Monday, 12 December 2011

My Festive Touches

I don't know about you, but I am love love loving Christmas time in blogland. So much inspiration, so many beautiful houses decorated, gorgeous gifts and lovely traditions. It really gives me a lot of ideas of what I'd like my Christmasses to be like once I have a family. A real tree is definately a must for me as we've never ever had one, and they are sooo pretty. And fairy light in abundance, you can never have too many!

Something festive that I've been up to this week is organising my Secret Santa present. The budget was £10, and I cheated a little as I spent £10 on these lovely Soap and Glory products (they are my fave, so I thought they would be a good gift idea!) I already had the pretty little green and red gingham IKEA box which came in a set of three, the idea is to do Christmas hampers in them, but we'll see how it goes! I also thought it would be nice to add a little handmade touch, so I popped in one of the mini jars of strawberry jam I made in the summer, they are a perfect size for gifting. I shredded up some old tissue paper and wrapped it in celophane and it was complete! I think my Secret Santa partner was pleased!

In Tesco I picked up this set of Candy Cane decorations for the tree, although I decided to put them in a jug instead as they looked cute! I think I will have to get some real candy canes though, as the tree could do with more decorations in my humble opinion....

Pretty, no?

On the sideboard in the living room I have set up a little festive display, some sweet red tealight holders - from Tiger - and the gorgeous Dots and Spots advent calendar in the background and some of my favourite cards too... the ones I love are the painted old fashioned style. Anything with a post box and a festive red robin and it stays here!

I really love to light candles when I get in, and turn on the Christmas tree lights. We try to keep all of the bigger lights off so as not to waste electricity. Candle-light is so much cosier and prettier anyway, don't you think?

One of my favourite decorations is this minature tree, which comes decorated with such sweet little decorations in red and white (those are our colours, and have been for several years, red and white with gingham, spots and stripes thrown in). This also sits on the sideboard looking very festive.

As I have been poorly today I thought I'd make a start on some wrapping, as I am so behind with it all. I have still got lots of people to buy for, and two items to return already as I've ended up buying something they already have!! Not my smartest move I must say! How are you getting on with your shopping? Please don't tell me you are all done and dusted!!!

Its hard to get a good photo of a lit tree isn't it? You can't really see any of the decorations, but I have blogged about them all in the past, and we hardly add to them, unless I have some handmade ones leftover from crafty fairs! So at the moment I am sitting in my PJs beside the tree watching the twinkling lights and blowing into a pile of tissues! Festive!!

Ooh, lastly, this MERRY CHRISTMAS banner, also from Tesco was reduced (as were the candy canes, and by the looks of it, all of their Christmas decorations) is up over the mirror in the living room, all we need now are some paper chains!

Merry Christmas Folks!


  1. Far from done and dusted here, hoping to do some more wrapping this evening.
    I love the little hamper you've done, S&G is my fave!

    B xxx

  2. Have got 2 or 3 more pressies to buy, then Im done. Still need to buy some more party food - as it has been a tradition that we eat party food on xmas eve for the last 20 years!!
    I love your tree - it looks like you have put a pic of mine on there!! I must post a pic soon - you will be surpised at how similar they are!

  3. Lovely post,Im nearly done just a couple of prezzies to get then some fresh food shopping.I love lighting my candles and putting fairy lights on and sitting in front of the log burner on dark cold nights.Love Jill xx

  4. I have a couple of things left to crochet but other than that i am finished! I also have some festive treats I'd like to bake. Your little red tea lights are so pretty, you're inspiring me to do a festive blog post. Hope you feel better soon x

  5. Your tree looks lovely and I think that was a very thoughtful secret santa gift, the jam was a nice homemade touch.

    Have you seen Tesco's mini real trees? I just bought one and I love it. They're a tenner and only about a foot high, but have lights on a battery back. I undid most of what they'd put on it and added by own baubles and now it looks fab. I have it on the windowsill on the stairs as it's cool there.

  6. Such pretty images. Hope you're feeling better.xx

  7. Very pretty the hamper idea!x

  8. Lovely. I'm always behind with things, next year i'll try be more organised.

  9. It all looks very lovely Gem! I'm far from organized this year, still a couple of presents to buy and no wrapping done yet...oops! Hope you are feeling better soon honey :) xx

  10. Decs are gorgeous Gem, though I must admit I am eyeing up your yellow jug. I have the same jug but in green. Also I spy a plate wall display reflected in the mirror. Lovely!

    Madison xxx


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