Friday, 9 December 2011

Crafting For Christmas

I can't believe how long its been since I last blogged! It feels like absolutely ages ago...everyone has been blogging about all sorts of lovely Christmassy things, and I am waaay behind! The reason for this, if you were wondering was due to the fact that I got talked into doing a table at a local Christmas fair, and well, I sort of left it a little late to actually start making things, so it was rather manic and I spent every minute in the evenings after work making things!

Something I have made three years on the trot are little felt Christmas puddings, and they always go down well, there is something very sweet and childlike about them, but I love them, kind of gutted they all sold out! The stars didn't do so well so they will be adorning my tree this year!

This was a progress photo below, I actually ended up making way to much, but I am happy to gift them out to family and friends, or keep them at home for decoration. 

I made some cushions too, as I wanted some bigger bright items on the table, so I cut into two of my favourite fabrics - you know, the ones you want to hoard forever and never use? I made these and am quite pleased they didn't sell in the end!

I had a go at making some tea cosies too, as I thought they'd make nice gifts, I had never made them before, and pretty much just made it up as I went along. I was really pleased with them in the end, especially the little spotty tea pots on them.

Christmas isn't Christmas without some festive hearts. I really loved making these, they were so fast and all a little bit different. I will be popping the rest of these on our tree at home, as I still have a few left.

Would also look quite sweet decorating a prettily wrapped gift.

These are the three tea cosies, in some favourite fabrics of mine.

I also managed to source some pretty vintage goodies for the table, yes I bought this Johnsons Bros set to sell, not to keep for a change. I am really pleased that a lot of the vintage things sold, as it shows there is a huge love of old things out there, and that there definately is a market for it. I sold so much more vintage china and glass than I did handmade, which makes me wonder why I spent so many hours crafting. Next year will just be vintage, thats for sure!

This gorgeous green set came with two sets of trios and the jug and bowl, which are just soo lovely. I was very pleased to be able to bring one of the trios home after the fair though, as I really loved it.

So yes, the table..I shared my table with two lovely ladies from work who made lots of beautiful cakes, and my side was handmade/vintage goodies. To be honest I could have done with a whole table to myself as I still had a lot of things that I couldn't put out! I was pleased with how it all looked though, and although I didn't make as much as I would have loved to, I'm happy that I did it, and I am happy to keep everything that didn't sell.

I was able to swap some things around once a few bits had sold. The table is pretty jam packed, although  I found it hard to display the cushions without taking over the table!

Hope you enjoyed a peek at my Christmas Crafting and my little table.
I hope to bring more festive loveliness to the blog over the next few days....
Christmas is coming!


  1. Everything looks gorgeous, I love the idea of using a bell for the berry on the Xmas pud x

  2. Everything looks gorgeous Gem. Loving the mix of handmade and vintage goodies. I love those lavender hearts I must get making some of those for gifts!

  3. Your table looks like a real treasure chest! Lots of lovely things, your tea cosies look fab- great choice of fabrics! Another lovely post Gem x

  4. Oooh all your pretties look very festively lovely on the table! x

  5. You've been very busy! Your table looks lovely and you showed a lot of willpower by not keeping all the china! I love your ice cream cone fabric and your little puddings.

  6. You had such a pretty table. Love the tea cosy with the bird :)

  7. You've worked so hard,it all looks lovely! Glad you've kept some things for yourself.
    Enjoy a relaxing? weekend! :0)

  8. Have been without the internet for a week so I'm just catching up on blog reading. Your stall was lovely - can't believe how much you made! And all so quickly too! Clever girl.

    I love the green china with the floral interior, it's beautiful!! What make is it?

    Love your photos of Covent Garden too - haven't been into London with the Christmas lights on yet, can't wait! Have you been to the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park? I hear it's gorgeous xxx

  9. Your things looked lovely! Where was the fair?! I'd love to do one before Christmas but I think i've run out of time!!

  10. Gorgeous makes!!! Wish I could have been there, it must have been lovely : )



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