Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas At The BFs

Hello All!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying that little slump between Christmas and New Years. As I usually spend Christmas day at home, I tend to spend that "slump time" at the BFs. 
We opened our gifts to each other on Christmas night which was lovely as it means its not all over so soon in terms of receiving gifts!

To make it feel lovely and festive we lit our Mistletoe and Wine candle, and I bought these gorgeous multi coloured vintage style baubles from Tiger to go on the glass cake stand (as planned!) I love vintage style baubles but never find any genuine vintage ones anywhere!

The candle smells of those ones that really fills the room with scent instead of just claiming to smell but not really smelling once its burning. The little 5 foot tree was decorated (mainly by me!) and we stashed the pressies underneath.

I'd say about 80% of the decorations on this tree were made by me the first year we got it as I wanted to make it as handmade and homemade as possible. There were a few simple baubles and bits added over the years, but its predominantly handmade which I like :)

There has always got to be a mini Christmas pudding...

IKEA lights were strung up over this shelf and it all felt very festive and cosy.

I was very lucky and received some lovely lovely bits, which I shall post about. The BF did good!

We'll keep the tree up until New Years Eve is over and will probably take it down on Monday. I hate taking it down as everywhere always looks so bare. When do you take all of your decorations down?
Taking the decorations down will only remind me that we still need to finish the decorating throughout the flat and hang the collection of vintage mirrors we have accumulated!

Well, its something to blog about in 2012 at least!


  1. All of it looks very pretty Gem! Happy New Year......

    Lou xxx

  2. Love your Christmas decs! I have 2 of your little hearts on my tree : )
    Happy New Year to you !!!

    Sharon xx

  3. Your decorations are delightful.The homemade ones are the best.
    I wait until 12th night(the 6th)to take my deccies down.It looks so bare afterwards,so I buy lots of flowers to cheer me up. :0)

  4. I love all your homemade decorations, the little robin in particular. I started taking down a few decorations last night but the tree and fairy lights only come down around 6th Jan. It's always sad when the fairy lights disappear.

  5. Glad you had a nice christmas, everywhere looks lovely and those baubnles are very pretty. I'm back to work today so I'll put all the bits and pieces away om Saturday but leave the tree till monday as everything is so final when the tree is gone!! Lucey x

  6. The decorations look beautiful, I wouldn't want to take them down either x x x x

  7. Looks beautiful! Such lovely handmade decorations! I will have to try a Christmas pudding next year!

    Can't wait to hear what presents he got you! I love the new look of your blog too! I need to update mine now I am finally back blogging!

    So glad you had a good Christmas! See you in the new year! xxx

  8. I hate taking the decorations down, I'll probably do it monday or tuesday. Love yours.


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