Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas At Home

I love being at home during the festive season. I love being cosy and doing all those traditional things that you come to do every year. Wrapping presents, writing cards, making mince pies, eating mince pies!

 I love opening each door of my advent calendar and feeling the anticipation of what is to come!

I also really love to see the house looking lovely and Christmassy with decorations that come out time and time again. The gingerbread house is a newer addition, by Gisela Graham. It has quickly become one of my favourites - although I also really love this little old fashioned Santa which has been on the tree for as long as I can remember. 

The spotty and stripey decorations have replaced the gold stuff that we had years ago.
 Now we tend to go for a scandinavian style colour scheme, thank you IKEA! 

For my own tree one day I'd like a mix of vintage and handmade baubles and decorations, I love the brightly coloured glass ones you see on some beautiful blogs, I also rather like coloured lights too, as we've never had any I think I'd like to have some. Ooh and of course each year we would add one or two special decorations to build a special collection with lots of memories.

I found it really hard to take a nice photo of the tree, but I found a tutorial via Pinterest that helped me produce this image. There is a lot of 'noise' going on in the photo, but shows the lights rather lovely I thought. If anyone wants help finding the Pinterest tutorial just ask and I shall direct!

Cosy festive corners in the living room....

Bringing out the Christmas biscuit tin and a just a few more red coloured things into the kitchen. The flowers are not very festive are they? We need to bring in some holly or something!!

Indulging in a little warmed mince pie courtesy of Mr.Kipling! I will get around to making my own hopefully (as I still have loads of mincemeat left over from last years pies!) but I have to say Mr.Kiplings are rather lovely though.

I have just started writing out some Christmas cards, I've decided not to send too many this year as they can be so wasteful. I picked two packets from John Lewis, both of the designs are really lovely. The christmas pudding one is my favourite I think, very retro looking. The others are a sweet little design by Cath Kidston. Both of them are charity cards, which I am pleased about as its good to know the money goes somewhere important. 

Oh, the pastel spotty jug... my mum spotted it at a Vintage Fair a few weeks ago, its rather sweet isn't it?
How are you getting on with your cards and presents? Any Christmas baking going on yet?


  1. Lovely piccies Gem. I love Christmas especially now I have my little boy as its magical for him with all the lights and decorations. I`m eatin lots of mince pies too...ooops

  2. i love all your decoration especially your ginger bread house but I just love your blog alone xxx

  3. It's all looking lovely and festive - love the mug! Have a lovely Christmas

  4. Your gingerbread house decoration is gorgeous! Love the Christmas card pud too. I made my bedroom Christmassy last night with pink angels fairylights. I think i should keep them up all year!

  5. Such a cute house, I have the teapot version which I got in the Christmas swap. You have some lovely decorations, I like a nice mixed up tree and loads of vintage baubles. I've tried to photograph it but not had much luck so I'd be interested in the tutorial please.

    Oh, I love your postbox too x

  6. Such a gorgeous Christmassy post!!! Beautiful photo's... I just LOVE those Christmas cards xxx

  7. it looks beautifully festive and magical- merry christmas xx

  8. Mince pies and sausage rolls are on my list. I found a fab mince pie recipe, with ground almonds and butter in the pastry, gorgeous.

  9. Lovely festive post, yes please can you tell me about the tutorial, thanks Lucey x

  10. Your home looks lovely & festive!
    The little red postbox is adorable ♥

  11. Hi! What wonderfully festive scenes! I would love a link to the tutorial if possible? That pic of the tree is great!
    Our tree is decorated with decorations collected over the years, every year we buy one new bauble so we remember christmasses past :)

  12. It certainly looks like Christmas at your house! Nice photos and lovely decorations, Merry Christmas x


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