Monday, 7 November 2011


I had such a lovely time this weekend, I went down to Sussex to see family, stay the weekend and enjoy some fireworks too. I decided to make a little something to take down with me but didn't fancy baking a cake late on Friday evening, so instead I went for a "throw it all together" Rocky Road. I mixed pink and white mini marshmallows, digestive biscuits, raisins and tiny little white chocolate star decorations - I thought it looked rather pretty.

I always think its nice to bring something with you when visiting others. Just a little homemade treat to show your appreciation. I love receiving something homemade or handmade, and am the sort of person who truly appreciates the time and effort that has gone into making something. I know a lot of people who just don't "get" the handmade thing, but luckily for me my cousins do "get it", and they know I love making things for them too!

I must say though, I thought it would be best if I just sampled a little piece before bringing it down with me. Just a tiny piece with a little pot of tea and a pretty mug. Went down rather nicely!

While staying in Sussex we went to watch the local fireworks display in Lindfield Village - this village is completely gorgeous, picture perfect. Just the sort of place I'd love to live one day. Ever since I was little we have visited Lindfield when I stay in Sussex. We have to have a slice of cake and tea in the little tea shop, then a walk around the village with the dogs and across the village green. 
Now, living in London I usually go to the Alexandra Palace fireworks, which is brilliant, but it is just the display. In Lindfield they have a whole parade through the village with everyone carrying a flaming torch! They had an absolutely huge Guy Fawkes which went on the massive bonfire on the Green. I am a massive lover of fireworks, I get sooo excited for Bonfire Night, and took my camera along to capture some of the prettiest fireworks...

Big ones...

Small ones...

Falling ones...

And amazing glittery ones that fell from the sky and looked beautiful. I had such a wonderful night!
The next day my cousin presented me with this little bowl that I had hand painted the last time I was in Sussex at a pottery painting place called Fun Pots. I made it in May and had completely forgotten what I had painted on it, and what colours I'd used, but I was really looking forward to seeing it and am really chuffed with it!

Its quite small (trinket size) as it was quite expensive to do, but I love that it is one of a kind and completely unique! On the outside I hand painted it with pink and blue flowers and spots and inside I stamped some hearts in the same colours using little sponges. What do you reckon?

Emma Bridgewater eat your heart out!


  1. Mmm the rocky road looks delish! Lovely photos of fireworks too :) x

  2. We were in Lindfield on Saturday afternoon! OH likes the beer at the pub there..The Stand Up Inn.It is one of my favourite villages too.I wish we could have stayed for the fireworks,but Bella is very frightened,so we headed home,stayed in and watched Strictly.I love your little bowl,and the way you have decorated it,very pretty. :0)

  3. Your little bowl looks totally professional, what a great job. I love fireworks too, but we just had them in the back garden with the boys and neighbours kids, so not quite as impressive. I got a cute sparkler pic though!

  4. Ooh Gem, let me know how to make that exact Rocky Road, it's the prettiest I've ever seen. Never made it.
    Love your pot. My friend used to run a company called Pot Doodle which did the same thing.
    Sounds like you had a lush weekend, fab!

  5. I bet you get loads of invites if you arrive bearing tins of treats like that :)

    That bowl is very pretty.

  6. Really lovely bowl : ) Your rocky road looks GOOD!

    Gemma x

  7. Oh the Rocky Road is making me drool.....I really cannot make it for a while so will just have to look at yours and salivate some more! ha ha!

    Love the bowl. Those places are such fun. I took the bears to my local one a couple of years ago to do some birthday ones for their dad. They were funny and it was a great day.............expensive though!!!!!!

    Great fireworks piccies too...glad you had a great time!


  8. i sooo agree with you on the 'not getting home made/hand made' my mothers side of the family think we're all hippies cos we like making things and interested in the arts...but actually i would hate living in their house (sounds rude of me!) cos its so plain and boring! - just like they've picked up everything from a show room. its good to mix and match, adding old and new adds a creative and unique style- makes me feel happy and at home. Myself and my twinny always make things- we have done since we were about 6, its more precious to receive something that's taken a little time and thought.

    Love your style and beautiful treasures.
    Yummmmmy rosky road! ;0)x

  9. Looks very yummy your Rocky Road,love the little bowl.Love Jill xx

  10. Love the little bowl, very pretty colours and design! I would love to do some more pottery painting - it's lovely to have a one of a kind hand painted thing that you can take credit for! x


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