Saturday, 10 December 2011

Loving The Lights

One of my favourite things about this time of year is how beautiful everywhere looks at night, I love fairy lights, christmas trees and the fact that everyone makes an effort. We went to Covent Garden at the weekend and as gorgeous as it is, it never looks better than it does at Christmas time. This huge sparkly reindeer greets you as you walk down from the station, and there are lights absolutely everywhere!

Inside the old market was completely, huge baubles, holographic moving sparkling lights, bunting and lots of Christmas cheer!

Its rather lovely isn't it? I definately recommend a visit to Covent Garden at this time of year, you can't beat it for full on Christmassy-ness! 
Yes, thats a word.

There is also this huge huge tree outside the market, decorated in red and white and after around ten attempts this is the best photo I could get of it!

This one - not so in focus, but still pretty none the less!

I had a problem with this all day, and have a lot of photos on my camera that look like this:

Well, any light is good light!

This beautiful building is the Covent Garden Opera House, which we admired as we walked past on our way to this sweet little sweet shop!

Hope and Greenwood is just the cutest little sweet shop I've ever been to. If you've never been or heard of it, I'd describe it as...
If Cath Kidston had a sweet shop, it would be like this.

The displays are gorgeous, the sweets are nostalgic and retro and beautifully packaged, and I made a little purchase for Christmas for the BF...

A jar of Frothy Blue Cherry sweeties!

On the way home I took a few more photos, as I just love this area...

These gorgeous lights are in Camden Passage in Islington, which is about five minutes away from where the BF lives, I drag him down here frequently in the winter, just to see the lights! Lovely aren't they?

I've been so late in blogging a thank you to Becky at the wonderful Dots and Spots for this beautiful advent calendar that I won in her giveaway. I had been wanting a keepsake calender and am so so pleased with it, I love opening up the windows to see what cute little picture is inside and I'm not even missing the chocolate!

More Christmassy-ness coming your way soon!
Ho Ho Ho!


  1. It is looking very festive indeed, and your advent calendar is lovely :) I love your new blog header too x x x x

  2. There's a Hope and Greenwood in Dulwich too, I didn't know Covent Garden had one. Still haven't been into town to see the lights yet, I must though, I love Christmassy sparkle and my boys do as well. They get excited seeing just the regular Christmas lights on the high st so I really want to show them London lit up.

  3. I rather like the artistic blurry photos. I was also taking photos of all the lights in town the other night but I was using my Diana Mini camera so I have no idea how they'll turn out!

  4. Ooooh sparklylights, one of my favourite things and that sweet shop looks divine. I think I could probably spend hours in there!

    B xxx

  5. what lovely lights, that sweet shop looks yummy,I think I would be in there for hours on end !!! xx


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