting cosy at night time.

As a fan of tins and enamel I have to be careful not to just buy any old tin, firstly colour is important when you are trying to smuggle it into a male environment, secondly, it cannot be too girly, and it must not be rusted to within an inch of its life. Luckily this old coffee canister fitted the bill. Its old, its blue, but its clean and its got a manly boat on it. Perfect!

It wasn't the cheapest weekend, but I enjoyed it, and brought some new and vintage goodies into our home. Im sticking to the charity shops for my vintage treasures for a while though!


  1. I always go to the Country living fair (but only on free tickets, I recommend signing up to a few mailing lists for the exhibitors) and it's always busy but this year was particularly ridiculous. I did really feel for a poor woman who was in a wheelchair and just finding it almost impossible to break into the flow of people. Some of the stalls were absolutely mobbed as well. It is good for presents though, especially for those people you spend a bit more on.

    I like your new enamel bits and pieces x

  2. Aha you've caught the cake stand bug. Once you've got one you can't stop! I love the egg bowl and your new tin with the "manly" boat.

  3. I'm new to the whole-blogging thing...so excuse me if I sound silly. I absolutely LOVE your blog, so much so that I've started my own one! Not much going on the blog yet *blush* Anyway I live in South Africa and I've realized that I pretty much like a lot of things you like...crafts, enamel things, pretty vintage finds etc. Sounds like you enjoyed the Fair...probably a good thing that it isnt held in SA otherwise I'll be broke from spending to much ;-) Just wanted to say hi, have a lovely week! Ilze

  4. It looks a lot more Christmassy then the Ideal Home Christmas show, fairly dissapointed with that :( Some gorgeous buys as well, got to love the dotcom gift stand so reasonablly priced, what a bargain x x x x

  5. Some lovely finds there :) I'd love to have gone - perhaps next year I'll be able too - might drag the long suffering MrVV along too - your man is a star for going willingly.

  6. These fairs seem to be fairly disappointing..full of expensive bits you can make yourself at home!

    Glad you managed to find some other little bits and pieces elsewhere : )

    Gemma x

  7. Oooh you bought some lovely bits - we have such similar taste in homeware! I love your cakestands - my mum gave me some of her collection a couple of weeks ago, so I will be doing a similar xmas display. I'm planning on putting some big church candles in the middle with cinnamon sticks etc around the bottom :) Good that you had a great time at CL - keep in mind when going to these shows that they are SO expensive for stall holders and they have to try and make their money back somehow :) (I know, as I got accepted to exhibit there last year then pulled out - it was about £1500 plus transport/accomodation etc! Does put it in perspective a little, at least to me, hehe! ) xxx

  8. Thankyou for sharing such lovely pictures of the country living fair ,wish i could have gone ,your blog is really lovely ,ive been reading through your old posts and love your charity shop finds ,im going into town tomorow so you have inspired me to pop into a few and see if i can spot any treasures xx

  9. I won tickets for this but in the end was unable to go!

    Looks like you had a successful day there!

    Victoria xxx

  10. I'd love to go the Christmas fair. I went to the Spring Fair & that was a great day out. I'd love to sell there - maybe one day I will!

  11. I would have spent a fortune! I love all your goodies :o) Scarlett x

  12. You are so lucky to have gone. Id LOVE to go to London at Christmas time in general, but i really, really, really want to (and i promise i'll never ask for anything else again) go to the CL one in London.
    I went to the Glasgow one, and also found it a bit overpriced-and getting something to eat was really difficult too-but it is lovely to draw inspiration and look at everything-lucky you!

  13. Lovely post Gem, thanks for sharing :) Btw I understand the glass cake stand obsession...I too started with 1, now have about 12...eeeek Most hidden away from the DH. Keep going, the ones you have got already are gorgeous :) x

  14. Ohh Gemma!!
    I love passing by and feeding my eyes with such beautiful thiongs you get or you have!!
    I would love to have vintage as you do at your place...but here my hubby and I have big arguments (not really big BIG) about home deco ... Anyway,
    I love your weekend as you did !!
    Cheers and
    I'll be expecting your visit!! :P

  15. Such lovely photos, looks like you had a great day :) x

  16. Lovely photos the stalls look amazing ,thanks for sharing.jxxx

  17. Love your pretty blog. I have been keeping a lookout for cake stands but they are very rare (or expensive) in my part of the world :)


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